Keto Smothered Chicken Thighs

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Keto Smothered Chicken Thighs recipe is prepared with juicy fried chicken breasts smothered in a rich and flavorful onion gravy! A restaurant worthy meal made quick and delicious right in your own kitchen.My Smothered Chicken and Gravy is a busy cook’s dream come true! Made with juicy white meat chicken, this quick-fix dinner with creamy gravy tastes like it took all day to make.

I love making an old-fashioned dinner like country-fried steak or chicken and dumplings every now and then! Doesn’t everyone?
HOW.ever, I am more into making a quick and easy dinner, because most of the time, life gets busy and hangry 11 year olds just can’t wait.
Which brings me to my point about this dish – it is best of both worlds; old fashioned and quick. Tender, juicy chicken smothered in creamy gravy is a comforting classic.Anywho! With this tasty, easy preparation, smothered chicken comes together in just one skillet! Also, in an attempt to stay away from those carbs, we’re not going to use good ol’ flour to thicken the sauce. Instead, we’re using just chicken broth and heavy cream. I hope you will love the taste of this easy, low carb chicken breast dinner.

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