black painted kitchen cabinets

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black painted kitchen cabinets. Unpopular opinion: anyone can get behind black kitchen cabinets. That’s right, interior risk-takers and their risk-averse friends can all work in this polarizing shade in a way that suits them. It has taken a while for black to become a color people are comfortable painting their walls and cupboards, but it has more than proven its worth. While black is just now becoming more of a mainstream color to work into your home, there’s no harm in jumping in on the trend now. While it can be the color of choice for appliances or show off its prowess through the form of paint, black cabinets are the perfect happy medium. It doesn’t require you to drape your entire space in the moody hue, but it leaves a far bigger impression than just opting for a black-colored kettle or toaster. So grab your notepad and take notes: this collection of black cabinet examples will spark some ideas if you’re looking to incorporate this dramatic shade into your kitchen. 01 PURE SALT INTERIORS Charcoal black makes black a bit more approachable, especially if you’re working the color into a bright, airy space such as this one. The mix of white uppers and cane chairs make the black-gray island serve as the perfect pop of elegant color. 02 LA DESIGNER AFFAIR For a serious statement, you can never go wrong with matte black cabinetry. Its sharp look creates a magnificent pop against any kind of backsplash, as exemplified here with white subway tile. The combo walks a fine line between daring and orderly that makes us want to swap out our cupboards ASAP.

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