How To Be An Army Girlfriend

How To Be An Army Girlfriend – “A military girlfriend is just a wife in waiting. No one would go through this if they hadn’t been around for a long time.” – Anonymous

Over the years, I have seen the military only show respect to the wives of soldiers. The military seems to believe that only wives should be recognized. I am the girlfriend of an American soldier, and I think it is very inappropriate. In my opinion, a wife and a faithful girlfriend both live in the same situation, but the wife will only find success with her soldier.

How To Be An Army Girlfriend

Girlfriends go through the same things as wives. We wait to see them, sometimes for a very long time. We wait in line after line to see our children.

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When your soldier arrives, girlfriends will not receive information about his work. I know we can’t know where they are, but it’s nice to be able to know where they live and are well.

One of the worst aspects is that if something happens to him, you won’t be the first person called by the military. I understand that his immediate family may need to be notified, but if you are very committed to your soldier, then the military should notify all loved ones, including girlfriends.

Living in her post is not an option for girlfriends. Brides must live away from the goal post to something close. Sometimes girlfriends like to stay with their boyfriends, and if it were me the existence of that rule would definitely bother me. If your soldier leaves because you have a girlfriend badge on your back, the military will not support your action.

Living such a life is not easy, and I understand why the military cannot treat girlfriends as wives. No one would be willing to endure such a life if they did not love the person they are with. For someone who is just a girlfriend, we face a lot of things that outsiders can’t seem to handle.

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I just believe that military girlfriends are more than just girlfriends. Brides are usually wives without a label, but whether the military shows us or not.

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