young women bedroom

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young women bedroom. There’s a big gap between being a ‘new’ teenager’ at 13 and a young adult at 16. A child’s bedroom is likely to change a lot in those few short years – just as much as they do! So coming up with bedroom ideas for young adults, taking their room from childish to sophisticated can be a bit of a challenge.

We’ve rounded up 12 brilliant room designs for older teenagers to inspire you to create rooms that grow with them. As personal space becomes even more important to your kids, they’ll need a space where they can hang out privately with their friends. In a space that they are happy to show off, and will look good in those all-important photos for Instagram.

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However, as GCSEs, A-Levels, and UCAS start vying for your teenager’s attention, creating a dedicated space for them to read and study is paramount. Don’t panic if you don’t think you have the room – we have lots of tricks and tips for making the most of the space you do have to play with.

So whether you are looking to squeeze in a desk, or just after some tips on how to make your teen’s bedroom feel more grown-up. We have tips and tricks bound to turn your moody teen’s frown upside down.

Bedroom ideas for young adults

young women bedroom
  1. Create versatile wall decoration with floating shelves
    One of the biggest transitions that goes hand in hand with moving from teenager to young adult is the shift from posters and blu tac to frames. If you’re child is undergoing this change create space for them to design there own flexible gallery wall with floating shelves. You can pick up inexpensive versions at Ikea and paint them in the same shade as the walls to help blend them into the background.
  1. Invest in a double bed
    If there is plenty of space in your kids room, why not treat them to a double bed instead of there old single or bunk bed? Something as simple as adding a larger bed into a room will instantly make it appear more grown up, and provide plenty of extra space for son or daughter to sprawl when hanging out in their room. Choose a bed with space underneath to make way for plenty of extra storage.

3. Provide plenty of storage
Storage is essential in a teenager’s bedroom. In this multifunctional girl’s bedroom, a mounted shelving unit with colorful storage boxes is great for clearing away clutter, while the desk unit provides a useful mix of closed and open storage. The chest of drawers has been cleverly turned into extra seating space, perfect for when their friends are over.

  1. Utilise floor space
    A versatile wooden bed with a desk below is key to utilising limited floor space in this, so it’s ideal for smaller spaces. The wood looks great against a rich blue backdrop, while funky curtains and modern furniture add a retro edge.
  1. Let them personalise their space
    Keep walls neutral to allow for different tastes as your teens grow into young adults, but keep the place looking fun and alive with personalised touches. White walls don’t have to be boring. Hang bunting overhead for a playful feel, and add interest to the walls with framed pictures and photos.
  1. Create areas for work and play
    Rehearsal room, study, dorm and den – this versatile teenager’s bedroom has it all. The desk is big enough for two, making shared homework projects easy. Opt for blocks of strong colour and modular furniture, such as a low-level chair and a TV unit on wheels, for a multi-functional space. Sturdy wall hooks are ideal for hanging up skateboards and guitars to create more floorspace.
  1. Prepare for sleepovers
    A stowaway trundle bed is ideal for when friends come to stay, while a pretty dressing area is perfect when getting ready for parties!
young women bedroom
  1. Create a memo board
    Covering a pin board in a stylish printed ribbon to create a jazzy design all on it’s own. But it will also be a space for your teen to display posters and notes without permanently marking the walls. Plus, the print can be updated easily to suit their style and interests.
  1. Get a grown-up look with wallpaper
    Wallpaper is not just for adults. This sophisticated design creates a timeless backdrop in this girl’s bedroom, as well as adding a grown up touch which looks fantastic teamed with a plush pink headboard. Stylish trimmings on the blinds and cushions add character.
  1. Define a stylish work zone for studying
    Studying is going to be a big part of your newly turned young adults life form GCSE’s to getting ready for university. Create a grown up and stylish working space in there bedroom with a stylish Scandinavian desk and a fur rug thrown over a chair. Include plenty of storage with drawers and a filing basket to keep all their revision and work in order – tidy room, tidy mind.
  1. Make a place to relax
    A day bed is a quirky alternative to a regular bed, and makes for the perfect spot to hang out in their bedroom with friends and relax. Heaps of shimmering cushions create a space that is cosy, but looks grown up. Include a velvet pouffe that will multi-task as storage, foot rest and bedside table.
  1. Embrace a black bedroom
    Young adults interior tastes can often be bright, bold, but sometimes all they want is a black bedroom. Rather than shying away from the drastic colour, instead embrace it. Pair it with bright light fittings, vibrant posters and white sheets that will pop against the stark walls. A black bedroom is a bold interior choice but just remember the beauty of paint is if your young adult ends up hating it you can always cover it up.

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