How To Become A Chief Warrant Officer

How To Become A Chief Warrant Officer – ARLINGTON, Va. – Most of the US Army and its units are familiar with personnel salaries and qualifications. They control the Soldier’s status, duties, responsibilities, salary and means of supporting themselves and their families. These systems require trained and qualified people to clean and maintain them to keep them strong and ready.

US Army Reserve Chief Warrant Officer 3 Heather R. Kerns, a 411th Engineer Brigade Human Resources Technician, has dedicated herself since October 2018 to implementing the Integrated Personnel and Pay System – Army (IPPS-A) to refine and integrate projects . to sustain the wealth of our nation moving forward.

How To Become A Chief Warrant Officer

“IPPS-A will transform the Army’s human resources system into a 21st century talent management system,” Kerns said. “It will unify personnel and pay for the entire Armed Forces, while providing three capabilities: Total Force Visibility, Talent Management and Audit-capability.”

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The Office of the Chief of the Army Reserve (OCAR) assigned Kerns to the Business Systems and Architecture Division as a test and operations officer where he gained a thorough understanding of this revolutionary system and its functions.

“As an accounting manager, my knowledge of how our employee and payroll data enables our human resources and payroll business processes, specifically for onboarding, operations, separations, breaks, transitions and break areas,” Kerns said.

With IPPS-A providing the key part of the package, Kerns’ knowledge, education and skills are reflected in the features and depth of the system.

“In my opinion, he was one of the three key people who ensured the development of the IPPS-A product supported the requirements of the Army Reserve Business System,” said Col. Retired Frank Pfau, Chief of OCAR’s Business Systems and Architecture Division. “As a commanding officer, he demonstrated consistent leadership at multiple levels inside and outside the unit, informing, educating and motivating peers, subordinates and superiors to engage and collaborate. along with the development of IPPS-A.”

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His background and experience as a subject matter expert (SME) are common among his peers and managers. It is an important cog in the IPPS-A apparatus.

Lt. Col. Lashundra Ollie, 412th Theater Engineer Command deputy G-1. “He was ready to help and take more responsibility than what was expected from him. He led the cut plan with the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC), defined the reporting options for the benefit. important on exchange for active duty for US The Army Reserves and Army National Guard (ARNG).

And IPPS-A is a multi-component system, Kerns participation, collaboration and high quality make him the ideal leader to help the sector reach a full performance.

“Working with our ARNGs and the regular force (RA) is an opportunity for growth and experience,” Kerns said. “We can not do a multi-component environment very often, and IPPS-A provided an environment where the three components do not work together, but we have help in improving business processes in each. The military is better through IPPS-A.

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According to Kerns, finding the means by which IPPS-A can support the business processes in the three sectors or developing a system that supports the three processes is difficult. Leveraging additional information technology expertise and support from fellow USAR veterans like Kerns will reinforce our core values.

Ollie said: “CW3 Kerns is the ultimate hero of the IPPS-A program. “It’s very reliable and one of the Army Reserve’s greatest assets.”

Between 23 years of military service, major operations, from the Middle East to Europe and throughout the United States, Kerns’ hold on to the military and its modern network systems in its dedication to the development and sustainability of our facility.

“It’s an exciting time for our Army to be part of such a global effort,” Kerns said. “This is truly a collaborative effort, and I look forward to continuing to work with Army Reservists, HR staff and leaders in the field to make IPPS-A Release 3 a reality.”

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Release 3 uses on-the-job training to prepare HR professionals and managers for roles in IPPS-A. The program is scheduled to begin for all three branches of the US military on December 21, 2021.1 / 3 Show Caption + Hide Caption – Commander Michael McMahan, a soldier assigned to the 94th Training Division – Force Sustainment (TD-FS) ), together. and warrant officer rank upon completion of Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS) and participation in a graduation ceremony and pinning ceremony held at Fort Pickett, Virginia, this year. (Photo Credit: U.S.) CHECK OUT

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3 / 3 Show Caption + Hide Caption – Warrant Officer Michael McMahan, a Soldier assigned to the 94th Training Division – Force Sustainment (TD-FS), is a joint officer after completing Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS) and entering . a training and recruiting operation at Fort Pickett, Virginia, this year. (Photo Credit: U.S.) CHECK OUT

FORT PICKETT, Va. – When you think of managers, the first thing that comes to mind is the executive or executive, but there is an important role that continues as a pillar of the army—the commanding officer.

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Warrant Officer Michael McMahan, a Reserve Soldier assigned to the 94th Training Division – Force Sustainment (TD-FS), became a warrant officer after completing Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS) and attending a graduation ceremony and the pinning that took place at Fort Pickett. , Virginia, this year.

“During my 16 years at , I have been supported and developed by leaders and peers to acquire the skills and abilities that I have,” said McMahan. “Respect and appreciation for the work of others fueled my desire to participate, and why I decided to become a warrant officer.”

To become a combat officer, Soldiers can complete level one of WOCS at the Regional Training Institute at Fort Pickett, Virginia, over a five-week combat training session after attending a two-week course at Fort McClellan, Alabama for the second level of WOCS. .

However, this was not the case for McMahan. Both the unit and the pinning operation have been completely canceled at the Fort Pickett site due to the effects of COVID-19.

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“The hardest part of this course is continuing the process,” McMahan said. “It’s more than a level, if it’s a whole month between military courts and juggling family life with a civilian job and all the demands of WOCS.”

While the 6.2-mile walk concludes with an exam and community program, the second phase of WOCS requires candidates to pass tests on military history, law of war, military administration, and heritage.

In addition to academic studies, candidates must attend a national management course and complete an obstacle course, while leadership is assessed every step of the way.

“Most people think about the technical aspects of being a warrant officer,” McMahan said. “They think I’m qualified, I’ve got the experience, I’ve got the qualifications, etc., but they have to remember the fitness to go to WOCS.”

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Candidates like McMahan, who completed Warrant Officer Candidate School, were selected to the rank of Warrant Officer (WO1 rank is better for some) and reassigned to serve as a specialist in their field.

Even though he’s taking on the role of warrant officer, McMahan knows his journey isn’t over. He credits a number of warrant officers who helped him along the way, including the commanding officer of the 94th TD-FS and Acting Officer, Chief Warrant Officer 4 Angela Nichols.

“CW4 Nichols led me through the WOCS process,” he said. “Always keep and I will guarantee a space to meet the next important step and after I walk on the graduation stage.”

In November 2019, Brigadier appointed Nichols as the 94th TD-FS Command’s Chief Warrant Officer. There Stephen Iacovelli, the division’s chief executive.

Us Army Warrant Officer Insignia

“I am honored and humbled to be nominated,” said Nichols, a native of Columbus, Ohio. “Now I am in charge of about 20 warrant officers and I consider myself part of the Command Team.”

Nichols’ responsibilities include overseeing the agency’s strong portfolio management, business development, vacancy forecasting, maintenance, and revenue.

“Record Officers work with Soldiers, at all grades, and proudly act as the eyes and ears acting as a liaison to the Non-Commissioned Officers and the Chief Administrative Officer,” he said. “Understanding your role … and being prepared is critical to the success of a warrant officer.”

Nichols was lucky enough to go to McMahan’s pin job and now he’s happy.

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