dark blue bedrooms

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dark blue bedrooms. There is something about a navy blue bedroom that’s just so incredibly classy, cozy, and timeless. Navy blue is a soothing color that’s perfect for lulling you to sleep. It’s the color of the night sky and the deepest ocean. It’s also an incredibly versatile color that can suit just about any aesthetic. It’s perfectly preppy for traditional decor, natural and easy for outdoorsy vibes, beautiful and rich for minimalist looks, and luxurious for eclectic and art deco styles. Navy goes beautifully with a range of other colors, from warm and silver metallics alike to vibrant greens and yellows. Whatever your personal favorites are, it’s a safe bet that it can work with a shade of navy! Silver, gold, white, light gray, yellow, olive green, tan, light blue, pink, jade green, blush, taupe, greige, turquoise, and red are some of the colors that look amazing with navy blue. Whew! That’s a long list. As you can see, navy blue is an incredibly versatile base color on which you can build a beautiful palette for your boudoir. There are many bold ideas in this list, like a fully navy blue accent wall. This is a deep, dark look that can feel a little too bold for some. Not to worry! You can incorporate navy blue in small pieces here and there – from throw pillows to patterned wall stencils. If you’ve never decorated with dark colors before, then start small. Before you know it you’ll have the confidence for a big decor statement like a navy mural. For those of you who decide to take the plunge and paint a navy blue accent wall, here’s a tip: use paint primer. Paint primer is a pro trick that makes dark colors go on more evenly for a rich, smooth finish. You paint on a layer of primer first, then you do one or two coats of navy blue. Yes, it’s an extra step, but trust us – you’ll be glad you did it!
  1. Navy Linen Wallpaper with Modern Black and Cream Decor
You wouldn’t think navy and black go together side-by-side, but this beautiful bedroom dispels that notion. Textured wallpaper like this navy linen wallpaper and just a hint of gold in the bedroom fixture accents give such a nice depth to a room. You can keep the rest of the look pretty simple with neutrals and organic materials for a nice, earthy space. With a yummy powder blue duvet and fluffy black and grey pillows, you won’t be able to resist catching zzz’s in this chic bedroom!
  1. Navy Watercolor Artwork and Decorative Accents
Watercolor art is a great way to soften bold colors. This design blends navy, blush, white, and gold to create a truly beautiful and inviting space. If you rent an apartment that won’t allow you to paint the walls, this is a great example of how you can still incorporate a deep navy color scheme. Getting the light fixtures and sumptuous accents like that navy fur throw and navy velvet pillow are other ways to work the blues into your bedroom.
  1. Navy Blue Bedroom Accent Wall with Greige and Blush Perfection
Could this bedroom be any more perfect? I mean, really. Beige is anything but boring when paired with deep navy blue walls, blush pink textile accents, and silver hardware.
dark blue bedrooms
A pretty work of art over the headboard breaks up the sea of navy blue and draws the eye up, pulling the colors in the bedding and the wall together. Even though there aren’t many patterns here, the textures like the quilted seams in the blanket and the cute pom trims create interesting contrasts.

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