Army Cid Warrant Officer Requirements

Army Cid Warrant Officer Requirements – As part of the United States Criminal Investigation Command’s (CID) ongoing effort to recruit the best to become special agents, CID is currently seeking Military Police Investigators (MPI) from Career Management Field (CMF) 31 to be CID Special Clearance Officers. .

“MPIs have valued investigative skills and experience,” said CID Commanding Officer Edgar Collins, who began his career as an MPI. “These officers will have a positive impact on the highly trained CID teams by imparting what they have learned from the Military Police Force. MPIs should take advantage of this professional development opportunity by applying now.”

Army Cid Warrant Officer Requirements

Applications are currently being accepted until July 21. Approved applications will be considered by the warrant officer recruitment board meeting in September 2017, so qualified MPI applicants are encouraged to visit the nearest CID office and speak with the recruitment force coordinator to start the process. as soon as possible.

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Eligible applicants must be in the rank of sergeant through sergeant major (not promoted) and have not yet been selected for sergeant major. They are required to have completed V5 training at the United States Police Academy (USAMPS) and have at least one year of investigative experience, according to Military Staff Message 17-138, MPI Application Requirements for CID Officer Appointment ( MOS 311A). After completing the required military and law enforcement training requirements, those soldiers will be eligible to be designated as a warrant officer. Agents receive training at USAMPS and advanced training in a variety of investigative specialties.

“CID agents are sworn federal officers who investigate potentially serious crimes, and frequently support DoD missions,” said Special Agent Jeremy Rechkemmer, CID headquarters recruiter. “Our highly trained special agents conduct counter-narcotics operations and advance criminal intelligence for the DoD.”

CID special agents regularly work closely with other federal, state and local agencies to solve serious crimes of corruption, fraud, murder, sexual harassment, cybercrime and drug trafficking. It also provides security services to senior DoD and government officials.

Once people become CID special agents, there are opportunities to become forensic science officers, digital forensic examiners or even polygraph examiners. There are many other professional career growth opportunities within CID.

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Rechkemmer added that qualified troopers interested in becoming CID special agents are encouraged to contact the CID Recruitment Operations Cell for specific information, or contact your local CID office, where staff can help answer questions about the special agent program.

For questions about application procedures, visit MILPER 17-138, MPI Application Requirements for CID Document Officer Appointment (MOS 311A), or contact CID’s Special Agents Branch at or 571-305-4348 /4369/4337/4112.

Once the CID application and interview process have been completed, applicants must submit the completed CID application and standard warrant officer application to the relevant agencies by July 21. If both application packages are deemed incomplete, the package(s) will be rejected. ..

CID application requirements and packet submission checklist are provided by your local CID office and warrant officer application requirements, packet submission checklist, and Warrant Officer Recruitment Team contact points can be found on e US Recruiting Command (USAREC) website at http: // www.USAREC./hq/warrant/. For more information, visit or contact the Warrant Officer Recruiting Team at

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Those selected for appointment will be scheduled to attend the CID Special Agent Course at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, the Warrant Officer Candidate Course at Fort Rucker, Alabama, and the MOS 311A ​​Warrant Officer Basic Course, also at Fort Leonard Wood. Acceptance into the CID program is contingent upon successful completion of all training and an appropriate background check of one scope. The appointment of a warrant officer will carry a six-year career obligation. Known to few, even by women veterans themselves, Women’s Veterans Day is held annually on June 12 in recognition of the anniversary of the signing of the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act of 1948. This year is the 75th anniversary of the law. which gave American military women a permanent position in the military.

One of those heroes is Army Criminal Investigation Division Special Agent Crystal L. Wallace who proudly served the United States Army in uniform for 26 years. He joined, like many others, just after Desert Storm broke out. With 87 percent of new recruits falling into the 18-24 age group, according to the DoD, he wasn’t like most when he turned 30 in basic training.

War was not their only motivation to join. “I always wanted to serve my country,” Wallace said.

Wallace experienced a difficult childhood in Brooklyn faced with poverty and the struggle for food. He and his three brothers were raised by a single mother, who Wallace believes did the best she could under the circumstances. Wallace was only 15 years old when his mother left the family.

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“I was on my own and I knew I had to break that vicious cycle by working hard and going to school,” Wallace said. Being the only sibling to graduate from high school and college was the beginning of breaking that cycle.

When Wallace joined the army his goal was to become a member of parliament but he was told he was too short. He was assigned MOS 75C personnel management specialist. In 1993, he thought about getting out after his first enlistment and met someone who worked for the CID. Wallace explained that he had never been in trouble and did not know what CID was. After learning about the organization and the ability to then take the next step to become a MOS 31D criminal investigator, he knew he still had a long way to go.

“In 1994, I began an 18-month internship at the Fort Carson CID Office before going to school,” Wallace said. I learned from very good agents. “

He proceeded to Fort McClellan, Alabama, where he completed the Special Agent Course in July 1996, earning his badge and qualifications.

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When asked what position he felt he could have the most influence in, he noted that it was serving as a First Sergeant in the Defense Services Corps. He was responsible for 300 Reservists and soldiers around the world.

“Many were doing God’s work and providing executive-level protection for the organization, and always on alert,” Wallace said.

He gave them round-the-clock support to ensure that they could accomplish their mission. He is proud of the relationships he built with the soldiers he served with and maintains today.

“Sometimes soldiers just want to be heard – we all have a story to tell, our truth,” Wallace explained.

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As with most professions, there is progress to be made and choices to be made. When Wallace was a sergeant first class, he was tempted to go the path of a warrant officer, he said: “I was talking to the Chief Sergeant of CID, and he asked me what I wanted to be. I told him I wanted his job. ” His next path was set.

After holding senior leadership positions at the battalion and platoon levels, she rose to the top enlisted rank in the Army CID and became the first female and black sergeant major, until her retirement in May 2017.

“I feel that being a CID agent was the best job, whether civilian or military, to have in the military. I feel very blessed.”

Wallace shared that he had a great career, did things he never thought he would do, went places he never thought he would go, and was even deployed at the age of 50.

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After retirement, he took a short career break and then worked for another government agency before applying for a civilian position with the CID. He was employed as a Special Agent in the Office of Professional Responsibility.

He said his military experience in conducting criminal investigations, holding leadership positions, knowing the rules and knowing the law seems to be appropriate for preparing him for his current job of investigating after allegations of misconduct by special agents. .

Wallace shared that his work was not perfect. She definitely had to work harder than her male counterparts. When people join the military, they bring the standards they were raised with. Some of those ideas are about women and have to do with how they feel about women in the military. He knows that it is important for all of us to avoid generalizations when it comes to people, experiences and events.

Wallace made a successful life for himself, and most importantly broke the vicious cycle of his family’s past. Warrant officer (WO) is a rank or category of ranks in the armed forces of many countries. Depending on country, service, or historical context, warrant officers are sometimes classified as the lowest commissioned officer, the highest noncommissioned officer (NCO), or in a different category. The ranks of warrant officers are particularly prominent in the militaries of the Commonwealth of Nations and the United States.

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The title dates back to medieval times. It was used for the first time in the 13th century, in the Royal Navy, where warrant officers received the name based on their accumulated experience or.

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