Turkish bedroom

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Turkish bedroom. Do you decorate your bedroom for Christmas? While this isn’t the first place I think of to decorate, I do like to bring a touch of the holidays to this space.

Unlike the rest of the home though, your bedroom decor will likely only be appreciated by you or your partner. As a more private space, you don’t need to make it overtly festive and Christmassy and match the rest of your holiday decor – unless that’s what you want, of course. You do YOU! 😉

Which is why I’ve decorated this space in simple wintry decor that still feels special for the holidays. Bedroom Christmas decorations can be minimal and chic. Even after Christmas has passed, I want this room to feel like a sanctuary and a place we can snuggle in and take a cozy nap.

  1. Put A Garland On It
    A garland is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get that Christmas look. I’d suggest using a faux garland – you don’t want pine needles falling on your head while you sleep.

You can drape a garland across your headboard, on your footboard, or your curtain rod.

  1. Change To Heavier Bed Linens
    What’s your bedding of choice? In spring and summer, I prefer cool, crisp percale sheets and cotton blend duvet covers or quilts. I can tell when it’s time to switch to winter bedding when the duvet cover plus top sheet is not enough to keep me feeling warm.

I have a flannel duvet and flannel sheets but they’re not my favorite. They’re prone to pilling and static and my long hair just clings to it. If you can live with that though, flannel sheets are very soft and comfortable.

Turkish bedroom

This year, I’ve decided to switch to a quilt plus linen duvet cover and the combination is a winner. I’m so pleased with this linen duvet cover with ruffle fringe! It’s warm and textured yet doesn’t feel too heavy. The ruffle also brings a bit of elegance to the room. Underneath we have a simple quilt with a diamond pattern. I imagine I’ll use this quilt on its own in the summer as it is lightweight and comes with matching shams.

  1. Add Cozy Pillows and Throws
    Along with heavier bed linens, cozy pillows and throws can make your bedroom feel winter-ready. There’s a subtle nod to Christmas with my felt Noel pillow and faux fur cushion on the bench. Their pale colours work well with the neutral scheme in our bedroom.

I’ve also added a chunky knit oversized throw to the foot of our bed. It is super soft and the coziest thing to wrap yourself in when you’re reading in bed.

The long lumbar pillow which I sewed adds pattern and interest. If you don’t want too many pillows on your bed, instead of two or more toss cushions, opt for one long accent pillow. The navy blue color ties into our navy blue Christmas decor this year. It’s a subtle way to make our home feel cohesive and pulled together.

  1. Add a Wreath To Your Door
    This may be my favourite Christmas decoration this year! I shared how I made this easy DIY wreath last week. It literally took me less than 5 minutes to make yet looks very chic.

I’ve put one on each of our bedroom doors. This small wreath has had the surprising effect of making our bedroom feel special and brings some decor into our upstairs hallway, a place I never decorate. Love the unexpected holiday touch!

  1. Decorate With Plaid
    It’s a given – there is bound to be plaid in each room of my home. It’s my favourite pattern and I use it liberally. Here in our bedroom, our plaid curtains (fabric from Tonic Living) bring a cozy feel year round but are especially apropos at Christmas. I have additional plaid throws tucked into the nightstand. They’re both functional and decorative.

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Turkish bedroom
  1. Switch Out Your Rug
    There’s nothing worse than stepping out of a warm bed onto a freezing cold floor, am I right? In the summer, I use our jute and chenille rug in this room but for winter, I prefer this darker grey rug. It’s softer underfoot and the darker colour makes the entire room feel cozier.
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Christmas bedroom decor, bedroom Christmas decorations, Christmas bedroom ideas

  1. Use Wintry Accessories
    Nutcrackers and miniature Christmas trees are perfectly festive, but they can feel dated once Christmas has passed. Decorate your bedroom with more timeless, wintry accessories and you won’t feel compelled to redecorate until spring.

I’ve used more classic motifs like brass figurines, owls in snowglobes, and greenery in a vase on our bedside tables. Even the bottlebrush tree feels more timeless when it appears in white as opposed to a traditional green.

What do you think, do you prefer a more obvious Christmas decorated bedroom look? I hope this peek at our bedroom has given you ideas on how to transition your space from holiday to simply cozy!

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