How To Become A Certified Reading Specialist

How To Become A Certified Reading Specialist – In order to be a successful educator in today’s sometimes unstable education system, you need to be passionate, determined, quick thinking, strategic and hard working. So whether you are still used to calling yourself a teacher or if you have years of teaching experience, it is safe to say that as an educator, you should aim to equip yourself with the tools that will help you achieve your goals. Be the best resource for your students—both inside and outside the classroom. An excellent way to improve your skills is to earn a Reading Specialist certification in the context of a graduate degree in Literacy Education. Let’s explore five ways the Reading Specialist certification can make you a better teacher, but first, let’s define literacy education and learn how the University of West Virginia itself helps today’s teachers prepare for tomorrow’s students Prepare. What is literacy education? West Virginia University offers a Master of Arts in Literacy Education. The Literacy Education (LE) program is an advanced certification and master’s degree program leading to West Virginia’s Pre-K through Adult Learning Reading Specialist certification. Accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Educational Preparation (CAEP), this graduate degree is designed for candidates who hold a valid teaching license and seek to add a prestigious reading specialist certification to their current accomplishments. The instructional design of the literacy education program is based on West Virginia University’s online conceptual model. The model combines the community of inquiry model (Garrison, Anderson, & Archer, 2000) with professional learning opportunities known to be effective for in-service educators. Citation: Morewood, A., Ankrum, J.W., and Swan Dagen, A. (2019). Conceptualize the characteristics of professional learning in an online environment. In Martin, C. L. and Polly, D. (Eds.), Innovative Approaches to Teacher Education and Professional Development. Hershey, PA: IGI Global Publishing. Additionally, in the spring of 2019, WVU’s graduate program in literacy education received the International Literacy Association’s Certificate of Distinction in the Preparation of Literacy Professionals (ILA CoD ). Now that we’ve covered West Virginia University’s literacy education program, let’s talk about five ways becoming certified as a reading specialist will make you a great teacher. 1. You will be qualified to address literacy issues nationwide. Illiteracy is a huge problem across America. In fact, ProLiteracy reports that more than 36 million American adults lack basic literacy skills. In addition, more than $200 billion in health care costs can be linked to limited literacy due to errors in reading and understanding health-related information, according to the American Journal of Public Health. The respected reading specialist certification program can provide you with the information and strategies you need to address the glaring literacy gaps that exist across our country, whether you have held a formal reading specialist position reading or not. Regardless of how you interact with your students, with the knowledge you gain through the Reading Specialist certification course, you will be able to help develop your students’ reading skills more effectively. 2. You make yourself an integral part of your employer. Reading Specialists are key members of the team of educators who provide specialist support to students with specific literacy needs. Many schools require teachers to have years of experience and/or graduate-level courses before becoming reading specialists. So, whether you want to explore the profession before taking on a Reading Specialist position, or simply want to earn a certification that will make you a valuable member of the learning community, you can apply for the Reading Specialist Certification for valuable and relevant certification. The skills help you become a more effective educator. Whatever your role in the classroom, the methods and strategies you learn in a certification program like this will help you better support and equip your students. Bonus points: A specialized reading certification also opens doors to careers outside the classroom, from one-on-one educational tutoring to management positions. 3. You will distinguish yourself from other teachers. Educators who hold the Reading Specialist certification are nationally recognized for their value and importance. When administrators and principals see the Reading Specialist certification on your account, they’re not only seeing the official title, but also the coursework and skill building needed to earn it Teachers who pursue and earn the Reading Specialist certification are the ones students need and schools want to hire. In short, this highly specialized certification is also a pre-K through 12th grade certification that expands the range of students and age ranges that reading specialists can work with. 4. You will have the skills to come up with innovative solutions. There are a number of reasons why students may have difficulty reading. The Reading Specialist certification allows you to solve problems in innovative ways, by learning how to address the different barriers to reading success that your students may encounter. You will find yourself challenged to help students overcome literacy-related obstacles, but as you overcome these obstacles together, you will develop the flexibility, creativity and innovation to tackle other challenges you encounter as a teacher Solving the problem will also require building a team of supporters from among more school staff. As you gather resources extensively around the school, you will find opportunities to grow in your communication skills. As you strive to become the best reading teacher/expert/coach you can be, you will be able to practice the same calm, writing and speaking skills you want to impart to your students. 5. Learn how to learn according to your individual needs. Developing students’ literacy skills is largely about meeting their needs. Teachers, reading specialists, or coaches must tailor their approach to the needs and challenges of each student. To do this, they must assess students’ abilities, develop creative plans to help students meet their reading goals, and communicate clearly with students, parents, and teachers. Additionally, enrolling in the Reading Specialist Certification Program allows you to learn and teach individualized instructional practices—and, in doing so, will enhance any type of teaching you do in the future. Join the West Virginia University community of changemakers. The benefits of becoming certified as a reading specialist go beyond the five reasons above. In addition, the skills you will develop while earning this type of certification are not limited to the realm of literacy. Instead, the problem solving, communication, and other competencies gained through certification courses will inform your entire teaching career. The Reading Specialist certification not only has the potential to open doors to new types of roles and opportunities in the classroom, but it can make you a better educator than you are today. If you are ready to learn more about West Virginia University’s Master of Literacy Education Reading Specialist certification, we invite you to visit our website! Are you passionate about the field of literacy education? Download the Literacy Educator’s Guide to Pursuing Reading Specialist Certification to learn more about advancing your career in education!

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How To Become A Certified Reading Specialist

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Topics WVU Graduate Programs (83) Graduate School Resources (39) Research and Industry Advice (32) Student and Alumni Testimonials (31) STEM Graduate Degrees (30) Education of Graduate Finance (28) WVU Admissions Resources (15) Standardization Test Preparation(8) GRE (3) Graduate School(3) Career Options(1) Communications about the -Data Marketing(1) Higher Education Administration(1) Integrated Marketing Communications(1) Podcast Resources(1) Research(1) The Reading Specialists Primary Role aims to provide students with high quality instruction and to support and produce high quality outcomes in the areas of reading and literacy. These professionals assist in the development of school-wide and individual reading goals, provide academic interventions, and work with teachers to provide additional support in the classroom.

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With over 10 years of experience helping students improve their reading skills and a solid understanding of the assessment and diagnosis of students with reading difficulties, I can present

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