How Long Does Dysport Take To Work

How Long Does Dysport Take To Work – Erase wrinkles, not face shape. If fine lines and wrinkles are a concern, consider getting a Dysport® treatment from Gainesville Dermatology Aesthetic Center. This natural, fast-acting, long-lasting injectable treatment can help improve the appearance of fine lines. As Gainesville’s trusted skin care source, utilizing the latest technology and expert care, we offer a comprehensive line of beauty products to help patients achieve their beauty goals.

Dysport® is an injectable treatment used to promote the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without changing the appearance or movement of the rest of the face. With Dysport® treatment, patients can frown, laugh and smile, all while feeling soft and supple. Among the most widely used FDA-approved medications, Dysport® treats moderate to severe frown lines (glabellar lines) between the eyebrows by reducing muscle tension caused by repetitive movements and muscle spasms that leave the skin behind. Wrinkles and crow’s feet can cause a tired, aging appearance, but with Dysport®, patients can regain the natural strength of these areas up to 5 months after treatment.

How Long Does Dysport Take To Work

Dysport® temporarily treats moderate to severe wrinkles between the brow lines by reducing specific muscle activity. This treatment requires one injection of Dysport® into five points on the face – one injection into two points between and above the eyebrows blocks nerve signals to the muscles under the skin. The Dysport® injection sites consist of two points above each eyebrow and one point in the middle of the eyebrow, ultimately reducing muscle activity and preventing muscle weakness in the treated areas.

Botox And Dysport Injection

Dysport® targets problematic muscle groups while allowing the rest of the face to move naturally – this allows patients to control their appearance without controlling their appearance. Dysport® Forehead and Dysport® Cramped Legs injections provide quick and permanent results that look natural, so patients can begin to enjoy a positive improvement in their wrinkles and fine lines immediately after treatment and continue to enjoy the benefits months later. In addition, the treatment is quick and safe and only takes about 10-20 minutes. Our team has extensive training and performs the right cosmetic injections and skin treatments for your beauty – contact us today to get started!

If you’re wondering how this injection works compared to other cosmetic products, both Botox® and Dysport® are types of botulinum toxin injections traditionally used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in the face. These injections can also be used to treat muscle pain in patients with other medical conditions. Both surfaces are considered safe and effective, have amazing compatibility, and have minimal post-treatment downtime requirements. The main difference between Botox® and Dysport® is the strength of the protein molecules that make one better than the other.

The effects of Dysport® may appear earlier than those of Botox®, but the results of Botox® injections may take longer in some patients. Another difference is the way they are measured – for example, a Dysport® forehead wrinkle treatment may require 50 units, while a Botox® treatment may only require 20-25 units. Additionally, Dysport® typically allows for greater diffusion than Botox®. To learn more about any of these injections or to receive information about the types of cosmetic products we offer, contact our office today.

Dysport® delivers natural-looking results that look like you. Although naturally occurring, facial lines and wrinkles usually appear and increase over time and with age – this is caused by many factors, including collagen loss, reduced skin elasticity, genetic factors, sun exposure and natural aging. agreement. Dysport® helps improve these signs of aging with clear positive results that last for months. Unlike traditional surgical procedures to improve the appearance of mimic wrinkles, patients often see the results of Dysport® every day within days of treatment and only a short time is required after the injection. Most patients experience significant improvement within two days of Dysport® treatment, while the full effect of treatment may not be seen until two weeks later.

Dysport Injections In Gainesville, Fl

After Dysport® injections, most patients enjoy their results for 3-4 months, after which patients may need additional follow-up injections to maintain the desired results. Dermatology Aesthetic Center of Gainesville recommends that patients schedule their first three treatments approximately 12 weeks apart, with subsequent treatments scheduled approximately 16 weeks apart. However, please note that this schedule may not apply to every patient – ​​the most effective treatment plans are individualized and reflect each patient’s desired results, skin needs and health factors. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact our office.

Dysport® is safe and effective for most patients. If you are under 65 and looking for treatment to temporarily improve the appearance of wrinkles between your eyebrows, you may be a candidate. The best way to ensure your safety is to only receive injections from an experienced and trusted provider like our dermatologists in Gainesville with Gainesville Dermatology Aesthetic Center.

People should not use this medicine if they are allergic to Dysport® or any ingredient in Dysport®, allergic to cow’s milk protein, allergic to any botulinum toxin product, or if they have skin allergies at the time of treatment. prepare the injection. sites. If you have any of these, Dysport® may not be right for you. The best way to confirm your candidacy is to speak with our doctors – contact our office today to schedule a consultation. The presence of fine lines and wrinkles on the face can be annoying as they are usually a sign of the aging process. . There isn’t much we can do to stop aging, but there are ways to prevent aging. Two cosmetic treatments – BOTOX® and Dysport® – have been proven to soften facial muscles and promote a youthful appearance. At Revive at The Group Med Spa, we offer BOTOX® and Dysport® treatments to help your skin look smoother and more youthful by relaxing the muscles responsible for fine lines and wrinkles.

As a similar treatment to BOTOX®, Dysport® is an injection that is used to treat wrinkles and facial folds in the skin. Both drugs are derived from botulinum toxin type A and are injected directly into the muscles for a short period of time and are gentle on the face. Common injection sites include the lines on the forehead that form when you frown, or along the eyes and nose. BOTOX® and Dysport® can also be used to treat a crooked smile. However, it is important that BOTOX® and Dysport® are administered by a qualified healthcare professional who can inject and administer the correct amount of medication for best results.

Botox And Dysport

If you are wondering if Dysport® is right for you, then we welcome you to arrange a free consultation with us. During this time we will discuss your concerns and determine your goals. We’ll also assess your medical history and make sure you don’t have any muscle or nerve conditions. Next, we’ll examine the muscles in your face and plan a treatment plan that uses needles to create a more natural, younger appearance.

During the treatment, an injection will be made directly into the muscles responsible for the formation of wrinkles. The needle used during treatment is very thin and similar in size to an insulin injection, and clients usually experience minimal discomfort. Most clients will notice results within 2-3 days of treatment, but the full effect of the treatment may take up to 14 days to achieve optimal results. The injections can be expected to last 3-4 months or longer, at which time you can schedule another treatment.

Both BOTOX® and Dysport® are safe treatments and side effects are usually minor. You may experience pain at the injection site or minor swelling and bruising. However, side effects are temporary and will subside as healing continues. More serious problems include double vision, droopy eyelids, blurred vision and puffy eyes. If you experience any of these side effects, you should contact Revive immediately. In general, both BOTOX® and Dysport® have produced excellent results for many of their clients and are one of the most popular methods that can be used to combat the effects of aging.

If you have additional questions about BOTOX® and Dysport® treatments or would like to schedule a consultation, please call us. We will be happy to work with you to achieve a beautiful youthful appearance and glow with injections.

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