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dark blue bedrooms. There is something about a navy blue bedroom that’s just so incredibly classy, cozy, and timeless. Navy blue is a soothing color that’s perfect for lulling you to sleep. It’s the color of the night sky and the deepest ocean. It’s also an incredibly versatile color that can suit just about any aesthetic. It’s perfectly preppy for traditional decor, natural and easy for outdoorsy vibes, beautiful and rich for minimalist looks, and luxurious for eclectic and art deco styles.

Navy goes beautifully with a range of other colors, from warm and silver metallics alike to vibrant greens and yellows. Whatever your personal favorites are, it’s a safe bet that it can work with a shade of navy!

Silver, gold, white, light gray, yellow, olive green, tan, light blue, pink, jade green, blush, taupe, greige, turquoise, and red are some of the colors that look amazing with navy blue. Whew! That’s a long list. As you can see, navy blue is an incredibly versatile base color on which you can build a beautiful palette for your boudoir.

There are many bold ideas in this list, like a fully navy blue accent wall. This is a deep, dark look that can feel a little too bold for some. Not to worry! You can incorporate navy blue in small pieces here and there – from throw pillows to patterned wall stencils. If you’ve never decorated with dark colors before, then start small. Before you know it you’ll have the confidence for a big decor statement like a navy mural.

For those of you who decide to take the plunge and paint a navy blue accent wall, here’s a tip: use paint primer. Paint primer is a pro trick that makes dark colors go on more evenly for a rich, smooth finish. You paint on a layer of primer first, then you do one or two coats of navy blue. Yes, it’s an extra step, but trust us – you’ll be glad you did it!

  1. Navy Linen Wallpaper with Modern Black and Cream Decor

You wouldn’t think navy and black go together side-by-side, but this beautiful bedroom dispels that notion. Textured wallpaper like this navy linen wallpaper and just a hint of gold in the bedroom fixture accents give such a nice depth to a room.

You can keep the rest of the look pretty simple with neutrals and organic materials for a nice, earthy space. With a yummy powder blue duvet and fluffy black and grey pillows, you won’t be able to resist catching zzz’s in this chic bedroom!

  1. Navy Watercolor Artwork and Decorative Accents

Watercolor art is a great way to soften bold colors. This design blends navy, blush, white, and gold to create a truly beautiful and inviting space.

If you rent an apartment that won’t allow you to paint the walls, this is a great example of how you can still incorporate a deep navy color scheme. Getting the light fixtures and sumptuous accents like that navy fur throw and navy velvet pillow are other ways to work the blues into your bedroom.

  1. Navy Blue Bedroom Accent Wall with Greige and Blush Perfection

Could this bedroom be any more perfect? I mean, really. Beige is anything but boring when paired with deep navy blue walls, blush pink textile accents, and silver hardware.

dark blue bedrooms

A pretty work of art over the headboard breaks up the sea of navy blue and draws the eye up, pulling the colors in the bedding and the wall together. Even though there aren’t many patterns here, the textures like the quilted seams in the blanket and the cute pom trims create interesting contrasts.

  1. Organic Navy Blue and Mod Vibes

This bedroom should be in the dictionary next to the phrase, “simply gorgeous.” Does your taste lean toward natural elements? Navy blue is the color of water and sky.

What better backdrop for your nature-inspired decor? A mid-century aesthetic is the perfect contemporary style to pull together a dusty shade of navy blue with beige, white, wood, and greenery. The final result of this winning combination is a sleek simplicity that is as attractive as it is comfortable.

  1. Warm, Textured and Eclectic Navy Blue Bedroom

Exposed wooden beams are one of the holy grails of decor. If you’re lucky enough to have these in your home, then you owe it to yourself to have a gorgeous accent wall like this navy blue beauty.

The dark blue contrasts with such crispness with the white ceiling and wooden beams. We also love how the wooden platform bed subtly compliments the beams. Finally – that rug! It’s so inviting and has just enough red to pop without overwhelming the eye.

  1. Adorable Navy Blue Teen or Guest Room Decor

Remember what we were saying about not having navy blue walls? Well, here you go! This lovely ensemble uses a white wallpaper with a fine navy line pattern as a backdrop. The navy dresser, rug, and bedding highlight the blue in the wallpaper and tie everything together.

Gold in combination with white and navy is so stunning. Just look at that beautiful lamp and the hardware on the dresser! You can add in a little warmth with gold, and with warm tan and wood colors like the chest at the foot of the bed.

  1. Paper Moon and Blue Night Sky Bedroom

This is an awesome example of how you can make a design statement on a budget. The large white paper lantern is like a full moon rising over the bedroom. A coat of blue paint is the perfect update to go with bright white trim and windows.

Simple black metallic lamps and storage add a modern industrial feel to the room while keeping its simplicity. Who cares if your bed is on the floor when your bedding is this adorable? This looks amazing with those chevron wood floors but could work just as well with a neutral carpet.

  1. Southwestern Print Navy and Peach Bedding

This is a wonderful example of using simple textures and patterns in the form of a pleated duvet and southwestern pattern with navy, peach, white, light blue, and tan. There are many colors in this bedroom design but they’re used so well that it’s not overwhelming.

The pleated navy duvet makes you want to curl up under the covers. The southwestern pattern adds a visual point of interest and a pop of color. In an otherwise neutral room, this is a lovely choice for adding color and texture.

  1. Preppy Navy Blue Bedroom and White Reversible Bedding

Two duvets for the price of one! Reversible bedding is an awesome way to get a lot of looks out of one piece. This navy and white duvet have a pattern of bunched dots that loosely resembles a bouquet. It’s a charming minimalist version of a traditional floral print.

This is perfect for a teen girl’s bedroom or college dorm decor. It’s also a fantastic choice for simple, traditional decor with white walls. Want to change the wall color to a darker hue? Just flip the duvet and you’ll be good to go!

  1. Starry Sky and Forest Treeline Bedroom Mural

Do you love to go camping and experience the outdoors? This beautiful bedroom mural wallpaper recreates a mountainside starry night in the comfort of your bedroom. It’s like sleeping in the forest under a dreamy blanket of stars.

Wallpaper is a great solution for rental properties and for teens whose tastes change quickly. This beautiful night scene goes perfectly with natural wood furniture and rustic bedding like this navy blue quilt with a handful of colorful accents. Flannel sheets would make this awesome outdoor-inspired decor feel extra warm and cozy!

  1. Minimalist Watercolor Blue Mountain Wallpaper

Talk about an accent wall! How about a beautiful blue mountain in soft airy watercolor shades of blue to make a statement? For anyone whose home is nature-inspired and minimalist, this would look amazing. It creates an escape within the walls of your home.

Simple furniture goes perfectly with wall-sized art like this. The natural woven chandelier, a wall-mounted lamp, and a rustic wooden stool go perfectly. A Navy blue quilt and pillow shams with white sheets make the blue in the watercolor wallpaper even more vibrant.

  1. Positively Classic Style Bedding in Sumptuous Navy

When traditional style meets a minimalist, color-saturated aesthetic the results are just fabulous. Not convinced? Just take a look at this bedroom! The elements are so simple, yet the result is visually bold. Crisp white sheets peek out from the black platform bed.

The deep navy blue duvet and pillow shams get a dose of texture with diamond-shaped pleats. The side table is painted in semi-matte black like the bed and holds a head-to-toe navy blue lamp in a traditional shape. There’s so much to love in this simple, chic bedroom that it’s hard to pick a favorite element!

  1. Navy Blue Mandala Print Wall Tapestry
dark blue bedrooms

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a massive work of art to have a statement piece hanging on your wall. You can get a similar impact with a tapestry. Wall tapestries are lightweight, affordable, and beautiful. This mandala print tapestry takes up plenty of space and adds a peaceful visual element to your bedroom.

Mandalas are soothing symbols that promote peace and are thought to ease the mind. We can imagine getting comfy in this plush bed surrounded by blissfully balanced minimalist decor and breathing deep while meditating on this hypnotic mandala.

  1. Simple, Easy Navy Blue Bedroom Set

This is a perfect solution for bedroom design beginners who want something stylish but aren’t sure about making bold moves. A beautiful bedroom set like this gray and navy blue striped duvet and sham set with otherwise simple wood, cream, and black decor will always be in style. It’s simple and sophisticated.

Want to dip your toe in the trendy decorating waters? Try mixing patterns in your bedding. Choose a few pillows with different designs but the same shade of navy blue. The blue color unites the look and you get an eclectic depth by mixing it up!

  1. Navy Damask Wallpaper with Luxurious Bedding

Let your wallpaper do the talking and focus on luxury when it comes to your bedding. Blue and white damask is a classic wallpaper print that, when papered on one (or two or four) walls provides all the patterns you’ll ever need.

With such a busy print on the walls, you can keep the rest of the room simple and focus on luxury quality when it comes to the bedding. High-thread count bright white pinstriped sheets and ultra-soft navy blue throw pillows and blankets make for a picture-perfect bed.

  1. Adorably Chic and Homey Pink and Navy Blue Bedroom Design

Color saturation is not for the shy home decorator, but boy does it make an impact when it’s done right! Just look at this gorgeous bedroom. An accent wall, bed, and bedding in one united shade of dark navy blue are set against clean white walls, furniture, and flooring.

Soft pink pillows and a plush pink throw pull out the hints of pink found in the bedside table and modern geometric print artwork. Top it all off with a white crystal chandelier and you’ve got a bedroom that any girly girl would adore!

So…navy blue might just be our favorite decor color now. It’s so incredibly versatile! Navy blue is a color from nature that could be considered neutral, but it also packs a powerful design punch that cannot be ignored.

As a color for your bedroom – a place where you want style, comfort, and soothing design to lull you to sleep – it’s tough to beat these navy blue bedroom ideas.

Many people tend to shy away from dark, saturated colors when it comes to decor, but don’t miss out! Get your start with a few little accent pieces in navy blue – a throw pillow here, a textured blanket there.

When you see how dramatically that bold color can improve the look and vibe of your interiors, then you will gain the confidence to go bigger and try more ideas.

Also, don’t forget about temporary design solutions like wallpaper and wall decals. Sometimes dark colors can be intimidating just because you know you’ll have to paint over it eventually. Temporary design elements like wallpaper and decals have come such a long way.

They make just as much of an impact as a painted wall, but can be removed when you have to move, or if you don’t love it. We hope you find inspiration for your home in this collection of navy blue bedroom ideas.

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