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colores interiores. Color combination is one of the easiest ways to impact the style of a room. This often makes choosing the color scheme the most important part of interior decoration. Of course, sometimes such a choice turns out to be a bit overwhelming and challenging. But we will give you some tips on how to choose the interior color scheme and you can create your color combination without fail. Although it should be mentioned that, the interior color options are very subjective.

It means there is no right or wrong way to select a color scheme for your space. Sure, you could take some expert advice, but sometimes homeowners don’t use design theories or the color wheel to create a successful combination. The most important thing is that you find a color palette that works for you. As we provide you with simple tips, you can appreciate the ideas of some of the most popular color combinations for the interior of the home. This way you will have both a little theory and a lot of inspiration for the color scheme in your home.

Home Color Combination
Knowledge of color can help you make better decisions in everything, from decorating your home to buying clothes and shoes. Interesting colors can be made even more, with the right color combination. Color contrast can evoke powerful feelings in people, so it is important to choose the color wisely. As is known, Pantone has already released the colors for this. The combination consists of yellow and gray.

As we already know, the gray color is perfect for wall decoration. The gray color has been present in homes, being a favorite in many decorating styles. It is perfect for an urban and modern style. Gray is the new black, prized for being a very adaptable neutral. This color can be warm or cold, hard or soft. It’s a very versatile and flattering color. Of course, for some people, this color can have a reputation for being flat and dreary.

But the status of the grays has risen a lot lately and is now synonymous with sophistication. On the other hand, the yellow color is a very cheerful and bright tone. Due to the intensity of the color, it is not recommended that an entire room be painted with this color. Although, there are homeowners who have painted an entire large wall a bright yellow hue and the result is great. Of course, this depends on how you integrate, the colors, accessories, and also lighting. But generally, it is recommended to add this beautiful color in accessories or textiles, but it all depends on your preferences.

Black and white
When it comes to the classic colorway, there’s nothing more timeless than black and white. But timelessness does not mean being stagnant. The combination of these two colors works very well because together they create the maximum balance. Black is strong and dominant and white is peaceful and pure. From a tonal point of view, of course, they are opposites. But it is this contrast that makes black and white so effective together. However, these colors individually in large doses can be overwhelming, but when put together these colors greatly enhance each other.

colores interiores

From a visual perspective, the black color becomes darker and the white stands out much more. The combination of black and white often shows up in interior design when the desired impact is a clean, modern-looking home. You could even add black and white primary or neon colors to create a funky finish. These two colors are very popular in all areas of design. Not only interior designers but also graphic designers use them to convey powerful messages. They are also very important colors and are always present in the fashion industry.

Pink and Gray
Maybe the combination of pink and gray is not one of your classic color combinations. But without a doubt, they provide a really surprising contrast. The serious gray color is infused with new life by the vigor of the pink color. This combination is certainly a great example of how a youthful color can work wonders when combined with a more mature color. The color pink is playful and relaxed. While the gray color is serious and professional.

Many times the gray color is considered monotonous when seen alone, but when it is accompanied with colors such as yellow or pink as in this case, it undoubtedly elevates its status. Likewise, the color pink can make a color combination a little more accessible and more pleasant. In general, a space feels much more comfortable and inviting when colors are mixed with these different tones rather than simply combinations with serious and muted tones.

Sky Blue and White
This is another favorite color combination in many homes. The relaxed and calm combination of blue sky and white conjures up images of fluffy clouds breaking through a clear blue sky. Sky blue is a color of openness, honesty, and respectability. At the same time, it is sophisticated and relaxed. While the white color reflects purity and works wonderfully to enhance the feeling of tranquility. There are very few colors that don’t work well with white. But in the case of sky blue or sky blue, it is one of the best combinations that will still be seen in 2021. It is a color combination that does not demand too much attention and, therefore, it rarely looks out of place.

Soft yellow and green
This color combination is reminiscent of a summer sun shining on an evergreen forest. That is the feeling you will have inside your home with this combination. This combination is effective in creating a warm and welcoming aura within your home. The green color symbolizes growth and nature. While the soft yellow is full of boundless happiness and joy.

Pink and Purple
The color purple has been seen in many modern and stylish interiors over the past year. And we believe that it may continue to be present. The pink color as we already mentioned above, is a reliable companion. Of course, it also depends on the tone that is used for the combination with other colors. In this case, pink is a little stronger to combine with the beautiful and strong purple, purple, or violet color.

Pink and purple are very close together on the color wheel and this closeness ensures that they are two colors that go well together. They are both darker shades of their respective colors and of course, this changes the way they are perceived. In this case, purple and pink could be seen as signifiers of creativity and wisdom. It is worth mentioning that, in general, people associate the combination of pink with purple as one of the classic combinations of feminine colors.

Blue and Mint
Keep in mind, the color scheme isn’t just through the wall paint. Certainly, the mix can occur with the inclusion of decorative accessories and furniture within the home. There is an old claim that blue and green should never be seen without an intermediate color. Well, this is usually true, but without a doubt there are exceptions, and in this case, blue and mint is one of them. This is an incredibly cool color combination as it doesn’t happen to be very common.

The mint color is fresh, sparkling, and very fashionable. It is worth mentioning that pastel colors have been prominent for some time now, and are showing no signs of fading. The blue color in its dark tone is deep, rich, and almost masculine. So, when these two are mixed, the result is very interesting and elegant. A navy or subdued color can provide a solid base for the mint color. This incredible color combination is perfect for the living room or bedroom. Despite not being a very common combination, they can be seen in some home interiors for this year.

colores interiores

Choosing colors to decorate
There are several ways to select colors for your home. Pick a color that you think works well in the space and try combining it with your complementary color, or a similar color to see the effect. Complementary colors are the two colors that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel. And the analogs can be any three colors that are located next to each other on the color wheel. Wall art can be a good starting point for color design in a space.

You can use a favorite print, wallpaper, or photograph and draw your interior colors for walls, floors, ceilings, and even fabrics. With a work of art, which links the colors, you can create a harmonious effect in the room. If this is your first time making your color scheme, then go slow. Use paint and fabric swatches, and observe the effect of light and shadow for several days. If you prefer a neutral background, there are many ways to add color through small touches, or even bursts, from a selected color scheme.

Fabrics and textiles such as rugs, pillows, blankets, and window curtains are perfect for adding color as well as patterns and textures. The use of color can also manipulate the sense of space. A small room can appear a bit larger with light colors. Whereas, a large room can feel a bit smaller with a darker shade on the walls. Similarly, you can visually lower a roof with a dark color and raise it with a much lighter one.

Consider the value of color and light in the interior
When choosing colors for interior decoration, do not forget to consider the value of color. This refers to the lightness or darkness of a tone. A combination of values ​​within your color scheme will help you avoid making a multi-tone palette looks chaotic in your home. Try to select a dark color, a light color, or a bright color in each room. The color that acts as the dominant tone in the room will depend on your preferences.

Certainly, you should pay attention to the impact of lighting, as color is a reflection of light. Keep in mind that the type and amount of light in a room will have a significant impact on the color scheme. Try to observe how natural light, or the light from lamps and recessed fixtures, affects the color of fabrics, paint, furniture, and other surfaces. Daylight is considered the perfect light source because it has an almost uniform intensity throughout the visible color spectrum.

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