Turkish bedroom

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Turkish bedroom. Do you decorate your bedroom for Christmas? While this isn’t the first place I think of to decorate, I do like to bring a touch of the holidays to this space. Unlike the rest of the home though, your bedroom decor will likely only be appreciated by you or your partner. As a more private space, you don’t need to make it overtly festive and Christmassy and match the rest of your holiday decor – unless that’s what you want, of course. You do YOU! 😉 Which is why I’ve decorated this space in simple wintry decor that still feels special for the holidays. Bedroom Christmas decorations can be minimal and chic. Even after Christmas has passed, I want this room to feel like a sanctuary and a place we can snuggle in and take a cozy nap.
  1. Put A Garland On It A garland is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get that Christmas look. I’d suggest using a faux garland – you don’t want pine needles falling on your head while you sleep.
You can drape a garland across your headboard, on your footboard, or your curtain rod.

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