How Long Is The Lpn To Rn Bridge Program

How Long Is The Lpn To Rn Bridge Program – Are you an LPN looking to advance your nursing career? Then take your career to the next level with the fast-track LPN to RN Bridge program!

Enrolling in the Eastern Ohio RN Bridge LPN program has many benefits, including a faster and more convenient RN course for you and an opportunity to advance your nursing career.

How Long Is The Lpn To Rn Bridge Program

Keep reading to find out why our LPN to RN Bridge program might be the right choice for you!

How To Become A Registered Nurse (rn)

As a current LPN, you have already taken nursing courses and gained valuable experience that will help you become a registered nurse faster. Students enrolled in our LPN to RN Bridge program can waive some classes, allowing you to get started in the program. Some of the courses that students can waive include Psychology, Chemistry, Fundamentals of Nursing, Pharmacology, Nutrition and Dietetics, and Medical/Surgical Nursing I.

Our registered nursing program is direct admission, which means you do not have to take years of general education classes before being accepted into the nursing program. You are accepted directly into the program and begin your nursing classes immediately.

Because our LPN to RN Bridge program is direct admission and students can drop some classes, you can complete the entire program in just 16 months. This shorter program length will speed you into your dream nursing career.

Students enrolled in our LPN to RN Bridge master’s program enjoy classes that are convenient and fit around their busy schedules. Registered Nursing Bridge Program classes are held in the evening, four nights a week, so students can continue to balance work, family and life while earning their degree.

Lpn To Asn Program

Students complete their clinical courses on weekends, which allow them to gain valuable, real-world experience and apply their nursing skills. Students can complete clinical courses at a number of local health facilities, including Akron Children’s Hospital, Liverpool City Hospital East, Heritage Valley Health System and Trinity Hospital East.

With these convenient evening and weekend clinical classes, registered nursing students can continue working as an LPN while earning their associate degree in nursing. When students complete their nursing courses, they are ready to take the NCLEX-RN exam. This test must be passed for students who are registered as nurses.

As a registered nurse, you can work more independently than an LPN, as LPNs must work under the supervision of physicians or RNs. Registered nurses have a higher level of responsibility and more opportunities for career advancement, such as moving into management roles and supervising others.

With a career in registered nursing, you can specialize in the area of ​​health care that interests you most. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of working in pediatrics, or maybe you’d love to work in geriatrics. Whatever your preference, becoming a registered nurse allows you to work with the patient population you prefer.

Lpn To Rn Application

Registered nurses usually have a higher earning potential than LPNs because they can earn more. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary in 2020 for registered nurses in the United States was $75,330 and for LPNs was $48,820.

There are many benefits to our LPN to RN Bridge program at Eastern Ohio College. This exciting program is accelerated so you can train for your career as a registered nurse in just 16 months. Students in our bridge program earn an associate degree in nursing while preparing to take the NCLEX-RN* licensure exam.

Our LPN to RN Bridge program has no out-of-state tuition, meaning students residing in Pennsylvania or West Virginia pay the same tuition as students residing in Ohio.

Our supportive and caring faculty and staff will help you through every step of nursing school. Learn more about our LPN to RN Bridge program and apply now to get started. We can’t wait to welcome you to the Ohio Eastern College family! Licensed practical nurses experience certain challenges in their profession. As much as they want to do more for a patient, their abilities are limited. LPNs are trained and educated for bedside nursing in hospitals. They assist registered nurses and physicians in patient care. LPNs are primarily limited to basic patient care, medication administration, wound care and some basic nursing assessments with the intervention of RNs and physicians.

Lpn/lvn To Rn: Making The Move To Registered Nurse

Today, the job of an LPN involves more than general maintenance and paperwork. While the LPN role limits them in providing patient care, there are opportunities for LPNs to advance in their field.

The LPN RN Bridge is a course designed to assist licensed practical nurses in transitioning their role to registered nurses. LPNs entering this course will have the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge. It acts as a stepping stone for them to be trained and learn more. They can advance in their field with a greater understanding of the human body. LPN RN bridge programs vary from school to school. They will be trained to perform patient assessment and care planning. as well as advanced pharmacology, pathology and physiology.

LPN to RN bridge programs are built on the knowledge that LPNs have gained from their experience. They receive credit for LPN education or work experience. LPNs test on specific subjects. If they get a high score in that subject, they will get points even without attending the class. As mentioned earlier, LPN to RN bridging courses vary from school to school. There are also online schools that offer LPN to RN programs. This provides a flexible option for LPNs. Be sure to pay attention to the educational requirements or the existence of any prerequisites for the program.

The LPN to RN Bridge program is truly a degree program that can help students move from licensed practical nurses to earning their Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Once this requirement is met, enrolling in an LPN to RN bridge program allows students to pursue their BSN in four years, sometimes less. Earning a BSN enables individuals to become a registered nurse (RN). Since earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing is not a specific requirement to become an RN, advanced education opens up new career opportunities. In addition, it can lead to significant salary increases.

West Kentucky Community And Technical College Receives $210k Grant For Nursing Program

As an LPN, you can strengthen your skills and prepare for a wider range of career opportunities with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). The LPN to RN bridge program follows exactly the same academic curriculum and requirements as a traditional BSN program. An LPN to RN bridge program allows you to receive full credit for courses taken in the LPN program. Many schools require students to obtain their LPN before being accepted into the program.

You must be a licensed LPN or LVN to be eligible to enroll in the LPN to RN Bridge Program. Students must have a high school diploma or GED and be currently employed as an LPN. Some programs require an associate degree in nursing. Admission requirements may also include a nursing entrance exam, CPR certification or possibly a criminal background check. Programs can be completed in 4 years. A prior associate degree will reduce the time required to complete a BSN program. Most courses can be found online, although the clinical component is generally on-site. Many nurses begin their careers as licensed practical nurses (LPN) or licensed vocational nurses (LVN), but need additional education to succeed.

Distance learning systems are a new way of learning made possible by technology and the Internet. This allows you to obtain a degree or specialized training over the Internet. This is one of the ways technology has evolved our daily activities to add convenience to our lifestyles.

Years ago, to enjoy working in any professional field, you needed enough money, time and energy to complete your education. At that time you couldn’t not work or even find a job. Today, thanks to distance learning systems, you can get the same training in the comfort of your own home.

How An Lpn Can Become An Rn

To enter the medical field, for example, to become a respiratory therapist, paramedic, or LPN, you need more than a computer and the Internet. Nowadays, you can get formal nursing education online. RN classes are one of the most popular courses you can take online. Hands-on training can be scheduled at a location of your choice, and that’s all you have to do. By passing the test, you will be credited and receive your certificate.

This degree of flexibility is one of the advantages of distance learning systems. Instead of going to a traditional classroom, you enter a virtual classroom with videos, reading materials and other interactive resources. It is ideal for different types of learners. Since you are not locked into a resource, you can read, watch or listen to an audio file.

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