Census Field Representative Job Description

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Census Field Representative Job Description

If you are visited by someone from the Department, it may be a field representative working on a Department study. The agency conducts more than 100 surveys across the country each year.

Data Is Key For Robust Evidence Based Decision Making

For agency research, agency representatives report to one of six regional offices across the country. If you would like to specifically confirm that the person at your door is a Department field representative conducting a housing survey, you can enter their name on the Department’s employee directory search website, contact or to the regional office for your area.

Staff Directory Search the Department’s Staff Directory to find contact information for our staff. Regional Offices Regional offices are responsible for all data collection, data distribution and geographic operations under a new service area.

If in doubt, please call the Atlanta Regional Office for verification at 1-800-424-6974. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm, Eastern Daylight Time.

How to Identify Job Interviewer Scams and Avoid Scams Click here to learn about “phishing” and other scams. What are the things we never ask? We offer advice to help you protect your information. Bureau members play an important role in fulfilling our mission and helping to give a voice to their community.

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Field members live in communities where they collect data, enjoy flexible hours, receive paid training, and are paid for mileage on their vehicles.

Get members of your community to apply to represent the field! Your support will help connect your neighbors to action and increase the more than 130 surveys the Department conducts each year.

The Department is committed to recruiting a diverse and inclusive workforce to represent our nation.

Thanks for helping us spread the word about open spaces. Find content and resources below to get started. Be creative and create your own.

Census Budget Issues

Copy Example: The US Bureau #NowHiring! The members of the office play an important role in completing the program of the office. If you’re looking for flexible hours and want to give your community a voice, consider a job with the nation’s number one census organization: https:///communityjobs

Additional Examples: The US Department of Homeland Security is looking for field representatives to help collect data for its research. If you are interested in a job with the state’s largest statistical agency, visit the agency’s website to learn how you can make an impact in your community : https:///communityjobs

Looking for an opportunity to join the federal government’s largest statistical agency? We are #HiringNow! Become a Department Field Representative and help give your community a voice: https://t.co/OR69ADv2i7#Jobs #ApplyNow #NowHiring pic.twitter.com/ut4gLBSZUq— U.S. Bureau (@usbureau) January 14, 2023

Looking for an opportunity to get involved in federal government and help your community? #ApplyNow to be a Bureau Field Representative: https://t.co/c0gpmNZL4X#Jobs #HiringNow #NowHiring pic.twitter.com /IkhXzQUArP— US Bureau (@usbureau) December 28, 2022

Salary: Census Field Representative (sep, 2023) Us

Email newsletters are an effective way to reach many members of your community at once to encourage them to apply for a position with the Department.

Start with the template below, then make your own. Here are some tips for writing an effective email newsletter:

Looking for ways to make an impact in your community? The US Bureau is paying in your area.

By working for the Department, you will be able to connect with diverse members of your local community and gather data that represents the national language. The agency’s data is the basis for all the official statistics used to make decisions about the programs, services and infrastructure we rely on every day.

The United Nations System

Please visit the department’s official website to learn more and apply. You’ll find job descriptions, employee testimonials, and FAQs.

We are committed to recruiting a diverse and inclusive workforce that represents the American people. Join our team today!

“I enjoy the opportunity to better understand the needs of my community. It’s a great part of my post-retirement life. Christopher A. – Ventura County, CA

“I feel good that I am doing a service by collecting data that will be used to make changes for my country and the people who live there.” David M. – Vigo County, IN

What Is Quantitative Data? How To Collect And Analyze It

“Working as a field representative has made it easier for me to work and balance my busy life as a mother with school-aged children.” Miranda S. – Franklin County, OH

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