romantic master bedroom

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romantic master bedroom.No matter whether you’re single or coupled up, you deserve to unwind every evening in the romantic bedroom of your dreams. While we’ve rounded up 12 entirely different romantic spaces below, they all share four important qualities: a lack of clutter, thoughtful color choices, eye-catching pieces, and off-the-beaten-path touches. We see several different design styles at play in the following spaces, which range from traditional to boho to neutral. But we’re not playing favorites—each bedroom truly does have a wonderfully romantic feel to it, and we’d be happy snuggling up in any of them—whether with a loved one, pet, or just a good book. 01 Moody black walls are the perfect backdrop when it comes to creating a romantic sleep space. If you’re hesitant about introducing such a dark color, note that you can still implement brighter hues by way of a rug, as demonstrated in blogger Miranda Schroder’s space. Accents like candles and a blanket set the scene for cozy nights in. 02 Lighting is an excellent way to add some drama and intrigue to your bedroom. Here, in this space by Kate Marker Interiors, a beautiful chandelier makes a stunning statement and instantly adds a romantic touch. Say goodbye to your apartment’s uninspiring ceiling fan and opt for a swoony piece like this one!
romantic master bedroom
03 Think beyond the basics when it comes to a headboard and goes for a design that’s flirty and fun. In this space, designer Claire Staszak selected a wicker number that adds a boho touch. Whether you go the vintage route or opt for something more modern, you’ll enjoy having a bedroom that doesn’t look exactly like everyone else’s.

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