How To Become A Ford Diesel Mechanic

How To Become A Ford Diesel Mechanic – Dearborn, MI, June 6, 2022 – Ford is expanding training and adding opportunities to its training program designed to add highly trained automotive professionals to the fast-growing segment that currently includes electric vehicles.

The program, known as Automotive Student Service Education Training (ASSET), is a partnership between Ford Motor Company dealers, Ford and Lincoln dealers and select community colleges and technical schools. The program provides Ford and Lincoln dealers and their customers with the most skilled experts in Ford service technology and diagnostic and repair methods.

How To Become A Ford Diesel Mechanic

ASSET also includes a Ford EV training program, including advanced electric safety training, hybrid vehicle components and operations, electric vehicle (BEV) components and operations, as well as introducing high-speed battery operation, as well as a Ford trainer. class. For applications and diagnostics of hybrid and electric vehicles. Ford has donated 25 PHEV or BEV vehicles to the ASSET facility, so students will receive hands-on training.

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“The property program puts these kids in the classroom and then in the parking lot and uses it. For me, having both at the same time will give the dealer the best retention for the professional and the best understanding of the knowledge for the student,” said Josh Fichter, general manager of Five Star Ford in North Richland Hills, Texas. Added Fichter, “It also builds credibility, because if you’re not developing your craft now, you’re in for a world of hurt.”

Ford is also adding a mobile service technician certificate to the ASSET training program. This program is a way for students to be supported by one of the 300+ US auto dealers. The Mobile Service Technician certification program strengthens children’s light maintenance and repair skills early in the program, making them comfortable with major repairs, working as A-level technicians and ASSET graduates.

“My experience with ASSET has been positive,” says Josh Lilley, ASSET student at Five Star Ford in Dallas, Texas. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve been racing my dad’s first generation Bronco. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for a career in the automotive industry. This is a great program, especially if you don’t know anything, it will help you develop these skills. I learned more than I could. I thought I needed or knew.”

In less than two years, an ASSET student can earn up to 100% certification in Ford’s Service Technician Specialty Training (STST), earn a degree in automotive technology, and have one year of work experience at a Ford or Lincoln company. ASSET graduates can also earn a Ford High Voltage Systems certification, in addition to the 12 certifications the program already offers.

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Since 1985, more than 12,000 students have graduated from ASSET, while 1,800 Ford and Lincoln dealers have participated as sponsors. The ASSET program is one of three automotive training programs sponsored by Ford through New Ford Tech, a company initiative aimed at helping meet the growing demand for automotive repair technicians. Learn more at

Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) is a global company based in Dearborn, Michigan, dedicated to helping create a better world where all people can move freely and achieve their dreams. The company’s Ford+ plan for growth and profitability combines existing strengths, new capabilities and continuous customer relationships to enrich customers and increase their loyalty. Ford manufactures and supplies Ford cars, sport utility vehicles, commercial vehicles and trucks, as well as Lincoln luxury cars along with other services. The company does this through three customer-focused business units: Ford Blue, an engineering brand for gas-powered and hybrid vehicles; Ford Model e, the creation of a successful EV with built-in software that means a unique digital experience for all customers; and Ford Pro, helping business customers transform and grow their businesses with vehicles and services tailored to their needs. In addition, Ford offers mobility solutions through Ford Next and offers financing through Ford Motor Credit Company. Ford employs approximately 177,000 people worldwide. More information about the company and its products and services is available at However, this should not stop you from looking for a job in the Sunshine State! All of this means that your training needs to be improved.

Ideally, your plan should include an automotive training program that teaches important business skills. These skills can also be put on paper, which will help you when applying for entry-level positions in the automotive industry.

Keep reading to find out more. We’re sharing our hands-on learning curve for learning how to become an auto mechanic in Florida!

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Most employers for mechanic jobs in Florida only hire applicants with a high school diploma or GED. These documents demonstrate the achievement of a formal education that requires creativity and critical thinking skills – qualities that automotive professionals need to navigate the complexities of a commercial program and successfully complete their careers as automotive mechanics.

Earning a high school diploma or GED takes time, but it can open up your options! Without anything, it can be difficult to get into auto mechanic school until you find an entry point, and a career as an auto mechanic can take a long time.

Most entry-level auto mechanic jobs require highly trained skills, so a degree from an auto mechanic school program can make a big difference. It shows students have completed an automotive course that teaches them how to perform basic automotive tasks such as inspection, maintenance, and repair.

Upon completion of the Automotive Technology program at our campuses in Orlando and Miramar, graduates earn an Occupational Associate Degree (OAD).

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Completing the Automotive program will help you add knowledge and credibility to your resume that will help you advance your career as an automotive mechanic. And our careers team can help you prepare for interviews and apply for positions.

Specialized automotive training can improve your skills as an automotive technician. Students who have completed a major automotive technology program can enroll in our Manufacturer Specific Advanced Training (MSAT) programs that offer this type of training!

MSAT programs, which can be paid for by the manufacturer or enrolled by the student, teach engine service skills for the types of vehicle engines included in the program. They can introduce students to job opportunities from the designers they helped train!

Note that our unique Florida training programs are currently offered at our Orlando campus. Our main automotive training program is still available at our Miramar location, so you can train there and consider moving to the Orlando campus if you want to continue your education. We also offer special car training programs at some of our schools beyond the ones listed below!

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The BMW FastTrack program provides paid training for students to use BMW vehicles. Students can also learn to use the latest BMW technology and equipment. All of this helps them gain the practical and technical knowledge they need to get a job at a BMW dealership after graduation!

BMW dealers nationwide also recognize BMW Associate Level III certification. FastTrack graduates will have transcripts showing that they have completed an education relevant to the job they are applying for.

The Ford FACT program offers student-funded scholarships. This course teaches students how to operate Ford and Lincoln vehicles. Students also delve deeper into engine systems and concepts using Ford vehicle technology and learning aids.

Ford FACT graduates also receive a Ford STARS ID that tracks their educational history and can be viewed by employers. Students with these credentials will have the knowledge to perform essential tasks at Ford and Lincoln dealerships!

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The Mercedes-Benz Drive program is paid for by the manufacturer and is one of the most competitive training programs. Students selected to participate in the training at the Mercedes-Benz facility in Jacksonville, approximately 140 miles from Orlando.

Students spend a lot of time in laboratories learning and experimenting with deductive reasoning. This experience gives them a better understanding of the technology and skills used in the Mercedes-Benz dealership industry, where they can be employed six months after graduation!

Don’t stop learning when you take the entry level course as an auto mechanic. Keep pushing yourself. Stay focused on your educational opportunities even as you study to become an auto mechanic in Florida, and you can improve your skills and career!

The Automotive Technology program is available at the Florida Trade School in Orlando and Miramar. In these programs, instructors with years of experience in the industry teach students the important industry skills they need to work as mechanics.

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When you’re ready to start training, fill out a driving school application form. If you want to know more about our program, ask for more information!

14) Incentive programs and employee benefits are at the discretion of the employer and are available at designated locations. Special items can be used. Talk to employers to learn more about programs in your area. It is an educational institution and does not guarantee employment

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