girls black bedroom furniture

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girls black bedroom furniture. These design ideas for girls’ bedrooms are guaranteed to trigger creativity and turn dreams into reality daughters are made to be loved. They are a precious gift to be treasured. We have such dreams for our daughters – that they find a fulfilling career, have the wisdom to make the right choices, find loving life partners, family, and friends.

More importantly that they chart their unique path in life. Time spent with her as she grows up is so special – and it sets the groundwork for the relationship that you will always share with her. Design a room for her where she can express herself, where she can dream of adventures and prepare to turn her dreams into reality.

Where Make-Believe Dreams Become A Reality
Children love playing dress-up and make-believe games featuring princesses, adventurers, and dodgy villains. Help your daughter set the stage with her private castle. A simple hoop canopy suspended from the ceiling or a canvas tepee is the perfect setting for hours of fun and games.

Bedroom design for girls to make-believe dreams become a reality
A castle, a fortress, a tent in the wilds – set your imagination free
Climbing To Success With Bunk Beds
Bunk beds are immensely fun and great as a girl’s bedroom idea for small rooms. Make the most of premium space in small rooms by building vertically using a bunk bed. Double up the beds for a pair of sisters. You can also utilize the space below for storage or a study. Integrate the bunk beds with a wardrobe and study table for a seamless and stylish look.

girls black bedroom furniture

Best girl’s bedroom idea for small rooms with bunk beds
Shades of coral, grey, and black make this room with a bunk bed stand out
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A Girl’s Bedroom Fit For A Princess
For a room straight out of a fairy tale design a canopy bed for your little princess. Do up the room in pretty pastel colors to enhance the dreamy and feather-light look. Add touches of glitter with mirrors, silver door handles and decorate with metal accent pieces.

Creative bedroom designs for girls with a fairy tale design a canopy bed for your little princess
An ombre princess canopy that belongs in a fairy tale
Butterflies For A Little Girl’s Bedroom Decor
Use the magic of butterflies to give wings to your little girl’s imagination and creativity. The theme works especially well if the room is small and you want to create a sense of open airiness. Butterfly-themed wallpaper and butterfly chandeliers add a touch of whimsy to the room. A low daybed in pale colors, set against the corner further makes the most of the available floor space.

Little girl bedroom decor idea by using the magic of butterflies to give wings to your little girl’s
Butterfly décor make for an enchanting and ethereal room
Get It All Right With Noughts And Crosses
Something is soothing about the combination of pale pink and grey. This duo can create a remarkable effect with a feature wall or highlight furniture. Play on the theme of games – design noughts and crosses (or tic tac toe) themed wall décor and put in chess pieces for doorknobs on the wardrobe. A blackboard built at child height is just what your little female Picasso needs to doodle on.

Wall decor teenage girl bedroom with noughts and crosses themed wall decor
noughts and crosses feature wall ticks the right boxes
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A Room That Also Grows Up
As you scout around for girls’ bedroom ideas, consider designs that can evolve as she grows. Experiment with shades such as soft grey to make her room one of its kind. Other pieces we love are a four-poster bed draped with a fairy-tale canopy, plenty of wall-mounted storage for her books, and a lovely slim desk that is begging to be studied at.

Girls’ bedroom ideas with an elegantly designed space tailor for teen girls
An elegantly designed space tailor-made for a teen
Keep The Design Light And Airy
Teenage girls need their space – figuratively and literally. This small bedroom idea for teenagers will surely help you find the latter. Use space-saving furniture such as a small platform bed, a corner desk that floats, blinds on windows that let plenty of light in, and a low bed. Pare back the decor and use soft colors for a look that is minimalist and clean.

Space-saving furniture for teenage girls bedroom with a floating study table built in a small corner provides storage
A floating study table built in a small corner provides plenty of workspace and storage
Read, Lounge, Talk In A Cosy Corner
Utilize features such as a large window to the fullest by designing a cozy window seat. A long window seat is just what is needed to read on, to lounge on when friends come over, to have long cozy chats on. Using the space below your window seat as storage is a nifty space-saving idea.

girls black bedroom furniture

The space-saving idea for teen girl bedroom with a window seat as storage
stylish window seat does a great job of replacing a side table
Raise The Style Stakes With A Sophisticated Bedroom
Step away from the world of cotton floss pink with a sophisticated bedroom that whispers of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Think exposed brickwork and casually stylish ceiling beams. A bed on a raised platform and richly elegant woodwork complete the understated glamorous look.

Complete the understated glamorous look for a classy girls bedroom
Channel the inimitable Audrey Hepburn for a classy bedroom
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Paint A Thousand Sunsets With Unconventional Colours
When it comes to choosing colors for a girls’ bedroom, make a statement by taking the unconventional route. Choose a focus color like a rich shade of orange mixed in with yellow to make up the majority of the palette. Secondary shades like grey and green will accentuate the warm shades of orange with fabulous results.

Paint colors for girls bedroom like a rich shade of orange mixed in with yellow
A room reminiscent of warm sunsets and starry nights
Maximize A Small Room With A Wrap Around Desk
A study desk is an important piece of furniture that a teenager needs as she puts in those long hours ahead of crucial tests and exams. Small spaces don’t always allow the luxury of a large study desk. That’s where a desk handily wrapped around a corner comes in. Build storage shelves into the walls for books and display pieces.

The space-saving trick for girls small room with a study desk wrapped around a corner
A study desk wrapped around a corner is a clever space-saving trick
The Travelling Teen Girl’s Bedroom
If your daughter is bitten by wanderlust, a travel-themed room will make a fabulous teen girl bedroom. Put the world map up on the wall, one which she can interact with, even display souvenirs on. Build a nook for her to daydream and plan trips. Make space for travel memorabilia she can collect and display. If the room you have is small, explore ideas such as wall display cases and sliding wardrobes.

A travel themed room will make a fabulous teen girl bedroom
It’s time to pack her bags as the world is waiting
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It is a privilege to raise a daughter. With a little bit of thought and creativity, you can create a room that is ideal for your little princess as she grows up into a bright and confident woman. Build her a room where she can form precious childhood memories and find the wings that let her fly.

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