Army Corps Of Engineers Camping Florida

Army Corps Of Engineers Camping Florida – The US Army Corps of Engineers is the largest federal provider of outdoor recreation with over 400 lake and river projects in 43 states! Their campsites are very popular with campers. Unfortunately, there are only 3 recreational areas in Florida.

In this article I cover the Army Corps of Engineers camped in Florida. Please note – USACE camping is NOT FREE. It really is NOT CHEAP even for sites that cost $30+ for electricity and water. But as mentioned above, these camps are great and are very popular with campers across the country. For this reason, I decided to include them in this series of camps.

Army Corps Of Engineers Camping Florida

As described in the first article in this series and in the organizational chart above, there are three Army Corps of Engineers recreation areas in Florida. They are:

Rules For Camping On Army Corps Of Engineers Campgrounds

I will post a video review of each camp soon. In the meantime, here are three excellent sources of information:

If you are not familiar with, please take some time to explore the site. It is the official portal to the preservation, location information and information of 12 participating federal partners: Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Control, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Federal Highway Administration, National Parks and Records Administration, Administration of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Park Service, Smithsonian Institution, Tennessee Valley Authority, Fish and Wildlife Service, US Army Corps of Engineers, and US Forest Service.

This map shows each camp or area sorted by color. For example, campsites in a national park (fee required) are shown in orange, campsites in a national park (fee required) are shown in red.

Updated for Winter 2022. Florida’s snowbird “season” starts in October and ends in April; get free camping during these activities…

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YES, it is possible to camp in Florida for FREE! At first glance, finding a free campground in Florida is an easy process. Easily …United States – The United States Army Corps of Engineers Campground offers excellent RV camping options focused on water recreation. With thousands of recreational areas on more than 450 lakes and waterways, USACE offers fishing, swimming, hiking and, of course, camping opportunities for everyone to enjoy. USACE (US Army Corps of Engineers) is probably better known in the RV community as the COE.

The US RV Campground map on our home page includes links to the USACE/COE state information page. Not every state has utility/COE RV camping facilities.

Information about Corps of Engineers campgrounds and campgrounds is not readily available online. One of the easiest ways to find information about Corps of Engineers camping is to purchase a copy of Camping With the Corps of Engineers. This book lists USACE facilities by state and by reserve. All Corps of Engineers campgrounds are listed and include directions, describe facilities, activities, and include current camping fees.

Officials From The U.s. Army Corps Of Engineers, Camp Zama, And The Pacific Regional Dental Command Celebrate The Completion Of The Newly Renovated U.s. Army Dental Activity Japan Clinic On Camp Zama,

You can find RV camping information for USACE/COE campgrounds online, but it can take a while. To find a USACE/COE recreation center, start by going to the USACE/COE Regulated Lakes Map on the USACE website. Here you can click on the state you want to find RV camping information. The displayed map shows the recreation areas and there is a milk drop-down menu. Select a lake and an information window will appear for the selected location with station information and driving directions.

One of the shortcomings of the ACE website is that some camp information is incomplete. For example, Chatfield Lake in Colorado shows no online campground reservations available, but if you drive to Chatfield without a reservation, chances are you won’t find a campsite. Check to see if reservations are available at the USACE/COE campground where you want to stay.

Corps of Engineers sites are also available via the USA RV Campgrounds Map on our home page. Click on a state, then click on the USACE/COE link for statewide facility information.

Most USACE/COE managed campgrounds accept RV camping reservations. You can make camping reservations at If you’re visiting popular lakeside recreation areas, you’ll need a campsite, and these facilities also sell out during holiday weekends. Accurate information about available equipment is provided.

How Long Can You Camp At An Army Corps Of Engineers Campground?

USACE/COE campground facilities are well maintained and many campgrounds have full RV hookups, while others have designated areas with picnic tables and fire pits. Rain is available, as is trash and water, and most campgrounds are free of dirt and paved roads and RV campgrounds. Outdoor recreational options include paragliding, bird watching, fishing, boating, geocaching, and hiking. Group campsites are often available for reservations. While not the easiest campgrounds to find information on at times, USACE/COE facilities are great RV camping spots. COE or Army Corps of Engineers camps offer a unique experience for each type of camp. With more than 2,400 COE camps located across the United States, COE campgrounds offer great camping accommodations that are family-friendly, convenient, and budget-friendly. Additionally, COE campgrounds are often bordered by scenic lakes and reservoirs that offer campers fishing, boating, water skiing, and even scuba diving experiences. With all of these great benefits associated with staying at COE campgrounds, it’s no wonder why it’s a popular vacation spot for campers and campers across the country.

To learn more about COE Campgrounds, click play in the media player above or search for “The RV Atlas” wherever you listen to the podcast.

More than 4,300 recreation areas and more than 450 lakes in 43 states are managed by the COE. You will find more than 450 COE camps spread across the country. Since they are mostly found on rivers and lakes, they are an ideal base camp for water activities such as swimming, skiing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming and fishing. Even if you don’t plan to get into the water, the views alone will surely please you.

COE campgrounds share some similarities with state parks. Many will offer spacious, comfortable campsites with basic facilities. Some have full hookups, but most only provide electric or water/electric hookups. You will usually find a dump on site as well as basic but clean toilets/bathrooms.

Army Corps Seeks To Reassure Camp Hero Residents, But They And Town Officials Are Not Convinced

COE campgrounds often have simple playgrounds, swimming beaches, boat launches, hiking trails, and more, but little else in the way of amenities. Despite this, the view and the excellent location are worth it, especially considering the cheap price.

Camping at a COE campground can provide a great getaway without breaking the bank. The US Army Corps of Engineers manages all COE campgrounds and charges affordable nightly rates on a camp-by-camp basis. Prices vary by location, services offered, and season, and some sites offer basic tent camping for less than $10 a night. Most COE camps will be in the $30-$50 range. The most expensive we’ve seen is only $70. COEs also have staterooms offered at different prices depending on the location and size of the stateroom. Guests over 62 receive a 50% discount on camping.

Remember, COE parks are not just for camping. If you want to visit for a day, you’ll often pay around $5 for a day or $40 for an annual pass. If you have an America the Beautiful – National Parks and National Recreation Areas Pass, you’ll be able to use it at COE campgrounds. A lifetime pass costs $80 and can also be used for free and discounted entry to national parks and other federal lands.

How can you find a COE camp near you or in the area you are visiting? The easiest way to find COE camps is to visit the Corps Lakes Gateway website and search by state, lake or activity. From there, you’ll need to go to to reserve your campsite. For example, if you want to find a COE campground in Kentucky, go to the Corps Lakes Gateway website and search for Kentucky. Then you can explore 16 camping lakes and choose your next campsite. From there, go to, search for a campground, and save your site. You can even filter by specific campsites with bookable sites and specific services.

Campgrounds On Lake Lanier

Bailey’s Point Campground is a COE campground located along the coast

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