How Do I Become A Financial Advisor

How Do I Become A Financial Advisor – Everyone’s goal is to achieve financial stability while doing something we love or are passionate about. Some people are lucky enough to get it at their first job, while others eventually find it after working in different companies or industries. Such is the case with Robbie Panhaligon, Sharon Pesengco and Fides Enrique – all accomplished and accomplished financial advisors who have established a foothold in the life insurance industry. How was his journey? How has working as a financial advisor changed their lives? sit down and talk with three successful Pinez about how to become a financial advisor, its advantages and disadvantages, and its rewarding moments. Read his full interview below. How to become a financial consultant in the Philippines: 3 success stories Want to learn how to become a financial advisor in the Philippines? Hear it directly from three successful women: 👩 Moms. Ana Roberta “Robbie” Panhaligon, Financial Advisor to FWD Robby Panhaligan has worked in the life insurance industry for over 16 years. She became a full-time licensed financial advisor in 2006. But before that, Robbie was a hotelier. He graduated with a degree in Hospitality Management from Management College of San Francisco in California, USA. Like many other employees in the hospitality industry, she rose through the ranks, first at the Grand Hyatt San Francisco, then at the Mandarin Hotel Manila, until she became an executive assistant to the general manager. Director of the Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila. He eventually gave up his hotel job to become a full-time financial advisor. Why did you decide to become a financial advisor? I am looking for extra income as my family is growing. I gave birth to my third child that year. Our expenses were piling up, and my husband’s income wasn’t enough to support us. While figuring out what kind of business I could start to earn extra income, I also knew I needed to start saving for my kids’ future. I fear that when the time comes, I will have nothing left for him. I had heard about education plans by insurance companies, so I spoke to several insurance agents. The broker who helped me with my study plan also offered me a part-time “trial” of the business so that I could earn extra income. He said that in this business, I will have time flexibility and only need a small amount of capital. Since these are important factors to me, I decided to give it a try. the rest is history. How to become a FWD Financial Advisor? The first step is for the employer to sign you up for an eConnect course. After completing this course, you will need to review the traditional life and transitional life tests. You will also need to pay the exam fee in advance so that you can arrange an exam date. After you pass the test, you must submit your licensing requests so that you can be issued with an agent code. Licensing requirements are generally the same as applying to a company: a valid government-issued ID, your TIN and SSS number, and your employment history. If you have worked with any other insurance company before, you will also need a license from that company. Next, you will need to go through three required training sessions: Electronic Circuits, Click to Sell, and ERPP. At FWD, [1] training sessions are mostly self-paced, conducted either online or online with a classroom-style instructor. Depending on how eager you are to earn, you can complete your first eConnect training in a week. Some even finish it in a few days. Traditional and modified mock exam training can be done in two to three days, and electronic circuit training and click to sell can be done even in a week, if it’s done consistently. Usually, my agents complete the entire training in a month, as they also work full time. What is the qualification of a financial advisor? To become a financial advisor, you must have a good command of English as well as communication, comprehension, vocabulary and writing skills. Minimum education requirement is 12th grade. Yes, anyone who can read, speak and write English can work as a financial advisor. All you have to do is attend our Business Opportunity Program, the training courses for licensing, pay the traditional life and change exam fees, and take the exam. While you are in training, leaders can join you to meet customers and teach them how to discover customer needs and come up with solutions for them. Do you have to pay to become a consultant? Yes, but the only withdrawals are the inspection and licensing fees paid to the Insurance Commission. That’s ₱1,010 for the traditional exam and ₱1,010 for the conversion exam. After you pass both exams, you will have to pay a license fee of ₱1,545 for each license, valid for three years. Unfortunately, if you fail the exam, you will have to pay the financial advisor exam fees again until you pass. Another thing you may need to spend is a good professional wardrobe. Smart casual style is the best way to gain trust and like. Never meet a customer wearing overly casual clothes, ripped jeans, sleeveless tops with spaghetti straps, etc. We always have to look professional, even if it’s just a small meeting. You should also have access to a laptop or desktop computer and a tablet so you can easily create proposals and discuss with your clients. Invest in a good internet provider that offers fast internet speeds, as all training and interaction is done online. We’re a very digitally advanced company, so we really invest in premium digital platforms and apps. How much do financial advisors earn in the Philippines? A financial advisor’s income really depends on their activity and desire to make money. The earning potential is limitless, but you must have a system in place while conducting your daily lead generation activities, daily meetings and presentations, and strengthening your online presence. your social and finishing skills. All this will be taught in our training sessions. The minimum income that a beginner can earn is around ₱20,000. As I mentioned, a lot depends on the financial advisor’s level of objectivity and motivation. In the Philippines, consultation fees are not as widely accepted as in the US. So we usually give our clients a free initial consultation. Some licensed financial advisors who have continuing education and designations such as certified financial advisors (CFCs) or certified financial planners (CFPs) may charge a fee for a consultation, but it still depends on who they will get What are the Benefits of being a FWD Financial Advisor? The facilities are unbelievable. With all-expenses-paid international travel, bonuses, savings, HMOs, life insurance, and annual conferences like the Million Dollar Roundtable, the company offers daily promotions. monthly and quarterly to promote its financial advisors. What is the hardest part of being a consultant? The hardest part was convincing Filipinos of the need for a life insurance policy. As a financial advisor, I find that this is not a priority for most Filipino families. When someone in the family is seriously ill or dies, this is when they feel the financial burden. Another challenge is our mindset. Negativity from the challenges financial advisors face, such as people bugging you in chat messages or possibly losing friends, can be really hard. Many financial advisors fail because they feel they can’t “sell” the product. They have difficulty connecting with clients or clearly explaining to clients what the purpose of financial planning is. These are the mindset challenges we need to overcome in order to survive in the industry. What is your proudest achievement as a FWD Financial Advisor? My proudest achievement is actually my family’s quality of life has improved as I work and help more people have better futures. The joy and satisfaction of being able to take my family on an annual trip around the world and being able to buy my children the best schools are achievements I never dreamed I could achieve. Being able to own a home and pay it off with cash in a year is another great achievement as this beach vacation home also generates extra income for my family. But the most important achievement is available to my clients. I have two clients who need to claim critical illness benefits and we can provide it for them. Another client passed away and left behind an educational foundation for his niece. My clients who work in the hospitality industry and lose their jobs also have something to lean on when they need it. These are the proudest achievements of my career. What is your top advice on how to become a financial advisor? If you want to be a financial advisor, try it! Being an employee is like climbing a long flight of stairs to achieve your dream.

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