Best Jobs After The Military

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Each year approximately 200,000 military personnel leave the service. The transition from military to civilian life is a very important step. For those who have recently transitioned or are beginning the process of transitioning out of the Marines, one of the first tasks in business is to secure a new career.

Best Jobs After The Military

There can be a fair amount of uncertainty about what job would be best for someone with your military background, and you may wonder what jobs are available for someone with your Marine background. Read on to learn more about what to expect when transitioning from the Marines to a civilian career and what are the best jobs after the Marines.

Best Federal Jobs For Military Spouses

A popular choice for retired United States Marine Corps (USMC) officers and senior petty officers, serving as instructors in the Marine Corps Reserve Junior Officer Training Corps (MCJROTC) allows you to continue your USMC service by “passing the torch” to young people who are interested to join the Marines. MCJROTC instructors provide training in life, history and military skills to high school students.

To qualify, you must have at least 20 years of active duty service, a verified retirement date, and a competitive military record for both Navy Chief Instructors and Navy Instructors.

One of the most desirable careers for USMC veterans is a job in security. These positions are mostly filled by private companies for large facilities, such as sports arenas, hospitals, hotels, etc. USMC veterans are particularly suited to these positions because of the physical demands of the job and their knowledge and experience in handling protective devices and weapons. Armed security guards are required to wear a uniform, which is not so shocking to the transitioning military and veterans who are used to the dress code. Additionally, your military experience taught you the importance of following the rules, understanding regulations, and respecting authority, all of which are important skills in this industry.

If you are a USMC veteran who served in a medical position, continuing your medical career as a civilian is a great option. Naval Medical Service personnel can discover great and varied career opportunities after leaving the military. In today’s healthcare job market, the demand for workers is desperate, and USMC healthcare professionals are in high demand. Your experience of working in a hostile, high-pressure work environment allows you to immediately jump into action in a civilian medical environment. Your exposure to countless patients and their ailments gives you more than the ability to help patients in any medical facility.

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USMC veterans seeking careers in healthcare also have an easier transition than other professions, due to role standards – medical jargon, procedures and protocols generally remain the same. Only the settings are changing, ranging from medical practices to rehabilitation centers to nursing homes and many others.

Sales is not a career field that most USMC veterans immediately consider as an option when transitioning from military to civilian life. But the qualities that made you a great military leader are exactly what make a great sales representative: intelligence, drive, goal-oriented, competitive nature, excellent communication skills, strong interpersonal skills, a desire to be the best, and a desire to be challenged. .

A career in sales can be very financially rewarding. Typically, the best in sales can earn more than their counterpart in operations or management. Sales is a pay-for-performance area. The better you work, the more you earn. Learn more about why USMC veterans should consider a career in sales and learn more about sales careers with Orion Talent.

The cybersecurity field and the Marine Corps have many parallels, providing veterans with an excellent career path after the military. As a USMC veteran, it’s easy to leverage your military experience and skills to pursue a fulfilling career in cybersecurity and computer security.

Best Careers After Military Service

From a technical standpoint, many USMC veterans have the skills needed to succeed in the industry. Your Marine Corps computer experience, including troubleshooting military computer systems and operations, handling highly sensitive information, and knowledge of computer programming will set you apart from the crowd. In addition, your situational awareness, strong work ethic, willingness to train and learn, and understanding of the chain of command for both officers and enlisted members of the USMC will lead you to success in this field. USMC veterans can also find purpose and continued service in their computer security work by defending against cyber attacks.

While it may not seem like a natural choice for transitioning USMC veterans, a career in human resources (HR) is a very logical next step for many because of the transferable skills you gain while serving in the USMC. Marines move into leadership positions early in their service and learn many of the skills needed for a career in human resources, including self-confidence, listening, record keeping and discipline. A career in human resources has a clear impact on the organization and many USMC veterans find it attractive, especially after settling into post-military life.

The occupations listed above are just a small sampling of career transitions Marines and Marine Corps veterans can make after the military. Orion Talent has had tremendous success finding meaningful careers for Marines after the military, and we invite you to contact us for assistance in finding civilian employment and exploring our current opportunities. We have experience in the placement of USMC technicians and enlisted officers, both junior enlisted and senior enlisted.

You can also check out our Transition Resource Guide, a comprehensive tool designed to guide you through the hiring process, offering information on resume writing, interview basics and preparation, and more. If you’re ready to start your civilian career, enroll today.

The 10 Best Companies For Veterans

Construction DEI Engineering Recruiting Army Recruiting Conferences In the News Junior Military Officers Military Skills Recruiting Optimization Podcast Employer Resources RPO Skilled Talent Acquisition Students Veterans Supply Chain Tax Credits for Veteran Employment Transition Resources Military Virtual Recruiting. as well as professional fulfillment. But once you become an experienced job hunter, you want to find the best career opportunity that will make you the most money, right?

If you’re leaving the military in 2020 and haven’t made a solid career decision about what to do after separation, let Empire Resume enlighten you. Today, we’re going to share some of the best jobs for you, whether you’re an officer or in the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard.

When I separated from the Air Force, there were many civilian companies recruiting junior officers for director of operations type positions.

Essentially, companies and corporations will consider your military expertise and experience for leadership positions, including logistics, project management, and more.

My Base Guide

For example, Kevin Releford, an Army veteran who spent five years in the Army as an armor officer, held logistics leadership positions at three different retail companies during his transition from the military to the civilian world.

He eventually landed his current job at Gap Inc. because he was looking for a company with a good culture, social responsibility and corporate responsibility, he said.

To learn more about Releford’s story and the career advice that led him from Harvard to Gap, Inc., read the article in Task & Purpose.

Brian Henry, vice president (VP) of operations (officer recruitment) at Orion International says officers typically have a four-year degree as well as leadership and management experience gained in the military.

Moving Up: Airmen In These Hot Careers Are Advancing — And Fast

“The types of jobs that officers are looking for are more professional-level, including some sort of supervisory or leadership role,” Henry said in the article.

After confirming that officers are best suited for leadership positions, we found some of the best jobs for veteran officers at the trusted career website created by veterans for veterans, Hire Purpose. Our research led to the following possibilities:

The Orion International website is a useful tool because you can enter your military pay grade to find the best job for your rank.

Being able to search for jobs in different states and all regions of the United States is also handy.

Asvab Scores And Army Jobs

And, if you have a job in mind, you can enter a keyword to easily display the type of job you’re looking for.

But if you’re a transitioning military member and you’re not sure what to do after separation, keep reading. We also found the best jobs for you.

When I separated from the Air Force, the same civilian companies that were recruiting officers for specific roles were looking for military veterans for specialist and technician roles, regardless of the job in the military.

Brian Henry, vice president of operations at Orion International, said, “You focus more on the technical skills that they bring, whether it’s technical training or hands-on technical skills.”

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He also points out that the enrollees generally do not have a degree or experience in management. However, a non-commissioned officer with 10 years of experience has both

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