Air Force Enlisted Commissioning Programs

Air Force Enlisted Commissioning Programs – TINKER AIR FORCE BASE, OK, USA 02/03/2020 Comment by Lauren Kelly 507th Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs

TINKER AIR FORCE BASE, Oklahoma. — The 507th Air Refueling Wing here held an application drive for non-extended duty pilots on January 12, 2020.

Air Force Enlisted Commissioning Programs

Ten airmen applied for five senior non-commissioned officer positions in the maintenance, support and civil engineering groups.

Us Air Force Officer Recruitment & Selection Overview

The Non-EAD Airman Recruitment Program is an opportunity for enlisted U.S. citizens of good moral character and ability with a bachelor’s degree or higher to obtain a commission in the USAF Reserve to fill any unrated line positions available. Other requirements include: US citizenship, a medical or medical certificate with a waiver, and being under 40 years of age prior to graduation from Army Officer Training, or formerly known as the Officers’ Training School.

A Non-EAD ACP will be given the “green light” by their wing commander to apply for TFOT and eventually fill the wing position, according to the Non-EAD ACP Process Guide issued in September 24, 2019. Once accepted as a candidate, Airmen have followed. one year from the date of notification to complete all requirements and obtain a date for full officer training. After that time, members must reapply for the plan.

According to Tech. Sergeant Patricia White, NCOIC, Force Management, 507th Force Support Squadron, said if members want to launch, they should start planning now.

“Members need to review their records, prepare and take the AFOQT and talk to leaders now about letters of reference because there is no board set up at this time,” White said.

Military Enlisted Commissioning Program

In order to meet with the board, eligible members must do four things: get approved by the commander, take the Air Force Advanced Test, complete an application package, and complete an interview with the board. ACP not EAD at the time of appointment.

According to board member and vice chairman of the 507th Mission Support Group, Lt. Col. Kevin Sorrels, the candidate’s ability to write and communicate non-verbally in his letter of recommendation is important to the board interview.

“The Letter of Intent is a one-page letter written by the applicant detailing his or her military service,” Sorrels said. “I didn’t just look at the reason they asked for it, but for punctuation and grammatical errors.

Sorrels said that the interview phase is a time to find out the candidate’s ability to demonstrate his leadership skills and critical thinking, and how to handle the job without fear.

Senior Leader Enlisted Commissioning Program Active Duty Scholarship Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

“We ask candidates questions that encourage them to think on their feet to show how they handle pressure,” Sorrels said. “It’s less about the answer and more about the logic of how they came to that conclusion.” It’s really impressive to see how much talent we have on the wing.”

Master Sergeant Jerad Fritze, 35th Combat Communications 1st Sgt., said he has met with other commands before and prepared by using sample questions to write his answers, making sure he was prepared.

“Take every opportunity you can to improve your performance,” Fritze said. “It is better to try and fail than not to try.”

Technology. Sergeant Audreann Wallace, 507th Force Support Squadron NCOIC of Customer Support, said this was her first time at a command. Wallace says he prepared for a year and a half, including six months studying for the AFOQT and two weeks preparing for the board interview.

Air Force Officer Training School (ots) And Enlisted Commissioning Programs (ecps),…

“Be yourself in the interview,” Wallace said. “The agency does not want to hear the Air Force’s response; they want to hear your honest answer to see if you’re the right candidate for the job.”

Air Force Maj. J.D. Falkner, chief of staff for the 507th Maintenance Wing, said he’s willing to fill officer positions that are of great benefit to the wing and offers advice to future applicants. .

“Relax,” Falkner said. “You’re doing more than that.” If you’re prepared and put in the time, it’s not a bad thing.”

Applicants are not restricted to applying for positions within their current category, they can view positions across the board. Please note that each wing may have its own requirements for its program, and it is the member’s responsibility to contact the wing and obtain their eligibility requirements.

Minot Afb Airman Selected For Prestigious Slecp

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, visit the career development section of the 507th FSS Sharepoint and email or call 405-239-4047Phone: 405-239 -4047. ROBINS AIR BASE, GA, USA 11/29/2022 Comment by Kisha Johnson 78th Air Base Wing Public Affairs

A non-commissioned officer with the 78th Patrol Squadron Commander’s Support Wing at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, was recently selected for the Senior Commanding Officer Award for Commissioning.

“I was surprised I didn’t expect it,” McWilliams said. “I applied twice and didn’t get in, so I took that as a sign that it wasn’t a cadet school for me.” I tried, but my guide forced me to apply for another time.”

“How I found it was surprising, too,” McWilliams said. “My supervisor, Major William Liaw, told me to help manage one, something I do regularly.”

Air Force Nurse Enlisted Commissioning Program

“I went into the conference room thinking I was going to meet that guy, but instead I saw a room full of various officers from the 78th Air Force Base,” he continued. “Despite that, I was always looking for someone to manage.

“I heard, ‘Are you here to serve me?'” he said. “I looked up and it was Master Sgt. Air Force One Joanne S. Bass, and my jaw dropped. She told me I was selected for officer training. I couldn’t believe it.”

She said: “Notifying these two gentlemen of their selection was the best part of my day and it lifted my spirits!

The SLECP is an application program that allows senior Air Force commanders to directly select members for appointment through OTS who are highly qualified and demonstrate outstanding performance.

Team Minot Airman Selected For Seniorleader Enlisted Commissioning Program 2022

The program also provides two paths: one for members who are enrolled to pursue their qualifications while on the job – SLECP-A – as well as certified flight attendants to go directly through OTS -SLECP -O. McWilliams failed the SLECP-O category.

The native of Yemassee, South Carolina has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in journalism. He acts as a liaison between the commanding officer, first sergeant, and director, and provides direct support for the 78th CPTS and Wing staff offices.

“Staff Sergeant. McWilliams is a strong performer not only in the WSA family and the 78th CPTS, but in the Air Force. He is always professional in his communication and his work ethic is amazing,” said Master Sgt. Tesha Martin, 78th CPTS and WSA senior commander. “He cares deeply about the military and his Air Force family and is committed to bettering himself to be a better person around him.” He made the right choice.”

In early 2022, McWilliams ventured into journalism by writing an article, “A Day in the Life: Air Force Sergeant Major Visits Robins”. The story told of the time he spent with Bass when he visited Robins in April.

Become An Air Force Officer

McWilliams shadowed Team 19 as they visited with various members on the installation to discuss the needs and wants of the Team Robins Airmen.

“Chief Bass is down to earth,” McWilliams said. “It was great to see him play all day. He did a lot of talking and kept his friendly and positive attitude throughout. It was a great experience.”

After OTS, McWilliams hopes an opportunity will open up for him to work in Air Force programs.

“I love what I do and I’m really looking forward to using all my talents,” said McWilliams. “I really want to thank all my bosses for believing in me and encouraging me.”

Air Force Enlisted Ranks

The Air Force Chief of Staff nominated Airman Robins for the position of Chief. Officer Training School students are sworn in during their graduation ceremony at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, in June 2016. The Air Force is piloting a program to accelerate OTS training for noncommissioned officers. commission from 40 days to 14. (Melanie Rodgers Cox/Air Force)

In August the Air Force will begin its first test of a turbocharged application program that aims to convert airmen into officers in 14 days of training.

A beta test of the Officer Training School-Accelerated Commissioning Program will take place at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama, shortening the OTS from the current 40-day training period, Air Training officials said and Practice Training in delivery on Wednesday.

The first test will include 36 candidates for senior officers, AETC said. Of those lieutenants, sergeants, and sergeants, 26 are active duty, five are in the reserves, and five are from the National Guard. To qualify, they must complete the SNCO Academy course

Deciding To Join The Air Force: Officer Or Enlisted Programs

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