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awesome bedrooms. Fun, creative, and with plenty of imagination, these insanely awesome bedrooms are the stuff that kids’ dreams are made of – and probably some adults, too! I certainly wouldn’t mind hanging out in some of these amazing spaces. Click “Next” to read more. Basketball Bedroom This bedroom scores big points with kids and kids at heart! From the basketball net, and play area, to the rope ladder and trophy display, this room has everything a budding superstar needs to stay at the top of their game! basketball bedroom The Fairy Tale Bedroom Imagine getting to sleep inside your very own castle?! This bedroom is perfect for that Prince or Princess who loves fairy tales and slaying dragons. Plus, it’s practical too. The towers have their shelves for storage, while the top of the castle makes for the perfect play area. fairy tale bedroom The Pirate Bedroom For kids with a sense of adventure, this pirate ship bed is the perfect place to spend the night dreaming of finding hidden treasure. With storage underneath, and at the front of the ship, this bed will also be a winner with parents, too. pirate bedroom

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