Auxiliary Police Officer Job Description

Auxiliary Police Officer Job Description – If you’ve visited any of the rooms before, you may have had the opportunity to speak with a very important veteran: Sergeant Sally Tan.

If you’re lucky, you might run into her in the security office at the entrance to headquarters, Inflight Catering Center 1 (ICC1) – she’s a friendly face that greets visitors as they enter the building. However, most of the time she is busy working with more than 100 Auxiliary Security Services (SSS) officers deployed in various premises.

Auxiliary Police Officer Job Description

“I’m not doing the work alone!” she laughs when asked how she manages site visits, manages deployments and still has time to navigate the previously lengthy administrative security clearance process for the many “confined space” visitors. “There’s always another NCO (non-commissioned officer) on duty and we help each other. It’s not possible to do a one-man show here.”

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But Sally didn’t start here, because she first boarded in 1984 (“September 13 was my first day!” she recalls happily.) she was sent to the airport. She was placed in the departure hall, where she and her colleagues performed anti-sabotage baggage checks. This meant checking items people were not allowed to take on board and checking weapons and other prohibited items. They have been trained to be on the lookout for forbidden items, which can often be disguised to look like normal items.

Back then female recruits also wore skirts – the uniform has since been changed to trousers to facilitate greater mobility.

“Today we use technology to carry out checks, but back then we had counters where we had to go through items manually,” she recalls happily, “in those days you really had to interact with passengers – I met people from all over the world. .!”

Meeting new people is one of the main reasons why Sally loves her job. Today, as she has evolved to take on the role of supervisor, she doesn’t have to meet as many international passengers as she once did, but she still enjoys the opportunity to interact with her colleagues, staff at and their guests. “Everyone is really nice, the staff are always so friendly, even the board members who always take the time to say hello to us all when they come to a meeting. It’s really encouraging,” she says.

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Some of Sally’s fondest memories of this job include meeting interesting people such as Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. “He shook my hand!” she is taking a shower. “It was on the Chinese New Year holiday that Prime Minister Lee came down to visit the in-flight meal factory and hand out red packets and oranges to the staff on duty. It’s really rare to meet dignitaries like him, so I was very excited. ” “.

A fountain of youthful energy – despite serving for over 37 years, Sally is still untired by her duties and often engages in tasks that take her across Singapore. “We had tasks at Istana, for example, when they open to the public, we will be there to offer assistance. I also attend the F1 race every year. As it is an outdoor event, it is very hot, but the excitement is worth it! During this low period, police officers are still sent to remote locations such as hostels, hotels and other quarantine facilities.

Sally hopes her younger colleagues and new recruits will experience more externships in the future. “Whenever possible, I encourage higher-ups to give more assignments to younger recruits. I’ve enjoyed these posts for years, but they never learn what to do if they don’t get a chance to participate.” He nods thoughtfully, “if we’re going to train people to stay in this business, we can’t stop them, we have to train them.”

When Sally was asked if she had any problems being a woman in a predominantly male industry, she was quick to say: “No, I haven’t – I’ve never faced any problems. I think the most important thing is that you have to believe in yourself.” I truly believe that anything a man can do, a woman can do.’

My Job At Sats: From Director In The F&b Industry To Security Officer At Sats Security Services

Sally says that her time spent in the National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) at school greatly helped her confidence when she first started in the SSS in her mid-twenties. “When you wear a uniform, you feel pride and know that you are here to help maintain law and order and provide safety and security,” he says.

The ideal recruit, Sally says, hopefully has the same understanding of what it means to be in uniform. He particularly praises new employees who come with a steady attitude, enthusiasm for work and like to be active and meet new people. “It’s about the attitude you take when working in SSS. What’s the point of working in security if you don’t enjoy interacting with people? You’ll never enjoy what you do.”

The benefits are worth it, explains Sally. “Those who show the right attitude are constantly moving forward because security touches all aspects of the business. With SSS, you never stay in one place for long. Officers always have the opportunity to move around and experience different aspects of security.” industry”.

If you are interested in joining security, please leave us your details below and our recruitment team will contact you: Branded Content How much can you earn as an Assistant Police or Security Officer in Singapore Singapore cannot afford to take security for granted.

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This article was written in collaboration with SATS Security Services. All opinions expressed in this article are independent opinion based on our research. You can see our complete publication rules here.

Although Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world, we cannot take the low crime rate for granted or ignore the threats of terrorism. Supplementing the Singapore Police Force in keeping Singapore safe is a contingent of nearly 50,000 auxiliary police and security officers.

The security industry, traditionally seen as labor intensive, is also on the verge of a paradigm shift. Singapore has a shrinking workforce, which has led to labor shortages and rising costs in the security industry. This is coupled with a better educated workforce with higher career and salary aspirations.

SATS Security Services (SATS Security), the security arm of SATS Ltd, is one of Singapore’s longest serving auxiliary police forces. It aims to increase productivity through the continuous upskilling of its officers and the use of technology. SATS Security can therefore offer its Auxiliary Police and Security Officers a more meaningful work experience and now even more rewarding with a new joining bonus of up to $40,000.

Auxiliary Police Officer (armed / Unarmed)

How much you earn depends on various factors such as your career, education and experience, among others. As the security industry falls under the Progressive Wage Model (PWM), you can expect to earn at least the respective progressive salaries for the various levels.

As you can see, there is a clear base salary for various roles in the security industry. These wages will also increase over the next 5 years – to a minimum of $3,310 in 2028.

You can also see that the entry level security officer salary in 2024 will be at least $2,650. While this seems like a big jump from 2023, it includes overtime (OT) pay in addition to the 44-hour regular work week. The current calculation of the basic monthly salary in 2023 does not include the OT salary.

This measure was introduced to ensure that security service personnel do not work beyond the maximum limit of 72 hours of overtime per month set by the Employment Act.

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We should also note that PWM sets minimum wage levels. Companies may offer more depending on your exact duties, scope of work, market demand and other factors.

Companies can advertise their salary package using the potential gross salary a candidate could expect to earn. This can include base pay, bonuses, incentives, overtime pay and bonuses.

For example, SATS Security offers a transparent and attractive salary package. While entry-level security personnel earn at least the PWM requirement of $1,650 per month, they also have a $5,000 entry bonus and can earn on-call bonuses of up to $20 per hour. shift.

Those with more responsibility in the security industry can earn more than the PWM minimum. For example, auxiliary police officers are required to handle firearms, while security personnel are not. The tasks and responsibilities of an auxiliary police officer are therefore likely to be more complex and adequately remunerated.

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SATS Security offers its entry-level police assistants up to $3,300 a month. They enjoy a $40,000 joining bonus and an additional $500 per month in rewards allowance.

In addition, SATS Security does not take into account other components such as a joining bonus or allowances when describing its basic salary package. This transparency allows you to make more informed decisions about your potential earning power when you sign up as

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