blue girls bedroom

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blue girls bedroom. I’m so thrilled to share my daughter’s dark blue girl’s room with you today. In case you missed our plans for her room then you can see them. I let my daughter do a lot of the choosing and styling. It was a little challenging at times to not jump in and change something. She has her mind and doesn’t want my opinion anymore. “Mom, where do you think this should go?” won’t come out of her mouth. One thing we have in common is the love for pillows and I gave her some existing pillows to chose from. It is incredibly hard to photograph her room with the dark color on the walls and the color doesn’t show up the same way as it is in reality in the photos. The shadows were also a big challenge. She mixed some of her art, some of my art, a favorite quote, some sketches, and a piece by my friend. kids crafting and coloring storage solution in a dark blue girls room

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