Education Requirements For Navy Seals

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A Navy SEAL (Sea, Air and Land) stationed on the East Coast climbs a cave ladder during Visit, Board, Search and Seizure (VBSS) training at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story, July 16. Navy SEALs are a branch of US special forces and are trained to carry out missions from sea, air and land. (U.S. Navy photo by Communications Specialist 2nd Class William S. Parker/Released)

Education Requirements For Navy Seals

Special operations forces attract a special type of soldier. SOF on the real are precisely focused, relentlessly motivated, and completely committed to their goal. Whether you’re trying to submit to Navy SEAL Hell Week, complete a Q Army course, or go through the Air Force’s “Superman School,” the SOF candidate is defined by the desire to join the ranks of America’s most advanced warfighting forces. The small number of officers in these communities makes the pool of candidates running for office more competitive. Especially for special operations communities that can be directly inducted without years of military service, such as the Navy SEALS, the battle to become an officer is fierce. This accessibility makes their selection more brutal and raises concerns about which qualified SEAL candidates will get the BUD/s beat. Buffalo side transfers aside, SEAL officer candidates come from three main groups: the United States Naval Academy, Officer Candidate Schools (OCS), and Naval Reserve Officer Training (ROTC) programs at regular colleges. .

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The college should be the starting point for the preparation of qualified candidates. It’s no secret that many Navy water polo teams aspire to become SEALS, or often achieve that goal. In an institution designed to produce naval officers, it’s no surprise that students (especially student-athletes) at the academy are strong candidates for the few SEAL officer positions at BUDS. The USNA is giving them all the support it can, from special SEAL training teams to special warfare advice. When college boys show up for SEAL Officer Assessment and Selection (SOAS), the final two-week “boot camp” screening before they officially enter the SEAL training program, they often stand out among their peers from other streams. instruct them.

A high school wrestler challenges a member of the community to a cargo net wrestling match at the Navy SEAL Accelerator during the National High School Wrestling Championships at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. The accelerator gave high school wrestlers from around the country a chance to see some of the career options Navy has to offer. (Source: US Navy)

That doesn’t mean there’s no hope of becoming a SEAL officer if you don’t get out of college. Commission routes such as OCS or ROTC offer advantages and a unique pool of qualified applicants. First, not everyone can get into college. The application process is complicated, as high school candidates must pass a difficult congressional nomination, register for an interview, and fill out a lengthy online form. Second, only aspiring SEALs want to attend the academy. Four years of military school is not for everyone. The intensive 12-week OCS course attracts applicants with tertiary qualifications who want to enter the NSW program as soon as possible. ROTC provides an opportunity for traditional college education and experience as a candidate prepares to join the Navy. The flexibility of OCS or ROTC appeals to those who cannot attend college, or those who are not interested in attending a service college (think Ivy League rowers turned SEALs). There are reasons for the different perspectives developed in applications outside of the established USNA system, whether it is the “normal” university experience or civilian OCS candidates. SOF prides itself on innovation and dynamic problem solving. The academy produces qualified, even overqualified, graduates, but it can lure them into the rigid, one-size-fits-all approach to naval officership.

San Diego area high school students participate in physical training during the third annual Navy SEAL Invitational hosted by the Navy SEAL Scout Team & SWCC. The scout team provides mental and physical training to various athletic teams with the goal of raising awareness about the profession in Naval Special Warfare. (U.S. Navy photo by Public Communications Specialist Apprentice Conor Mint/Released)

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Regardless of commissioning route, all future SEALs must go through SOAS and, most importantly, BUDS. Unusually, an equal number of Naval Academy, ROTC and OCS candidates are invited to SOAS to secure their place in the incoming BUDS class. Naval Academy applicants, however, are usually a much larger group. This makes sense when you realize that these people have spent four years with the sole goal of becoming the best Navy Officer and SEAL candidate they can be in an institution designed to help them fulfill that vision. But it runs the risk of under-emphasizing the strengths of other candidate groups. ROTC candidates, while lacking the full military qualifications of their college counterparts, benefit from a variety of educational innovations, especially candidates from our nation’s prestigious universities. An applicant who is motivated and competitive enough to be accepted into an ROTC program at a top university has the interest and talent needed in NSW. OCS candidates come from a myriad of different backgrounds, with expertise and real-world experience that can enhance their decision-making as naval officers. Consider an Olympic athlete who turns to the military. Applicants who order from sources outside the Naval Academy should, of course, be evaluated against their fellow graduates of the Academy, but not in a way that dismisses them or excludes their disproportionate makeup.

Different thinking benefits NSW and SOF as a whole. Reassessing NSW’s selection criteria and the candidates favored by these criteria ensures that NSW retains talent in its leadership development. The Naval Academy can and should be relied upon for exemplary NSW candidates, but not at the expense of alternative recruitment routes.

Cole Black grew up in San Diego, California and currently attends Yale University. He is a sophomore studying history with an emphasis on war and society. Cole grew up with three brothers. His father is a former Navy SEAL. Cole hopes to get a job as a naval officer after college.

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The average member of the United States Navy’s Sea, Air and Ground (SEAL) Teams completes a series of official training sites over a year before being awarded the rank of Special Warfare Operator by the Navy and Navy Classification ( NEC) O26A Combat Swimmer ( SEAL). ) or, in the case of naval officers, the designation of Special Warfare Officer 113X. All members of the Navy SEALs are required to attend and complete the 24-week “A” school for their rating.

How To Become A Seal Officer

Known as Basic Demolition/SEAL School (BUD/S), a basic paratrooper course and a 26-week SEAL Graduate Training program.

All sailors claim SEALs

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