Amazon Senior Financial Analyst Salary

Amazon Senior Financial Analyst Salary – As the CFO transitions from CFO to Chief Performance Officer, the expectations and resulting pay of those in the finance function. Gone are the days when FP&A was “just a budgeting team.”

In a private company, in general, the best way to think about cash companies is that as the company gets bigger, the starting point is a bit higher, the company has hit the market for the right product, achieved a certain level of commercial success, and now has the funding to attract top talent with more specialized skills.

Amazon Senior Financial Analyst Salary

, which will be covered in a separate discussion (or if you’re busy, you can subscribe to our paid newsletter and we’ll measure it for you).

How Tech Talent Salaries Will Continue To

Below you’ll find the latest ranges (high, mid, low) for private technology companies (salary + annual bonus), covering companies from $25M to $1B+ for the following roles:

Data is sourced from surveyed readers, Reddit, Pave, LinkedIn postings, and my own experimental knowledge. It combines thousands of data points, which we smooth with proprietary formulas.

Most Notes: Someone who graduated from college with a degree in finance or accounting may consider this an “entry-level” position. Unlike the roles we discuss below, entry-level financial analysts have seen minimal movement over the past 10 years.

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How To Become A Financial Analyst [+ Salary & Career Guide]

As of 2023, a junior financial analyst in the United States can expect to earn an average of $63,903 per year, with a typical salary range of $58,203 to $70,703.

As of 2023, a chief financial analyst in the United States can expect an average annual salary of $96,079, with a typical salary range of $87,792 to $105,891.

Financial analysts at these large firms are usually paid a base salary along with bonuses, which are usually in the form of compensation in the form of earned shares or additional cash. The following companies are ranked by total financial analyst compensation and provide additional details on base and bonus compensation.

Note: The compensation figures in this list are compiled from various online sources, including Glassdoor,, and other personal references. Actual compensation for financial analysts varies based on years of experience and stock price fluctuations (changes in the value of incremental stock compensation).

Automate Building Data Lakes Using Aws Service Catalog

CBRE, also known as Coldwell Banker Richard Ellis, is the world’s largest commercial real estate investment and services firm. The company also dominates the commercial real estate industry along with other major players that include companies such as Cushman & Wakefield, JLL and Colliers International.

JP Morgan is the world’s largest bank by market capitalization and is currently headquartered in New York City. The historic New York City banking institution dates back to 1799 and has since grabbed several headlines through major merger deals with Chase Manhattan and Bank One.

Surprised to see Goldman Sachs outside the top five? Unless you’re in investment banking, asset management, or other front office roles, a traditional financial analyst’s salary may not be as high as you might think.

Goldman Sachs is a large bank known for its investment banking activities and general financial services. The company recently laid off more than 3,000 employees in anticipation of a slowdown from record-breaking production numbers in 2021 and 2022.

Senior Finance Analyst Salaries In Japan

Salesforce is an American cloud-based technology company known for its customer relationship management software and other sales and operations applications. The company has more than 79,000 employees and has made a name for itself with beautiful office buildings dubbed the “Salesforce Towers.”

Tesla is a clean energy technology company known for its fully electric vehicles equipped with Autopilot technology. The company is run by infamous CEO Elon Musk, who highlighted his acquisition of Twitter and his continued investment in SpaceX.

Apple is the largest publicly traded company in the world, with the title of being the first company to reach a capitalization of $3 trillion. The company has sold nearly 2.2 billion iPhones to date and maintains the number one position in premium hardware technology products.

Amazon is an American technology company with major operations in e-retail, cloud computing, digital entertainment and more! What started as an online bookstore has grown into a large corporation with interesting subsidiaries that include Whole Foods, MGM, and Zappos.

Amazon Hiring,, Bba, Ca, Mba; Check Details Here

Microsoft is a multinational technology company known for its Windows operating system, office suite software, and other technology products. The company made headlines by announcing plans to integrate ChatGPT’s AI software into its existing software products.

LinkedIn is a professional and business-oriented social media platform acquired by Microsoft in 2016. Company co-founder Reid Hoffman (former COO of PayPal) currently has 875 million users in 200 countries worldwide.

And surprise, surprise. Google tops the financial analyst compensation list. Even if you don’t earn a software engineering salary, Google still pays its financial analysts top dollar.

Google has maintained its dominance in the Internet search industry for the past decade, allowing the company to offer generous compensation and benefits packages to employees. However, it will be interesting to see how the company adapts to ChatGPT and other recent AI software that is disrupting the industry.

Fp&a Salary And Career Guide

If you’re interested in developing your technical finance knowledge to apply for competitive financial analyst positions, consider checking out our full Finance and Assessment course to join our students who have landed jobs at Goldman Sachs, Tesla, Amazon and other high-profile companies.

Creating a cash flow statement from scratch using a company’s income statement and balance sheet is one of the most basic financial exercises commonly used to test interns and full-time professionals at elite-level finance firms.

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Amazon And Google Change The R&d Race

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Financial Modeling And Valuation Analyst (fmva)®

Audio felis sagittis, morbi fugiat torter vitae fugiat fuse aliquot. Nam elementum urna nisi aliquet eret dolor enim. Ornare id morbi eget ipsum. Aliquam senectus neque ut id eget consectetur proverb. Donek poseure faretra audio duet scelerisk et, nonk tortor. As a multinational technology company, Amazon not only provides its customers with a variety of products, but also a variety of activities. Whether you are a data scientist, marketing manager, web developer, or a content creator, there is a job for you.

Trust me, there are thousands of different jobs that one can find based on his or her interest on Amazon. So there are so many jobs available on Amazon that I can’t cover them all.

Amazon has categorized its available jobs into 12 levels. To shed light on this, let me explain what I mean. Each level requires different work experience for people and the salary is also different.

At Level 12, there is only one person at the highest level, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. At level 11, there are mostly CEOs and a few senior vice presidents.

Insights Into Amazon’s Compensation Philosophy & Salary Negotiation Tactics

Among the important people at this level we can see Andy Jassy, ​​the president and CEO of Amazon, and Jeff Wake, who is considered the second most important person.

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