Best Place To Live In Wyoming For Retirees

Best Place To Live In Wyoming For Retirees – Thinking of moving to Wyoming? As someone who has lived here for the past ten years I can say there is a lot to like.

Wyoming is a large state in terms of land area (not population). Did you know that Wyoming is the 10th largest state with over 62 million residents? Or that Wyoming is the least populated state in America (even less than Alaska!)?

Best Place To Live In Wyoming For Retirees

I must say that it is not all Tetons and geysers in the state of equality. There are some important considerations to consider before moving to Wyoming can be difficult, even if you are prepared.

Best Small Towns In Wyoming

There are many pros and cons to living in Wyoming that you don’t know until you’ve lived here for a while. And that’s where I entered.

Note that this is my personal list based on my experience, not everyone will feel the same way (and that’s okay in my book).

Wyoming is actually two different states in terms of geography and lifestyle. I’ve included images and brief descriptions below so you can better understand the state’s unique locations.

The western half of Wyoming is mountainous (part of the Rocky Mountains). This part of Wyoming is a popular area full of nature preserves, tourist attractions.

Life: Riverton Named One Of The 50 Best Places To Live In America

The eastern half of Wyoming is plains. This part of the country is windy, flat (but hilly), grassy, ​​barren and (even more so) sparsely populated.

In this article I will cover both areas and try to distinguish whether the advantage or disadvantage only applies to one part of the world or the other.

Those looking to move to Wyoming may find that housing prices are cheaper here than where you are from. With a median home price of just $250,000, Wyoming falls well below the national average.

Currently, the median home price in the US is over 430,000, making the average home in Wyoming about 50% less expensive. Discuss the relationship.

Why Driggs Could Become The Next Jackson Hole

As home ownership becomes more and more difficult for Americans, Wyoming is still a place where you can make that dream come true.

One of the main reasons people move to Wyoming today is the state taxes. Especially the part about taxes. Wyoming is one of nine states that has no income tax.

That’s right, there is no income tax in Wyoming which is a huge selling point for anyone, especially remote workers.

If affordability is important to you, then living in Wyoming just got easier. Wyoming has the 14th lowest cost of living in the US.

Loving Where You Live

Although affordable housing plays an important role in this, it is not the only thing that lowers the cost of living. Wyoming has the 9th cheapest utilities in the country including electricity, internet, gas, water and filtration.

When you combine no state tax with low housing costs and affordable real estate, you have a great way to save money.

If having beautiful scenery to see is important, consider moving to Wyoming (in the west). Yellowstone National Park, a world famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, its beauty is breathtaking.

Ranked the 9th most beautiful state in the US (pulled from the eastern half of the state), Wyoming is a very beautiful place to live.

Best Wyoming Towns To Live In

Western Wyoming: The beauty is most evident in the western part of the state where the Rocky Mountains rise into the sky making for some great outdoor adventures.

North Central: The Bighorn Mountains in central, northern Wyoming are another must-see area of ​​rugged beauty, ruggedness, and wilderness.

Southeast: The Medicine Bow-Route National Forest in the southeastern part of the state has its own mountain landscape with lakes and high mountain forests that reach into Colorado.

Northeast: Where the plains meet the beginning of South Dakota’s Black Hills, the landscape changes dramatically with Devils Tower National Monument and the famous Black Hills National Forest.

Best Places To Stay In Yellowstone National Park

There are few places in America that have more outdoor recreation opportunities than here. Ranked as the 5th largest outdoor recreation area in the US, outdoor recreation is one of Wyoming’s top selling attractions.

A full 48% of Wyoming is public land meaning there are 30 million acres to reclaim in Wyoming.

Almost any outdoor activity you can dream of is available here (probably in the western part of the state). Here you’ll find everything from the basics like running, hiking and biking, to the more extreme like rock climbing, rafting, mountaineering, skiing, ATV riding and more.

Wyoming is not only home to two of the most beautiful places in the world (Grand Teton & Yellowstone), but eight national forests (consisting of over 9 million acres), two national monuments, and more.

The Best Places To Stay In Yellowstone National Park For 2023

Summer in Wyoming is a real treat with warm to very warm temperatures and cool nights. All the best places (I’m not much for winter fun myself) are available during the summer.

The wild animals are out, the people are shivering and life is easy. In the summer there are a lot of tourists which some people don’t like but I don’t mind at all.

In June you can expect wild storms but most of the summer the weather is fine.

Maybe it’s a result of the testing weather here (more on that below), but people really appreciate summer in Wyoming.

Moving To Wyoming

As crime increases in the US, so does security. If you’re thinking about moving to Wyoming, then you’ll be happy to know that it’s the 9th safest state in the country.

Violent crime is extremely rare in Wyoming (seventh lowest in America) despite the prevalence of guns (it seems everyone has one).

Speaking from personal experience I can say that crime here is not a big concern. Some people I know make it rural versus a city with more crime in cities where Wyoming has less.

Good neighbor! Wyoming is the fifth friendliest state in the US, so if you’re thinking of moving here, bring with you the friendly spirit that the state has embraced over the years.

Most Beautiful Lakes In Wyoming

Walking down the streets of many of our towns in Wyoming waves is a rite of passage and turning by hand is a must. After living in Wyoming for a while, I find it very strange and feel lost when I go somewhere and people don’t shake hands.

I’ve heard that making friends can be hard here because the options are less than in many places (there aren’t many people here), but if you can’t make a new friend, you’ll make one.

As someone who works in movies for a living, I remember meeting some shepherd boys who had just finished harvesting another forest. After a few minutes of introductions, I was invited to join them for drinks, which I did, and we traded stories for about an hour.

If the summer here is amazing, the winter is different (and then some). Winters in Wyoming are brutal and one of the main reasons people leave the state (at least that I know of).

Where To See A Moose

Ranked 5th coldest in the US, prepare for cold weather from October to April in Wyoming with strong winds (especially in the eastern part of the state) and lots of snow.

Driving is often more dangerous in winter with icy roads and more deaths. Wyoming has the highest winter traffic fatality rate in the country.

The winters are not only harsh, but also long, and winter storms usually occur in late March and April. By March I often find myself rooting for Jack Nicholson’s character in The Shining.

Wind, really? Yes. Wyoming is the windiest state in America, especially in the winter with maximum winds of around 13 mph. And it makes sense

Where The Heart Is

And if the wind speed is 13 mph, that’s just the beginning. We get a lot of rain above 50 mph in Wyoming where it is very cold.

Earplugs are a must here in the winter to keep your ears from freezing and going crazy.

Even in the warmer months there is something ominous about the wind that is hard to describe but very real. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good wind, but the wind here is not your friend.

If you are moving to Wyoming from a large (or medium) city, then it can be a difficult transition depending on your lifestyle.

Wyoming Constitutional Amendment B Election Results 2022: Raise Mandatory Retirement Age For Judges To 75 From 70

Grocery stores here are notorious for their lack of variety and quality. How I miss Trader Joe’s (none in Wyoming), Costco (none in Wyoming) and Whole Foods (there is only one in the state located in Jackson).

For this reason, shopping is limited because many towns in Wyoming are not large enough for the stores you are used to in big cities.

If you’re moving to one of Wyoming’s towns, be prepared for all the pitfalls that come with gossip (everybody knows everybody), words

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