Graduate Programs In Applied Behavior Analysis

Graduate Programs In Applied Behavior Analysis – Applied behavior analysis is a specialized field that uses our understanding of behavior to increase beneficial behavior and decrease behavior that inhibits us. Applied behavior analysis is effective for people of all ages and is often used as a tool by professionals working with individuals with autism or developmental disabilities.

The demand for qualified ABA therapists continues as families and organizations seek professional help. Applied behavior analysis in a variety of settings, including:

Graduate Programs In Applied Behavior Analysis

According to, board certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) earn an average salary of $68,592 per year. To earn master’s level certification, BCBAs must earn a master’s degree and complete an approved course of study and supervised practicum experience under the supervision of an experienced ABA practitioner. A board certified behavior analyst must then pass an exam to receive their certification. It is a difficult but rewarding process. We’ve created this ranking of the top graduate programs in applied behavior analysis that include approved course sequences to take the BCBA exam given by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.

Master Of Science In Applied Behavior Analysis (aba)

To be included in our list of top applied behavior analysis degrees, ABA programs must be regionally accredited and offer the ABAI-approved course sequence required to take the Board Certified Behavior Analyst certification exam. ABA graduate programs for first-time applicants must have a BCBA average of at least 65%. Applied Behavior Analysis programs must also have at least six first-time applicants.

Baylor University offers a unique master’s degree in ABA through its Educational Psychology program. Students interested in careers in research or education may pursue a master’s degree in educational psychology with a concentration in ABA. Those interested in fieldwork can choose an MSEd in Educational Psychology with a concentration in ABA. This residential program consists of 30 hours of training and includes a master’s thesis. Courses include:

Baylor offers financial opportunities that include tuition reimbursement, a monthly stipend, and professional experience. Most students can complete their degree in as little as 18 to 24 months.

The University of Washington College of Education offers a low-cost ABA ME on campus or online. The university’s master’s program is a two-year program that includes coursework and group practice. Evening training courses are offered to cater to professionals. This online program uses advanced technology to facilitate high-quality collaboration between faculty and students. Online students are eligible for a limited number of university-affiliated BCBA supervision opportunities. Students intending to pursue a doctoral degree may continue their education at ABA through the Doctoral Special Education program, an ABA option.

Post Graduate Fellowship In Applied Behavior Analysis By Anderson Center For Autism

The Budget MA in Applied Behavior Analysis at Regis College teaches the latest ABA practices to meet the unique needs of individuals with behavioral challenges. Students will learn through active role plays, peer presentations, and a teaching exercise to enhance understanding of key ABA practices in the classroom. The program is offered online and on campus to make it accessible to a variety of student groups. Students can optimize their learning by taking a mix of course formats, moving through the program each time. An optional international service experience is available for students who want more hands-on training.

An affordable MA in Behavior Analysis is offered by Western Michigan University through the Department of Psychology. This 37 credit hour program provides students with comprehensive ABA training. Courses include:

Students can complete a master’s thesis or a master’s project. Opportunities for professional experience through:

The University of North Texas’ low-cost ABA master’s program is a comprehensive program that can be completed in just one year. The curriculum is offered entirely online and all courses are offered each semester. Course offerings include:

Se 570: Foundations Of Applied Behavior Analysis

Temple University’s top-rated master’s in applied behavior analysis is an interdisciplinary program that includes a complementary mix of educational and psychology courses. Full-time and part-time students can apply for this program. The curriculum is taught by faculty with strong academic credentials and practical experience. Courses in areas such as:

Students acquire a diverse skill set that prepares them to create personalized interventions, complete assessments, and make corrections as needed.

Cambridge College has a specialist ABA program with a focus on autism. The program is divided into two parts, an ABA course sequence and autism/special education courses. Courses are offered online and on campus, including weekends and evenings. Required courses are:

Faculty have significant experience in areas such as clinical application and leadership. Students should be actively involved in an ABA therapy setting and facilitated to apply what they have learned.

Great Applied Behavior Analysis Jobs

The University of Texas at Austin has two ABA master’s programs that prepare students to become BCBAs. The Autism and Developmental Disabilities program provides training for students working with individuals of all ages with autism or other developmental disorders. Another ABA program is an early childhood special education program with a BCBA track. Courses in both behavior analyst master’s programs are taught by expert-level professors who share their experience in the field. Research opportunities in areas such as:

Queens College offers a valuable MA in ABA that prepares students for a career in ABA. Students learn to work with diverse populations while advancing the field through participation in research. This 30 credit hour program includes courses in the following:

Students may complete a course in autism or autism therapy. A field project in ABA is required for all students and the thesis is optional. Students who prefer not to do the thesis can complete a comprehensive exam.

St. Cloud State University offers a high-value ABA master’s degree offered online or on campus. Courses are taught by doctoral level instructors and areas such as:

Debunking 7 Common Myths About Aba Therapy

The campus cohort program includes hands-on experiences that prepare students for success in their careers. Students are supported by faculty to publish and present research and pursue their professional goals. Opportunities through student organizations, research and internships allow students to apply their knowledge and skills.

Vanderbilt University’s top ABA graduate program is the ME degree, which includes a range of ABAI-approved courses and a focused fieldwork program overseen by BACBI. Courses include:

Electives are available for students to learn various aspects of ABA that align with their major area of ​​concentration. All students complete a project that focuses on academic or behavioral intervention, case management, or a thesis.

The University of the Pacific offers an affordable MA in Behavioral Psychology with an ABA emphasis. This program is designed to prepare students to become board-certified behavior analysts or to pursue studies at the doctoral level. Required courses are:

Special Education: Applied Behavior Analysis

A thesis is required for all students. Optional clinical internship and independent study available. Students take courses on campus and most can earn their degree in two years.

Western New England University’s College of Arts and Sciences’ ABA Master’s Degree is a comprehensive program that prepares graduates to sit for the BCBA exam. Western New England University has a unique partnership with the Children’s Center of New England that allows them to offer this program to faculty and staff. Courses are offered in fall, winter and spring. Students can expect to complete their degree in about three years. Doctoral-level faculty members serve as mentors to their students throughout the program. Students complete a research thesis and receive valuable research training.

Florida Tech has the best majors in applied behavior with flexible scheduling and a choice of campus locations. Courses are offered during the day and evening, as well as on weekends. Courses are offered at Florida Tech’s main campus and Orlando Graduate Center. Professors are productive researchers and practitioners who provide one-on-one support while working with students. Real-world experience at Scott Autism Treatment Center is gained in areas such as assessment, education and behavioral therapy. Students are ready to take the BCBA exam immediately after graduation.

Auburn University’s Department of Psychological Sciences offers a low-cost master’s degree in behavior analysis that includes all coursework and supervised experience required to pass the BCBA exam. The program is available on campus and can be completed in about two years. Required courses are:

Masters Program In Applied Behavior Analysis

All students complete a practicum and major project to gain valuable hands-on training. Graduates for work in:

Florida State University, Panama City offers a highly valued ABA master’s program that is a limited-access program with a BACB-approved curriculum and curriculum. The five-semester program does not require a thesis. Courses include:

Northern Illinois University’s Department of Early Childhood and Special Education offers one of the least expensive graduate programs in applied behavior analysis in the Midwest. Their ABA Master’s degree is for coaches who want to specialize in ABA. This program includes the ABAI approved range of ABA courses and courses such as:

Graduates have a 90% pass rate on the BCBA exam. NIU also reports that 90% of graduates are employed in the field within one year of their graduation date.

Master Of Science In Applied Behavior Analysis

CSUN’s Tseng College holds a distinguished professorship in applied behavior analysis using a curriculum focused on real-world applications and behavioral theory. This two-year program includes field training of various types

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