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There are many reasons to join the military, including pay, benefits, education, training, travel, higher paying jobs, health care, and more. But it’s not for everyone. For more information about joining the army.

Can You Join The Military

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Can Individuals With Dyslexia Join Us Military?

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Have you thought about joining the army? The benefits of recruiting may be enough to convince you to take the leap. If you haven’t considered joining the military, consider this article a primer on some of the benefits available to you if you decide to take the next step.

Whether you are considering military service out of a sense of patriotism or duty, for action and adventure or for permanent employment, there is something for everyone. Here are 11 reasons why the military might be right for you.

“There is no greater calling than serving your countrymen. There is no greater contribution than helping the weak. There is no greater satisfaction than doing it well.” (source).

Medical Conditions That Can Keep You From Joining The Military

This quote means to serve. When you join the army you learn the true meaning of service.

Being a veteran makes you an automatic member of one of the oldest clubs in the world. It’s easy to share stories and memories with other members of this special group of people, and it can help you get accepted, join clubs, find work, and earn other benefits. Being a veteran is something no one can take away from you.

If you are looking for a job, consider the military, which offers jobs to people with medical and academic qualifications and no extensive criminal records.

New second lieutenants start at $39,000 per year, plus full benefits, not including additional monthly benefits.

Can You Join The Army With A Dui?

Recruiting and re-enlisting bonuses can reach up to $20,000. Up to $65,000 in student loans can be forgiven. The army is also one of the few places where you can receive a full pension after 20 years of service or more.

Military retirement benefits can average 50-75% of the last three years of your base salary (for former 3 pension plans). In some cases, you may receive more than 75% of your basic pay in retirement.

The new integrated pension plan (Pension plan for all nations joining after January 2, 2018) offers a slightly different pension multiplier with matching contributions to the savings plan saving up to 5% of your basic salary. A TSP is similar to a civilian 401(k) plan.

Military personnel are entitled to full health benefits for themselves and their immediate family upon entering service. If you worked until you retired, you and your family can receive these benefits when you leave the military. These health benefits reach the immediate family (ie, spouse and children and sometimes also dependent parents). You may also be eligible for temporary military health benefits after discharge.

Joining The National Guard

A military career provides advanced technical training in a variety of fields, as well as opportunities for additional training outside of your service. Many military personnel can attend college, often with tuition paid. You can use your learning opportunities to advance your career, earn certificates or degrees, or prepare for a transition back into civilian life.

Military leadership is a great way to build your resume for your next career. If you are looking to hire someone, do you want to hire someone with proven skills and experience, a degree or a high school/college graduate? Give me an experienced professional any day of the week! (Additional tips for creating a military resume).

The military has facilities all over the world and will pay you and your family to get there. Your time outside of work is yours and you can travel. Military personnel are entitled to 30 paid vacation days per year, excluding weekends and federal holidays.

The military has a number of resorts around the world, including Hale Koa in Hawaii, Shades of Green at Disney World in Florida, and resorts in Japan, Germany and South Korea. Most major military installations also have on-base lodging (a military hotel) where you can stay for less than the cost of an off-base hotel.

Reasons To Join The Military (plus 5 Considerations)

If there are seats available, you can hop on a military hop and fly for free. A military hop is a scheduled military flight that takes passengers on a space base (also known as Space-A). These tickets are free or have a minimal fee (such as $5 or airport tax).

The reasons for joining the military go beyond your first time in the service. Many veterans benefits are available to former military members long after they leave active duty or reserve.

The new GI Bill will pay veterans who have served at least 36 months a monthly stipend and full tuition to pay for college after they leave the military. Depending on how long the military member served, this post-9/11 GI Bill may be transferable to spouses and children.

The Department of Veterans Affairs offers veterans the opportunity to purchase a home with no money down through a VA loan. This makes it easier to buy a home while you are in the service or after you leave.

Can You Join The Military With Tourette’s Syndrome?

Military personnel receive lifetime pensions based on the average of the highest three-year base pay. Military retirees in the high-3 pension system receive 2.5% of their base salary for each year of service. Therefore, 20 years of seniority will equal an allowance of 50% of the highest basic salary for three years (25 years 62.5%, 30 years 75%, etc.).

Members participating in the new Blended Retirement System (BRS) will use the same calculations, except for a multiplier of 2.0% instead of 2.5%. Therefore, at age 20 the allowance will be 40%, at age 25 50% and at age 30 60%. However, there are two big benefits: The first is matching TSP contributions of up to 5% of your base pay, which allows you to have a portable pension when you leave the military, even if you don’t retire. The second is a continuation pay bonus, which is a career monetary bonus to extend your service commitment.

An officer with 20 years of service earning more than $100,000 a year can retire at age 40 with a lifetime pension of more than $48,000 a year and start a second career. Imagine earning over $4,000 a month for the rest of your life starting at age 42. That equates to $480,000, $960,000, and $1.4 million in 10, 20, and 30 years. There is full health coverage and income from a second job if you want it. These numbers do not include the annual cost of living that increases your monthly pension each year.

Enlisted members earn slightly less than officers. However, their pension is based on the same formula and increases the same COLA every year. This way you can easily run the numbers and get a rough estimate of your potential retirement benefits. For example, a pension of $2,500 a month is $30,000 a year. That’s $300,000, $600,000 or $900,000 over 10, 20 or 30 years.

Life In The Forces

When you include the COLA, the 30-year retirement benefits are $1,000,000 or more. And this does not include other pension benefits such as military medical care and others.

One of the reasons why many people do not consider the military is the high death rate. This is mainly caused by the media. In fact, many military specialties are less dangerous than their civilian counterparts. Your industry and career will go a long way in determining the risk you are exposed to.

Military personnel may be eligible for VA service-connected disability benefits if they were injured or became ill during military service. Obtaining a VA disability rating makes a veteran eligible for lifetime disability benefits.

In the event of an unexpected military member’s death, the military or VA provides lifetime benefits

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