Call Center Quality Assurance Scorecard

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Call Center Quality Assurance Scorecard

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Call Center Scorecard Use Cases & Quick Wins

For customer service training on how to improve customer satisfaction (CSAT ) improve the first call solution for your call center

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The Romans preferred a structured, step-by-step process when it came to building a city: they identified and established a strong central area of ​​the city (usually the agora or marketplace), then added to that core over time according to a predetermined pattern. / frame. Very beautiful 😎

Call Center Quality Assurance For Sales, Customer Care Teams

But before I lose everyone who isn’t to history, let me cut to the chase – creating a QA brief isn’t all that different from ancient Roman city planning: you start with a strong core that reflects your company’s values. and goals, and work your way up to the limits you can add to as you go.

Read on to learn more about Roman cities, QA reports, and everything in between. We’ll take a look at what quality assurance scorecards are, why they’re important to your team’s success, and how to create your own. In addition, we’ll also show real examples of QA scorecards from best-in-class customer experience (CX) teams like MeUndies, SeatGeek and more.

If you’re ready to dive deep into creating QA scorecards that will generate insight and reliable data for your CX team, take a look at our ultimate guide to CX QA Scorecards, or read on for the easy-to-download checklist at the end of this post.

A Quality Assurance Scorecard (also known as a QA Scorecard, quality monitoring score, or call center quality monitoring scorecard) is a rubric by which a quality control analyst, team leader, or manager evaluates agent interactions with customers.

Call Center Metrics And Kpis To Enhance Customer Experience

Based on the company’s values ​​and standards for agent-customer relations, these reviews form the basis of the quality control process and are a way for the support team to continuously ensure that customer interactions are going as they want.

Quality assurance scorecards are mostly a set of customer service values ​​and performance questions that are asked by the evaluator. In the example above from MeUndies, raters are asked to identify ways agents can personalize their response to customers – something that helps MeUndies differentiate itself from its competitors in customer experience.

MeUndies uses a checkbox in this section to give reviewers complete flexibility in determining which personalization tools are used and which are skipped. Other quality assurance scorecards are a combination of linear scoring, yes/no drop-down lists, and short answer fields for agent feedback.

The Quality Assurance Scorecard provides a framework for improving call center agents by providing measurable indicators that influence customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

How To Leverage Call Center Agent Performance Scorecards

QA Scorecards are the backbone of a QA program, so the question should be, “Why do you need a QA program?”.

Companies of all sizes have implemented quality control programs for their CX teams, so the main reason has nothing to do with size or annual revenue. Instead, the company implements QA for four reasons, which we have condensed for you into a tricky acronym – SAVE.

Teams like LevelUp have implemented quality control programs to provide a framework (and data!) for managers to train their agents. Previously, there was no such program and agents in different teams received different coaching experiences depending on who their manager was.

Managers at WP Engine have to rate representative interactions on top of their other tasks and often fall short of their ranking goals. CX management has implemented quality control programs to help automate tickets (aka quality control processes) and help managers hold themselves accountable to their rating goals.

How To Build And Use A Customer Service Scorecard

The QA program also provides management with visibility into the interaction of their agents with the training modules assigned to their knowledge management program and helps them create a high trust environment where everyone can thrive.

GetUpside has a really lucky problem – downloads for their cashback app are skyrocketing, but the CX team can’t grow at the same pace.

Faced with the prospect of losing the internal team she had built over two years to be replaced by an external BPO team, Heather Naughton, CX and Operations Manager, decided to double her internal team. She implemented a quality control program to help identify and correct inefficiencies in the quality control process, and ultimately the team returned response times back to pre-expansion levels and then surpassed them!

Back to my Roman City analogy: To create a quality call center scorecard, start with what’s important to your company and build from there.

How To Create Accurate Call Center Quality Monitoring Scorecard?

I spoke with our Customer Success Managers, Matt and Laura, to find out the best way to create a QA report from scratch:

Companies that build QA programs often consider company values ​​first, and it makes a lot of sense – your customer-facing team is the most common human contact your customers have with your brand, so it’s imperative that they embody your brand values. .

The first step in the scoring process is to grab a document or open a Google Doc (note 🌲 ppl), write “company values” on the left side, and fill in the values ​​that drive your relationship with customers.

Is resolving the first contact an important part of your customer experience? Add it to the list. Are you targeting your agents to deliver a number of interactions per hour? Write it down with a pencil. Are there important rules that your agents must follow in their interactions (PII, HIPAA compliance, etc.)? I have to have that.

Quality Assurance Resolving Customer Issues In 2023|

To make it over, listen to the customer’s call and talk to the agent. These interactions will help you identify pain points that both customers and agents are experiencing, as well as potential areas for improvement. Note these areas as well – this may become a question mark in your QA score.

By referencing these statistics to the list you have created, you will gather the main ingredients to create your first scorecard.

Once you plan the most important brand values, KPIs and opportunity areas for your team, you can take them and connect them to the framework. Here are two tips from our experts:

Each of these represents a section of your rubric that you can create with questions based on the list you created earlier.

Center Quality Scorecard With Customer Level Call Center Quality Scorecard

Things like tone, contextual understanding, empathy are there. Other companies have also added elements such as humans, or used this section to design unique interactions such as randomly swearing at customers (of course, with love).

This part can be as simple as asking a yes/no question: “Did the agent solve the problem for the customer?” But can also include a linear scale (for example, from 1 point to 5 points) to capture better nuances. The interaction of each customer or reflects a technical or complex interaction in particular.

Did the agent follow internal procedures correctly? We often see check boxes for this section where QA agents can easily check each requirement as it is met.

Both of these frameworks are good places to start (and there is a lot of overlap between them!). You can also look for patterns in the notes you’ve taken, identify the main categories that occur, and use those as the main part of your rubric.

Quality Assurance Questions For Customer Service (free Checklist)

After you have your QA map out, the next thing you need to do is start fleshing out the questions that will go into it.

We’ve put together five common questions to get you started in your QA score research process – here’s a quick summary:

Good grammar and a friendly tone (or one that matches your brand’s values ​​and experience) are key features of a customer-facing team.

If you include this question in your call center quality scorecard, check that it reflects the omnichannel nature of support today – good tone of voice and grammar are essential for all channels, regardless of whether your agent provides support via email/chat/call. You can achieve this by using keywords for both audio and text channels, or by creating different rubrics for each channel.

Call Center Quality Assurance Scorecard Template For Customer Service

If the call center agent does not have a good understanding of the cause of the ticket, they may not have the best solution – and we all know that it is better to treat the disease rather than just the symptom.

Tagging is an important part of ensuring good data quality – by collecting tag data, your team can identify recurring issues – and easily take action to fix them.

Customers often try to explain their pain/problems to agents – ​​a

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