How Much Does Lyft Pay Their Drivers

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If you want to earn extra money, work around your schedule, or just love driving in your area, driving for Lyft could be the side job for you!

How Much Does Lyft Pay Their Drivers

As with all gigs, there are many factors to consider before starting one, one of which (if not the most important) is potential income.

Lyft Statistics 2023

In this article, we share everything you need to know about Lyft’s revenue based on an analysis of real revenue data from the 60 largest cities in the United States.

In 2023, Lyft drivers in the top 60 US cities will earn an average of $14.87 an hour. His hourly rate is $11.38 in base pay, $2.38 in overtime and $1.32 in tips.

Excluding the 2020, 2021 and 2022 revenue figures, which were hit hard by the pandemic-related drop in ridership demand, the numbers are more in line with our 2018 RIDES survey of Uber and Lyft drivers. earned $14.73 after tip.

The amount of money you earn per week depends on how much you drive. If you have a full-time job of 40 hours per week, you can earn about $594.80 per week.

Uber, Lyft To Pay $328m Settlement To Drivers For ‘taking Earnings’

However, there must be a passenger for every minute of these 40 hours. Especially if you drive at a time when there is not much traffic, you can get stuck. Your income may change and even your schedule may not.

Using an hourly rate of $14.87 and working full time, you can earn $30,929.60 per year. However, this does not take into account vacation days or downtime due to work.

According to, drivers earn an average of $36,603 per year. The bottom 10% of drivers earn about $24,758 a year. In the top 10, they earn $52,078 a year.

If you want to make more money per year, you might want to work more or take less vacation per day. Before staying away from home, consider whether the extra income is worth it.

Investigating Increase In Uber And Lyft Prices And Long Waits

In my personal experience, it’s almost impossible to calculate how much a driver earns per ride, because the revenue per ride is affected by factors such as how you drive, where you drive, and what type of Lyft service you use.

Longer cars cost more in the same city. But driving in a more expensive city can earn you more money. And driving most of the time allows you to earn more money per trip.

An example of a driver’s salary is $7.98. This driver took two passengers and drove about two kilometers.

Tipping depends on how often you drive, as well as your passengers.

Uber And Lyft Pay Out For ‘cheating’ Drivers

Sometimes there can be many generous travelers who will help you a lot. However, passengers who do not leave a cup or leave a small tip can also be picked up.

If you want to maximize the return on your tip, aim for great service. Consider having snacks or supplies on hand. Be sure to ask your riders how you can improve their experience.

The above figures are based on data from Solo’s Marketplace Insights. Out of the 60 cities analyzed, we found the 15 best cities:

The cities that pay the most for Lyft drivers may not surprise you because cities are expensive to live in. However, if you break down the best driving times in each top city, it turns out that the fees vary from city to city:

How Much Do Lyft Drivers Make? Salary Range, Average Pay Including Tips

In Periods 2 and 3, Lyft reported average wages of $29.47 per hour nationwide and $31.18 per hour in 25 metropolitan markets.

This wait lowers the average salary because it is time spent working without customers. The amount this affects wages varies widely – some days can be slow, and others very busy to near standstill.

Lyft reported hourly wages for all 3 seasons at $18.83 per hour nationally and $21.08 per hour in their top 25 markets.

But you also have to consider the cost. Taxi drivers make a lot of money while driving, but they usually make between $3 and $5 an hour. However, this may vary depending on your market.

Washington Governor Signs Uber, Lyft Driver Pay Guarantee Into Law

For example, in more expensive cities like Washington, D.C., Boston, or Seattle, your costs may be higher (especially if gas is expensive). However, more expensive cities tend to have higher base salaries, which often offset operating costs.

Again, Lyft drivers are independent contractors, so there is no guaranteed annual or hourly salary. Let’s see what your salary includes.

Before factoring in external factors, there are many key factors that affect how much you’ll be paid as a Lyft driver.

Each trip you take earns you income based on a fixed fare or base rate, the time it takes to complete it, and the distance traveled.

As Rideshare Prices Skyrocket, Uber And Lyft Take A Bigger Piece Of Riders’ Payments

For example, a long-distance drive will cost you more than a short drive (and vice versa). Time, distance and base rates all affect how much you’ll be charged.

There’s a lot, and it can seem daunting, but once you’ve broken it down, it’s easy to see how you can fit your hours into your schedule!

Where you live and drive will have a huge impact on the demand for your service and subsequently the hours and base rate.

Base prices may vary depending on location in major cities with high demand for ride-sharing services. In addition, other drivers may be looking for customers like you.

Uber, Lyft Agree To Pay Combined $328 Million For Withholding Money From Drivers

Your location is important in understanding how much you can earn on a given day, which helps stabilize income, which is inherently unpredictable.

However, some cities may have higher demand depending on the season and the number of tourists. For this reason, you can earn more in summer and less in winter.

The hours you work at each job will affect your earnings. In general, the more you work, the more you earn!

However, with Lyft, time is a valuable and expensive asset. It’s all about finding a balance between working hours that work for you and not being on the road when your services aren’t in demand.

How Much Do Uber And Lyft Drivers Really Make? New Study Shows Pay Is Pathetic

Plus, as mentioned earlier, when you work with Lyft, you’re an independent contractor, so they don’t have to pay you even if you drive or don’t.

Working out the hours that work for you depends on your personal availability, how likely you are to attract clients, and how you don’t work too much while driving.

Lyft Lux is an upscale premium service defined by vehicle type and comfort. The cars that Lyft Lux drives are usually luxurious and larger, such as a BMW or Tesla.

Customers pay a higher price for these services, so if you have a more expensive car, you can qualify for this service, increasing your income.

Uber, Lyft To Pay New York Drivers $328 Million In Back Pay

Like many other ride-sharing services, customers can tip you in the app after the ride is over.

Due to the widespread tipping culture in the US, you may be tipped depending on the level of service provided.

Being professional and efficient at your job leads to more tips and therefore more income!

Drivers are fully tipped because Lyft doesn’t cut corners here. So finding tips is a great incentive because providing great service means a huge increase in your income!

Lyft’s Business Model Is Broken. Here’s What I Saw When I Became A Driver For A Week

Price increases mean an increase in the base price of attractions depending on the specific travel time or location.

For example, if you’ve ever tried to drive home at night, you’ll be amazed at a $50 ticket that normally costs $10!

The prices for this activity increase: the higher the demand for rides, the higher the price (the more the drivers earn).

Adjusting your hours to be available during those times is a good (but not guaranteed) way to increase your income.

Lyft Test Program Offers Drivers More Rides In Exchange For 10% Pay Cut

Many ride-sharing companies, like Lyft, offer bonuses if you complete certain tasks as a driver. For example,

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