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easy bedroom ideas. You may be tempted to spend more time and effort decorating the rooms your guests will see, but neglecting your bedroom is a bad idea. After all, you spend nearly one-third of your entire life in your bedroom, so it’s important to make it cozy, tranquil, and welcoming. An unfinished bedroom can feel sparse and transitional, but just because you should personalize your space doesn’t mean you have to spend a small fortune doing so.

Whether you already have the bedroom must-haves and you just need a little icing to finish the look or you’re starting from scratch, we talked to an expert designer to get tips on affordable ways to decorate your bedroom.

Meet the Expert

Stephanie Beverly is the principal interior designer and lead artist at Twelve15 Design Studio based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

No, we’re not talking about Amazon (though we love a good Prime deal). Search your home for items you don’t use anymore and relocate them to the bedroom, Beverly suggests.

“Shop your house,” she says. “Often, people have styling and décor items in their home that can be utilized in the bedroom.” Sometimes, that trendy lampshade that didn’t quite fit in the living room looks just right next to your bed.

Dealing with a small bedroom? “Strategically add a mirror to make the room appear larger and allow for more elements to be seen,” Beverly says. Hanging a mirror behind your bed or over a vanity can help bring in additional natural light and fill bare walls without a lot of money.

Search thrift stores and flea markets for used mirrors. A vintage mirror is super easy to spruce up with a coat of paint and a little bit of glass cleaner.

It can be expensive to purchase fine art, and you may not want to splurge on a handpainted piece for your bedroom. Instead, Beverly suggests DIYing a simple canvas painting or printing out wall art or photography to fill up bare walls. The easiest way for a bedroom to feel sterile is by keeping those walls bare.

easy bedroom ideas

“Splurge on your bedding, from your mattress to the bed linens—it’s life-changing,” Beverly says. Even if you are decorating a bedroom on a budget, try to carve out a bit of money to purchase a comfortable mattress or that set of linen sheets you’ve been eyeing.

A great night’s sleep is worth spending a few extra bucks for. If you can’t afford a full set but you rarely use a top sheet anyway, consider buying just a fancy fitted sheet instead.

Beverly suggests upgrading your window treatments if you want to give your bedroom a more polished look. “Opt for window treatments that will give great versatility, or offer blackout or light filtering,” she says. “It’s important to pay attention to the lighting in your space and how that impacts the look and feel.”

It’s no secret that buying less costs less. If you are on a budget, consider leaning into the minimalist look. Though it can feel sterile if you don’t do it right, sticking to a simple color palette and streamlined pieces can help your bedroom feel purposefully sparse.

“Lighting upgrades in the bedroom can make the space,” Beverly explains. “I love various lighting levels, so consider lamps with different lighting levels or lights on a dimmer switch.” Consider swapping out an overhead fixture to transform your bedroom.

Your bedroom should have at least two or three sources of light. Calculate exactly how many lumens you need by multiplying 10-20 by the square footage of your space.

It can get expensive to swap out your bedroom décor every time a trend passes its prime. Instead, Beverly suggests DIYing the trendy elements and invest more in those pieces you know will last for years to come.

These 17 Chic Bedroom Ideas Are Easy to DIY—Here’s How

If you have no idea where to start, it can sometimes be more expensive to buy a lot of stuff that you quickly dislike. If you’re on a budget, there are many design services that you may still be able to afford.

“I think it’s also a great idea to reach out to a designer or decorator for a consultation for ideas for your bedroom,” Beverly says. “That small investment can save you time and money while inspiring you and giving you some direction.”

A fun way to keep your bedroom looking fresh and new is to swap out your bedding each season, Beverly says. Though this requires a small investment, it’s a great way to avoid getting bored with your space and make it feel like you’ve done a mini-renovation every season.

A great rug can cost a few hundred dollars or more, but Beverly says it’s worth the splurge. Adding something soft underfoot can not only make your bedroom feel finished, but it is also significantly more pleasant on those cold wintery mornings.

easy bedroom ideas

One place clutter always seems to pile up is in the bedroom. Place a few cheap baskets around your room to catch odds and ends and opt for furniture with built-in storage (such as a nightstand with a drawer) to avoid clutter in your bedroom.

A potted plant is one of the cheapest ways to upgrade a bedroom. Not only does it add a pop of color to your space, but it also cleans the air (win-win!). Just pick a plant that is easy to maintain so you don’t find yourself constantly replacing dead houseplants.

We love a good snake plant or a Philodendron in the bedroom because they are indestructible and add a lot of charm.

If you are hunting for a cheap way to renovate your bedroom, look up. Paint your ceiling a color other than white for a fun change that can add more depth and interest to your space.

A bare wall doesn’t have to be expensive to fill. Hang dried eucalyptus from the wall for an easy and natural way to fill your walls and add a bit of color to your bedroom.

How to Dry and Use Eucalyptus as a Trendy Décor Update
Dark, moody paint can make a big impact. Transform an entire bedroom for just the cost of a gallon of paint. Consider painting all four walls a rich dark hue or opt to just paint an accent wall for a pop of color.

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