How Much Does Peacock Cost

How Much Does Peacock Cost – It’s no secret that peacocks are some of the most fascinating birds you’ll ever meet in your life. They are found in many farms, but also people who are attracted by their attractive beauty and fascinated by their attractive beauty want to own them as pets. Peacocks need a lot of space, so they can usually be seen in farms or ranches, or in houses with a large field. Whether you keep a peacock for egg laying or are interested in keeping them as pets, you should know that peacocks are nowhere near cheap.

There are many subspecies of peacocks, they come in different combinations of colors, looks and more, which can attract a lot of their value and price and make someone who has not researched or purchased before very confused. How much does a peacock cost exactly?

How Much Does Peacock Cost

As mentioned before, peacocks are not close to the price, and as such will only increase in price as they grow and become fairer than their younger counterparts. If you want to buy a peacock at a cheaper price, we recommend choosing peaches that are peacocks again.

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However, buying a peacock can cost more than $100 on average if you plan to be an adult. There are also many species of peacocks, but if you look at the backyards of people who usually keep peacocks as pets, you will find that Indian blue peacocks are the most common species.

This is also the cheapest of the bunch, which makes the white peacocks the most expensive. Since there are many costs associated with peacocks beyond their purchase price, here is everything you need to know about the cost of a peacock and how much you should pay to care for it.

Continue reading this article and we will break down all the details on the price of peacocks, from eggs to adult peacocks and sex. We also help you buy from the most trusted places. Keep reading!

It is no secret that many people should own a male peacock, which receives the most attention for its attractive appearance, long colorful tail and luxurious regal posture. Although female peacocks (hens) are less obvious with their tails, it is a must-have if you want to hatch peacock chicks.

What Is Peacock?

Peacocks are a bird that spends most of its time on the ground. They belong to the pheasant family. While the males are called Peacocks, the females are called Peahens, as mentioned earlier.

Male and female are relatively easy to distinguish because of their darker shade and yellow color in the feathers. The tail makes up about 60% of its total body length, which can sometimes make them look scary, magnificent.

The reason why male peacocks receive more attention than females is precisely because of the vivid and luxurious colors of the tail. Their appearance also facilitates the selection of a female breeding pair. They chose it according to the size and color of its tail and the quality of the feathers that make it.

The price of a peacock depends on many things, but its species, subspecies and age are the determining factors. It is no secret that they are generally considered healthy birds. It is worth noting that some can develop black spots on their feet and legs, which contribute to reduce the price of the peacock in the market.

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Indian blue peacocks are the most common and with this in mind they are also cheaper compared to other species. Add these black spotted defects to its body and it costs much less compared to other peacocks. Purchasing can also be difficult because many peacock breeders do not or cannot ship peacocks to other states. That’s why many people shop locally.

Although peacocks are not as expensive as some of the rarer birds that you can use for breeding and eggs, it is worth noting that you still have to spend money to buy and care for them. They usually cost a few hundred dollars, but it all depends on their age, health and breed.

Remember that if you are trying to sell a peacock, those with straight legs and no visible defects in the body will be more expensive. Those who have it will likely pay between $30 and $80, again depending on the price.

We found that a breeding peacock can usually cost between $45 and $300. However, it is worth noting that there are three main species of peacocks active in the global market and we will tell you the value of these peacocks based on these species.

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Keep in mind that the Congo Peaflow is not commonly found in the United States, one of the main reasons is that it is an endangered species, which is why there is a worldwide effort to protect this majestic animal. In addition, it is different in appearance compared to other peacocks and can resemble a turkey rather because of the short thick tail and brighter color combinations.

It is not the most common species in the United States or in the world, but many families keep these majestic animals as pets. In the past, they were associated with blue Indian peacocks crossed with Spalding peacocks, which cost $75 to $200.

This practice made it difficult to find pure Javanese green peacocks, and even their subspecies, which are even harder to find. If you are looking to purchase an adult breeding pair, expect to spend between $1,000 and $2,000.

If you have ever been to a zoo or read a book about animals or birds, you have probably seen this species of peacock, since it is the most common type found in the whole world. This majestic dark blue peacock costs $50 to $75 for an adult peacock.

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They are the easiest to maintain because they are very independent and make a great addition to your garden. In addition, they are very useful because they eat all the bugs and other insects on your property and protect your plants and flowers.

It is worth saying that there are many variants of the Indian blue peacock, which means that finding a pure breed becomes more expensive. One of the best things you can do is to negotiate with a breeder who is a member of the United Peafowl Association, even if you want to buy a purebred Indian Blue for a much higher price, more than $1,000 .

If you are looking to buy a breeding pair of one year old or 2 year old, you will pay at least $500.

White peacocks look different compared to other peacocks because it is one of their most popular mutations. They are completely white, but this is not the result of albinism, but of another mutism known as leucism, which makes their feathers lack pigment.

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In other words, the white peacock is genetically the same as the Indian blue peacock we just discussed. It is not possible to detect the genetic mutation until they are old, and it shows in their wings, tail and feathers. They appear pale yellow like the creatures, and develop mutations as they age.

Its basic price is between $ 200 and $ 300. However, if you want to get a confirmed reproduction pair, you can expect to pay between $ 650 and $ 800.

This is another color mutation in the peacock. They are a little more rare, but they are not considered as expensive as you can get one for around $100 at most. More subclasses of the Black-shouldered Peacock will bring them up to $200-$800, and in some classes the price can go up to $1,000.

Male Cameo peacocks have brown heads and crests, while their facial skin is white. They also have interesting wing and tail patterns that range from brown to brown. They are considered rarer and can cost around $250. If you are looking to buy an official reproduction pair, expect to pay between $500 and $700.

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They are so rare that you can only buy them from official breeders. They have dark purple feathers and skin, and the tail feathers breathe thanks to the color palette of green, purple and black. These can cost over $1,000 when you buy an official reproduction pair.

Peachicks are the best to buy depending on the breed of course, which is why many people choose this option. They cost anywhere from $10 to $50. Keep in mind that breeding also costs money, but many people like to buy them as soon as they grow so they can watch and be involved in the growing process. If you are going to buy eggs, know that they are always bundled in sets of four or more, so expect to pick them up for $40-$80.

Keeping peacocks as pets or using them for breeding is included

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