Air Force Promotion Timeline Officer

Air Force Promotion Timeline Officer – To better understand the Air Force Promotion Timeline, you need to know how ranks are categorized in the Air Force.

It is important to know that promotion in the Air Force depends on many factors, including skill level.

Air Force Promotion Timeline Officer

Time in Service (TIS) refers to the time spent in the Air Force. This date starts from the day you start basic training.

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First, everyone enters the Air Force as an Essential Airman (E-1) unless you earn a higher rank.

However, if you enroll for the first time in six years, you will receive your E-3 designation after completing technical training.

Additionally, for promotion to E-4 Senior Airman you must complete your level 3 in your AFSC and be recommended for promotion. You are eligible for SrA once you have 36 months of TIS and 20 months of TIG or 28 months of TIG, whichever comes first.

Promotion from Senior Airman to Staff Sergeant requires you to pass a 24-day leadership school and military vocational training course prior to promotion.

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Additionally, Sergeant Major requires three years of TIS, six months of TIG, and is skill level 5.

In order to be promoted from Master Sergeant to Technical Sergeant, you must have 23 months of TIG and 5 years of TIS.

Additionally, to become a Technical Sergeant, you face the same rating system before considering promotion and seventh skill level.

You must also complete your Enlisted Professional Military Education Requirements (EPME), which is the Non-Commissioned Officer Academy for MSgt.

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Additionally, this promotion is similar to promotion from Staff Sergeant and Technical Sergeant, but requires eight years of TIS and 24 months of TIG.

Promotion to this rank is highly competitive because public law states that only 2 percent of the force can be at Grade E-8.

You must also have completed the SNCO Academy and have an associate’s degree from an accredited academic institution, including the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF).

Additionally, a promotion board meets every year to discuss promotions to Staff Sergeant and Staff Sergeant.

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These paths include college ROTC programs, attending the Air Force Academy, attending Officer Training School (OTS) after college, or working in the enlisted ranks.

There is also a highly competitive set of selection criteria to become Major or any further rank.

First of all, when you attend Junior ROTCD training, you enter the Air Force as an E-2.

You can also enter as an E-2 if you have 20 college credits or are an Eagle Scout or Girl Scout Gold.

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Additionally, those with three years of Junior ROTC training or 45 college credits can enter the Air Force with the rank of E-3.

The Weighted Airman Promotion System, or WAPS, is important after promotions stop automatically at the beginning of Air Force service.

This exam consists of 100 questions revolving around responsibilities or leadership, history and traditions. The maximum score is 100.

This test also consists of 100 questions with a maximum of 100 points. This test covers career development and material studied to achieve skill level 5.

Air Force Promotion Timeline For Enlisted & Officers

As you progress through your military career, promotions include a points system that takes into account your personal accomplishments and efforts.

These additional considerations are necessary due to the internal structure of the Air Force and the availability of higher ranks.

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Learn what the promotion timeline is for enlisted and commissioned officers in the U.S. Air Force and how the points system works.

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