Certified Protection Professional Study Guide

Certified Protection Professional Study Guide – The CPO program is designed for security officers and students who want to learn more about security/property protection. It is intended for professional individuals. The difference between a security guard and a professional security guard? Guard v. Professional protection officer.

Applicants must have six (6) months full-time experience as a protection officer (or equivalent) or one year of part-time experience as a protection officer (or equivalent). Students enrolled in recognized classroom training programs may also qualify for this program.

Certified Protection Professional Study Guide

Students can take the first exam and receive a certificate of completion, and they can apply for certification when they gain the necessary experience. Students who participate in an academic safety class program may receive a CPO program if they are under 18 years of age, however they will receive a certificate of completion. When they turn 18, they can apply to get their CPO certificate.

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Successful CPOs find that the program significantly improves job performance and job satisfaction by providing a broader understanding of the roles, duties and responsibilities of security officers. This professional growth also increases career potential and income.

Offers a Certified Protection Officer (CPO) online course. The CPO program gives graduates international certification as protection officers. This self-paced course provides 24/7 access. The CPO program provides complete, up-to-date information, improving the skills of defense officers and increasing efficiency. Our delivery system tracks student achievement and maintains the data necessary to provide continuous learning.

The security profession operates in an ever-changing environment and must provide a broad range of potential responses to increasingly complex and evolving threats. Globalization and technology increase the scope of these threats and accelerate the rate of change. Therefore, the provision of security has become more complex and the knowledge required of a competent security officer, at any level, increases. This course will improve the skills, knowledge and abilities of all law enforcement officers. This highly interactive course includes 12 units covering 45 chapters. Each chapter offers interactive activities, knowledge tests and concludes with an end-of-chapter test.

The course will fully prepare candidates for the final CPO exam, which is included in the course price. All study materials prior to the final exam are also available for students to review at any time prior to the final exam. Successful applicants will receive a “state of the art” digital certificate. Hard copies of certificates and pins will be available for $7.00 each or as a bundle for $12.00 plus shipping and handling. For international orders, please check the shipping cost at

Institute Of Advanced Studies And Research (iasr)

Read the Certified Officer Course Syllabus (PDF format) *Note: Course syllabus may vary from edition to edition.

In line with its commitment to providing quality instruction using the latest proven delivery systems, it offers an online version of this ever-popular program. Complementing the traditional text-based approach, this version allows the learner to choose training options that suit his or her individual needs and learning style. The online version contains the same information as the textbook, so there is no need to purchase the textbook. The online version has short quizzes throughout the document. The final exam requires the presence of a proctor.

” and successfully passed the intermediate exam without supervision and the final exam with the presence of a proctor. Materials included in this program are the CPO textbook, answers to end-of-chapter questions, a no-examination midterm for any grade, and a proctored final exam. Traditional distance delivery options are not acceptable for continuing education units.

As businesses reopen amid the COVID-19 pandemic, security professionals will encounter unprecedented situations. Prepare yourself to face the challenges of the “new normal”.

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The desktop version works best for those who are comfortable using a computer and prefer to work on a computer instead of pen and paper.

The computer version allows students to train anywhere and anytime. All you need is a computer and internet. The computer version works great for anyone trying to fit training into an already busy schedule, especially with irregular hours that can make it difficult to attend class. Students can log in, work on the lesson for as long as they want, and then log out. When they log in again, they pick up where they left off.

This project can be implemented in a classroom environment and used to enhance Expand existing training programs.

Traditional textbooks are best for those who like to work with difficult documents that allow for comments and personal notes. Using textbooks simulates classroom learning and can allow for a more structured approach that allows for review of material, pacing plans based on page counts, and written questions and column notes.

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This version allows students to access online materials taught by live instructors. In addition to the concepts presented in the text, the instructor will be able to interact with the students, lead the class based on the learning of the participants, and answer questions in real time. Since this version is delivered on a specific date and time, students can easily schedule studying and learning into their regular schedule. This version also improves accountability and ensures the completion of the project within the specified period.

Upon completion of the Certified Protection Officer program, including achieving a minimum of 70% on the final CPO exam, the applicant will receive:

Successful applicants will receive a “state of the art” digital certificate. A printed copy of the certificate and pin will be included in the package for $12.00 plus shipping and handling. For international orders, please check the shipping cost at

Want to buy a cup of coffee or a physical certificate for the program of your choice? Visit our Accessories & Products page to order!

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Pleased to announce that the latest CPO course/text has been pilot tested and recommended to all CPO students. We encourage all students to request the 2020 edition for educational purposes.

Successful applicants will receive a “state of the art” digital certificate. Hard copies of certificates and pins will be available for $7.00 each or as a bundle for $12.00 plus shipping and handling. International orders check with shipping charges. When you wear a CPP, PCI, PSP or APP design, you are telling the world that you have mastered the knowledge and skills necessary to be a successful security management professional. To continue to hold your appointment, you also promise to follow the news in this area.

To stay current, you must have your design recertified every three years by Completion of 60 credits of continuing professional education.

To ensure a safe testing experience, ASIS now offers the option of taking our certification exams on your own computer at home! Research the technical requirements you will need to test the distance.

Certified Dietary Manager (cdm) & Certified Food Protection Professional (cfpp) Examfocus Essential Study References: 2018/19 Edition: (focusing On Laws, Nutrition, Food Processing And Storage): Examreview: 9781984358486: Amazon.com: Books

Due to the current outbreak of COVID-19, testing facilities may be closed. In addition, some government guidelines and regional orders are beginning to require applicants to show proof of vaccination when applying for testing. See “Locations Requiring Immunization Verification” on the Prometric website for specific test location policies.

For those who need to recertify, review the different options you have for obtaining CPEs for your recertification, even if hidden on site.

ASIS members and those who have applied for or taken the ASIS certification exam are already logged in to the portal. Those new to ASIS should follow the instructions to set up their account.

Important: Click the Calculate Hours button before adding new CPE points to ensure your total CPE hours are correct.

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CPE points are awarded in the following categories and must correspond to the exam domain for the certificate you are recertifying.

The certification manual provides a detailed explanation for each of these categories and the documents that You need to provide to prove that you have completed each CPE. Some categories have a maximum amount of CPE you can claim.

The new certification portal allows you to load CPEs as you earn them. You can submit your application for recertification at any time during the third year of your certification cycle. See instructions for loading credit and submitting an application.

(Effective January 1, 2018) With the exception of ASIS Membership, ASIS Volunteer Leadership, ASIS Global Access Live, and the Global Security Exchange (GSX), formerly known as the ASIS Annual Seminar, all ASIS-related activities will no longer exist. Transfer to your online verification account by ASIS. You will receive certificates of completion or other documentation for other ASIS-related activities from your ASIS manager. This document, which you will transfer to your account, will be guaranteed CPE credits.

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For CPEs uploaded to your account by ASIS staff, please allow 4-6 weeks after the event ends for the CPEs to appear in your account. For ASIS webinars and ASIS online programs, your participation will be uploaded no later than 48 hours after the webinar.

A late fee applies to applications submitted after the three-year certification completion date. If you do not submit your application after the three-month grace period, your certification will expire.

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