Criminal Justice Master Degree Programs

Criminal Justice Master Degree Programs – In addition to the 8-course Master’s program in Criminal Justice, MET also offers other Master’s programs in Cybercrime Investigation and Cyber ​​Security, Crime Analysis and Strategic Management.

Not ready for a complete training program? Earn a certificate in 4 courses and hone your skills to launch your career. A graduate certificate in digital forensics computer science is also available.

Criminal Justice Master Degree Programs

Boston University Metropolitan College (MET) has been educating criminal justice professionals since 1973 through programs designed to develop the skills they need to become better, more competent law enforcement leaders. This groundbreaking criminal justice master’s program became Boston University’s first fully online program in 2002 and has been ranked among the top four online criminal justice master’s programs every year since 2015 (

Master’s Degree In Criminology And Criminal Justice

Our highly specialized criminal justice courses are developed and taught by experienced practitioners who understand that issues in the field are constantly changing and that continuous learning is vital.

MET’s well-respected, research-intensive criminal justice faculty have decades of practical experience in policing, cybercrime, justice systems, and corrections, providing you with the skills and knowledge to solve complex problems with confidence. Whether you study online or on campus, our criminal justice graduate programs meet the rigorous academic standards of world-class research institutions. Through a positive learning environment, we ensure you have the tools to develop evidence-based policies and implement best practices. Most importantly, we provide you with the critical thinking skills so you can approach your work with clarity and a comprehensive, informed perspective.

“We think of this as career education,” said Shea Cronin, assistant professor and chair of MET’s Department of Applied Social Sciences. “We not only try to expand theoretical knowledge but also teach students important skills that they can apply in the workplace.”

To help and support your growth, MET has developed a range of criminal justice graduate certificate and master’s degree programs that will provide you with the skills to stand out from others. Whether you choose a four-course graduate certificate program or a more advanced graduate program, our Master’s in Criminal Justice program will provide you with demonstrable skills in important and in-demand areas.

Jobs You Can Get With A Master’s In Criminal Justice Degree

The MET Graduate Certificate programs in Crime Analysis, Criminal Justice, Cybercrime Investigation and Cybersecurity, and Criminal Justice Strategic Management are stepping stones to the Master of Science in Criminal Justice (MSCJ). Each certificate shares specific coursework with the MSCJ program and its tracks, giving you the opportunity to earn one or two certificates while pursuing your master’s degree. To obtain a degree, you must apply for admission and be accepted into the degree program. Please consult with a graduate admissions counselor to learn more about these options.

In recent years, data analytics has played a transformative role across industries, and the criminal justice field is no exception. Information about where and when crimes occur is ubiquitous through data generated by streams such as 911 and 311 call reports, police incident reports, mobile devices and social media.

The source material itself is just the beginning. To address these ideas, criminal justice organizations need thinkers willing to help develop investigations, strategies, and policy solutions. The best way to join these growing ranks in law enforcement and related fields is through graduate study in crime analysis.

Shea Cronin, assistant professor of criminal justice, knows that powerful data can help advance criminal justice. His research at MET is largely data-driven, focusing on gun trafficking and gun homicides, police strategy, organization, and policy implementation. He is currently a co-investigator on a National Institute of Justice-funded project studying the impact of state gun laws on homicide rates by racial and ethnic origin.

Criminal Justice Ms

Dr. Cronin said BU’s practical crime analysis course is especially relevant now as intelligence-led approaches to crime-fighting have become the standard in modern criminal justice organizations.

“Every criminal justice agency is talking about a data-driven approach,” Dr. Cronin said. “The ability to work with data and understand how it affects decisions is very important.”

For criminal justice researchers, intelligence analysts, and law enforcement professionals, advances in data analytics have transformed their approach. From Dr. Cronin’s perspective, career opportunities in crime analysis are more than just obvious.

“We’re seeing the most prominent examples in policing, from basic crime mapping to predictive policing. It’s not just for real analysts who are going to be working with the data more directly,” he said. “Practitioners in operations, investigations, management, and leadership must be skilled in understanding the opportunities for using qualitative data to solve problems, as well as the limitations inherent in these methods.”

Criminal Justice M.s. · Angelo State University

Available as a Master of Science in Criminal Justice or as a stand-alone graduate certificate (which can later be counted toward a master’s degree program), Boston University’s Crime Analysis program will help you master the tools you need to extract information and draw conclusions from large amounts of data. information. Vast amounts of data bring huge benefits through effective policing, strategic deployment of personnel, evidence-based practice and improved understanding of crime patterns and enforcement outcomes.

In today’s world, criminal justice faces many challenges: terrorism, cybercrime, issues with police legitimacy, and stagnant correctional outcomes for criminal recidivism. Adequately addressing these issues requires thinkers and leaders willing to take a long-term view of crime and justice, bringing in sought-after criminal justice professionals with ethics, integrity, and analytical skills who can leverage resources, identify problems, and provide workable solutions.

By enhancing interdisciplinary skills in research, development and grant writing, MET’s strategic management program prepares graduates to keep pace with criminal justice issues while driving national and international reform, making them experienced mid-level criminal justice professionals ideal degree. Advancement to management, managerial or executive positions within their organization.

“The criminal justice field has been slow to adopt thoughtful and consistent policies and programs,” explained Mastrori, a former criminal justice professor at MET. “I tell my students that the policies implemented by criminal justice professionals are based on

Master’s In Criminal Justice: Ultimate Guide [2022]

The Graduate Program in Strategic Management at Boston University Metropolitan College is offered in two formats: a four-course certificate (which may subsequently be counted toward a master’s degree program) and a specialized course in the Master’s Program in Criminal Justice. Through courses designed to provide a strong foundation in ethics, judgment and analysis, and the ability to keep up with challenges, students in MET’s Strategic Management program develop valuable skills that enhance their ability to analyze a variety of problems and develop sound and sustainable solutions. ability. Policy guided by logic and planning.

“Criminal justice practitioners must be effective leaders and managers, so we are very focused on how to lead organizations that prefer to operate in obscurity as they come under increasing scrutiny,” Dr Mastrori said. She believes that a strategic management course may be your best chance of gaining the professional qualifications you need to make a difference in the criminal justice sector.

“The Strategic Criminal Justice Management course is a path to advancement in your field. It will enhance your management skills so that resources are not wasted and you can identify, analyze and solve problems,” said Dr. Mastrorilli. “This certification is for those who want to be leaders in criminal justice and pursue reform in a thoughtful and sustainable way.”

The next revolution: Protecting industries and individuals through cybercrime investigation and cyber security “As cybercrime becomes part of all these traditional categories, the old ‘silos’ of specialized organized crime, gangs and drug units become Not that important anymore.” Police Executive Research Forum 2018: “The Changing Nature of Crime and Criminal Investigations”

Master Of Science In Criminology And Criminal Justice

Finance, healthcare, our social lives, current events – more and more aspects of daily life are taking place online, resulting in vast amounts of private and sensitive data stored in commercial, financial, medical, military and government databases. material. These advances create new vulnerabilities, and opportunities for profit and destructiveness for cybercriminals, hackers, spies, predators, and other malicious actors will only increase.

Kyung Sik Choi, director of cybercrime and cybersecurity investigations at MET, whose research focuses on the intersection of human behavior and technology, believes modern events are so obvious they are best viewed through a historical lens.

“We are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution,” Dr. Cui said. “The first industrial revolution was the machine age, using steam engines for mechanical production. The paradigm of using electricity for mass production became the second industrial revolution, and the use of Internet technology became the third industrial revolution.”

Cui explained that the current fourth industrial revolution uses cyber-physical systems. “This is the era of global interconnection, which provides the opportunity to transform entire production, management and control systems through cyber-physical systems.”

The Criminology And Criminal Justice Graduate Program Adheres To The Following Admission Criteria:

Despite this dramatic change, the cybercrime and cybersecurity industries remain under-resourced. As identity theft and data breaches increase, state agencies and local law enforcement are in desperate need of officers, investigators and information security experts with technical expertise in cybercrime investigations and cybersecurity. MET Innovation Certificate in Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Investigation

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