Ham Roll Ups with Pickle

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Ham Roll Ups with Pickle With school back in session, I am always trying to be creative with snacks or lunchbox ideas. These ham and pickle roll ups are so ridiculously easy but my kids LOVE them… and I loved them when I was growing up! They are so simple, the kids can do it themselves. Though sometimes my kids like to eat them whole without even being cut. Anyway, these are so easy, I wondered if I should even put them on here, but after talking to a friend who had never heard of them before I figured I should put them on as more of idea than anything.

These are also perfect for a quick last minute appetizer (think football season) or finger food for parties. Last time I made these, I served them with with these Finger Sandwiches for a lemonade “tea” party for my little girls. They complemented each other perfectly.
Ham Roll Ups with Pickle
If you don’t have pickles on hand or you simply don’t want to add the pickle, just leave it out. They are great either way! Sometimes I will just use ham (or turkey), cream cheese and jalapeno jelly to switch things up (oh man, I love it that way). Any of these ways are a great alternative to sandwiches for lunchboxes (my youngest loves picking apart sandwiches and eating everything but the bread.. anyone else have one of those kids? This is a great way to save bread…). If you have made these before, what variations do you like to do? We love hearing your ideas!

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