Certified Research Administrator Sample Exam

Certified Research Administrator Sample Exam – Here are 30+ free, updated AWS Certification exam questions for cloud professionals. They are very similar to practice exams and real exams.

The AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam is designed to validate an individual’s understanding of the AWS Cloud and its core services. Covers various topics Related to AWS Cloud includes:

Certified Research Administrator Sample Exam

Latest update: The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C01 exam will be available on or before September 18, 2023 only. The updated version of the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C02 exam will begin on September 19, 2023.

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The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam is designed to test and recognize your skills in AWS Cloud infrastructure, compliance, and security. User management Value proposition and principles of operation/usage in the AWS Cloud environment

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You will find many video tutorials on the AWS Cloud Scientist exam to learn the exam objectives. And now it’s time to put your strong AWS skills to the test by studying the AWS Certified Cloud Exam mock questions.

Our AWS certified experts also cover these AWS simulation questions carefully. It is based on the latest and highly relevant curriculum for the actual AWS Cloud Practitioner exam.

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This free AWS question list on the AWS Certified Cloud Scientist exam can help you sharpen your knowledge gaps. When you take the time to learn these AWS Cloud Practitioner certification questions, you can face the actual exam with more confidence. And don’t forget to pass the test the first time.

The concept of flexibility is how a program has the ability to scale up and down as needs arise. An example of such a service is Autoscaling service.

A, C, and D are incorrect. Flexibility will not have a positive impact on storage space, cost, or design flexibility.

Cost Explorer is a free tool that you can use to view your costs. You can view data up to the past 12 months. You can predict how much money you are likely to spend over the next 12 months. and get recommendations on reserved instances to purchase. You can use Cost Explorer to see patterns in how much you’re spending on AWS resources over time. Identify areas that require further investigation and see trends that you can use to understand your costs. You can also specify a time period for the data and view time information by day or month.

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Question 3: A business analyst wants to stop creating complex database queries and static spreadsheets when creating regular reports for high-level management. They want to publish in-depth and graphically engaging reports with interactive dashboards. What services can they use to achieve this?

Amazon QuickSight is the most appropriate service in this situation. It is a fully managed service that enables easy business intelligence reporting through innovative delivery methods. Including graphical and interactive dashboards, QuickSight features machine learning that helps users discover subtle trends and patterns in their datasets.

Q4 What are the AWS features that enable fast, easy, and secure file transfer over long distances between clients and your Amazon S3 bucket?

Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration enables fast, easy, and secure file transfer over long distances between your customers and their buckets. S3 Transfer Acceleration leverages Amazon CloudFront’s globally distributed edge locations. When data arrives at the edge location, Data is sent to Amazon S3 via optimized network paths.

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Options A, B, and D are incorrect. These properties support data transfer. But not between the client and the S3 bucket.

Question 5: What best describes the “principle of least privilege”? Choose the correct answer from the options below.

C. Users should submit all access requests in writing to provide evidence of who needs access to AWS resources.

This principle means granting user accounts only the permissions necessary to perform their intended function. For example, a user account solely for backup purposes does not require the software to be installed. Therefore, it is only entitled to run backup programs and backup-related programs.

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Choices A, C, and D are incorrect. These actions would not satisfy the principle of least privilege.

Question 6: Webmasters maintain both public and private web resources for a business. What services can they use to track SSL/TLS certificate expiration dates, updates and renewals?

AWS Certificate Manager enables web administrators to maintain one or more SSL/TLS certificates. Both private and public Including updates and renewals This is so that administrators do not have to worry about certificates expiring. https://aws.amazon.com/certificate-manager/

Question 7: Which of the following is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the availability and backup of EBS volumes?

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Snapshots are incremental backups. This means that only blocks on the device that have changed since your last snapshot will be saved.

When you create an EBS volume based on a snapshot, the new volume is initialized as an exact replica of the original volume used to create the snapshot. Reload loads data in the background so you can start using it right away.

Option A is incorrect because there is no need to back up the volume if the data has been deleted.

Option C is incorrect because attaching more EBS volumes does not guarantee availability. If there is no snapshot The volume will not be available in another availability zone.

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AWS WAF is a web application firewall that allows you to inspect HTTP and HTTPS requests sent to Amazon CloudFront or your application load balancer. AWS WAF also allows you to control access to content. yours

AWS Snowball, part of the AWS Snow Family, is a data transfer edge computing appliance. and two edge storage options. Snowball Edge Storage optimized appliances include both block storage and Amazon S3-compatible storage and 40 vCPUs.

Question 9: Your design team plans to design an application that will be hosted on the AWS Cloud. One of the key passive requirements is the following:

The whole concept of decoupling ensures that different application components are kept together. They can be managed and maintained separately. If all components are tightly connected to each other. Entire applications may crash when one component is damaged. Therefore, it is always better to disconnect application components.

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Question 10: A manufacturing company recently migrated a server application to an Amazon EC2 instance. The IT manager is looking for information about upcoming scheduled maintenance operations that AWS will perform on AWS resources. This may affect service on these EC2 instances.

Which of the following services can notify you of changes that may affect the resources in your account?

The AWS Personal Health Dashboard provides alerts about the availability and performance of AWS services that may affect the resources used in your account. Customers will receive email and mobile notifications about scheduled maintenance activities that may affect service on these AWS resources.

Option C is incorrect because AWS Trusted Advisor provides alerts on AWS resources created within an account for cost optimization, security, fault tolerance, performance, and service limits. It will not notify you of scheduled maintenance activities that AWS performs on its resources.

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Option D is incorrect because the Service Health Dashboard shows the general status of all AWS services and does not show scheduled maintenance activities.

Q11: Which of the following AWS services can be used to retrieve configuration changes made to AWS resources that are causing operational issues?

AWS Config can be used to verify You can evaluate the configuration of AWS resources. If there are any operational issues, you can use AWS Configuration. To retrieve configuration changes made to AWS resources that may be causing these issues.

Question 12: A company runs multiple EC2 instances within a VPC using three subnets. One network for development One network for testing and another network for actual use. The security team had concerns that the VPC setup required restricting communication between EC2 instances using security groups.

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A. You can change the security group associated with an instance if the instance is running.

B. You can change the security group associated with an instance if the instance is idle.

Question 13: Which of the following features of Amazon RDS helps make the database better? Choose an answer from the options below.

If you want to use replication to simultaneously increase database availability, with protecting your latest database updates from unexpected interruptions Consider running your DB instance as a Multi-AZ setup.

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Question 14: Your company wants to migrate an existing Oracle database to the AWS Cloud. Which of the following services can help facilitate this migration?

AWS Database Migration Service helps you quickly and securely migrate your database to AWS. The source database will remain full-time during the migration. Reduces downtime for database-dependent applications AWS Database Migration Service can move your data to and from the most widely used commercial and open source databases.

Question 15: Which of the following services allows you to detect EC2 instances?

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