How To Become A Juvenile Corrections Officer

How To Become A Juvenile Corrections Officer – When Yuri Williams was 8 years old, his mother sometimes took him to work at the Children’s Hall of Central Los Angeles County when she couldn’t find a girl. Lynda C. Hubbard worked there for more than three decades, working with children and young adults as a juvenile corrections officer.

Williams, now 46, who lives in Signal Hill, recalled: “There was a big guy banging on the walls in his room. “My mom came in and asked him what was going on and he started crying and the big guy was in his arms. it was there.”

How To Become A Juvenile Corrections Officer

Williams ended up following in her mother’s footsteps, becoming a deputy juvenile corrections officer for the Orange County Probation Department. For years he sought guidance from his mother, she told him how to talk to prisoners, how to help boys and girls.

Correctional Officer (brtp)

“I sat there one day and I tried to get on the phone with him and I just started crying,” Williams said.

In 2017, Williams began dressing up superheroes and other iconic figures to lift the spirits of others fighting their own battles. A year later, he started his own non-profit organization, A Future Superhero and Friends, to try to cover the costs of things like donations and his travels. If you’re pitching to major charities, you might want to create some kind of after-school program.

“My mom always told me that when you do something, try to do it differently than everyone else,” Williams said. “I thought that wearing a costume might attract attention, because it was rare to see other people dressed up to help.”

He started locally, visiting families and children’s hospitals in Southern California, dressed as characters like Spider-Man, Deadpool and the Mandalorian.

Meet The Grown Ups Keeping Kids Out Of Prison

In February, Williams wheeled three large bins of stuffed toys — Santas, unicorns and more — through the doors of the Cherese Mari Laulhere Children’s Village at Long Beach Medical Center. Because of the corona virus, he was in street clothes, he could not visit the children in his clothes like in previous years.

“Yuri was amazing,” said Rita Goshert, director of the center’s Child Life Program. “He’s been partnering and collaborating with us for a number of years. He just amazes us with these donations and it just makes all the difference in the world.

“It brightens their day, makes them forget they’re in the hospital and keeps their mind busy,” she said.

“Some of these parents haven’t seen their kids in a while or haven’t been able to get the gifts their kids want,” Williams said. “Sometimes, they need it as much as their children.”

In Juvenile Detention, Girls Find Health System Geared To Boys

Yuri Williams is an Assistant Juvenile Corrections Officer with the Orange County Probation Department. Here, he is outside the Orange County Juvenile Hall in Orange on Friday, March 31, 2023. Williams dresses up as superheroes and visits sick children in hospitals. (Photo by Mark Rightmire, Orange County Register/SCNG)

For the past four years, Williams has made it a tradition to travel through all 50 states in 20 days during the holiday season, using his days off to visit the homes of sick children to cheer on his favorite characters and give gifts like present new game systems and baby Yoda dolls.

Williams also visits homeless veterans in Los Angeles and Orange counties, providing hygiene kits, clothing, food and gift cards. She organizes art classes to help them face their struggles. And, he listens.

“The thing about me is that I don’t guess or judge people, so I try to build a relationship with them first and then I come back … so I can gain their trust,” he said. “Once I get your trust, I can help you with your problems and get you the services you need.”

What Are Careers In Corrections?

“When I visited the homeless community, they were smiling,” Williams said. “One time I went out without a costume and was told to go home and get dressed. I was never called my name, it was always ‘Spider-Man.’

“It takes you back to your childhood, and when I saw that smile, I knew I could be their heart and try to help them when they needed it,” she said.

In October, Williams appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson surprised him by joining him on stage. Inspired by Williams’ efforts, the actor gave him a Black Adam suit, which Johnson played in a film of the same name. Johnson also leased a Regal Edwards Theater in Long Beach Towne Center so that sick, homeless and other struggling children could see movies.

Of the collection of costumes he’s acquired over the years, Williams said Spider-Man remains his favorite. He remembers a memory: He remembers an action figure he picked up when he was working with his mother years ago.

Justice Involved Youth

Keeping up with his charity work hasn’t been easy, as most of the money spent on gifts, storage and travel has come out of pocket, he said, leaving him wondering how long he can continue his nonprofit work. His travels also took their toll on Williams, spending weeks away from his 14-year-old daughter, Jaedyn.

Despite that, Jaedyn has been a steadfast supporter of her father’s efforts, she said. Years ago, Jaedyn passed a homeless man on the street and offered him some money from his wallet.

“I told him you always pay back. … In your mind’s eye, there’s an earthquake, your house is destroyed, and you could end up homeless. A probation officer is responsible for supervising youth who are on probation or parole. .they committed a crime..Juvenile probation officers get to know these youths and their families and research their family and social history.coordinate with the court and minor families to eliminate behavior problems.

If the juvenile does not comply with the court’s instructions, he is responsible for advising the judge to take alternative measures and remedies. Because juvenile probation officers have better information about individuals, the judge asks for their advice.

The Judicial Branch Of Arizona In Maricopa County

Juvenile probation officers usually work in probation or parole agencies. They can also work in juvenile detention centers where the progress of convicted youth is monitored. The number of clients a juvenile probation officer has varies depending on their jurisdiction and the agency they work for. In sparsely populated areas, a junior officer will have few clients, while if a probation officer works in a residential area, their clients may range from 20 to 100.

15 Best FBI Colleges in the USA to Become an FBI Agent Make a Difference in a Troubled Child’s Life Train as a Juvenile Probation Counselor

Finding the balance between training and discipline is a challenge, but that’s what a young probation officer must do. They act on behalf of every young offender to ensure that they are properly supervised in a manner that is in the best interests of the state and the youth. They also provide advice to both families and the courts to become a support system and make recommendations on next steps. A juvenile probation counselor or juvenile corrections counselor plays a key role in the discipline and detention of juveniles, and therefore sees a rapid increase in new jobs compared to other criminal justice careers, with an estimated salary of $44,000. – $86,000 per year according to The amount of education and experience you have should play a large role in the salary range and potential jobs open to you, so be sure to identify your career goals to qualify.

There are different levels of education you can achieve to work in this field; at least a bachelor’s degree in a field such as psychology, criminal justice, counseling, social work, or a related field. The Criminal Justice course is optional but highly recommended. These degrees can be earned online if you look at schools like the University of Phoenix Online or Southern University. However, to have more opportunities, it is best to have a master’s degree. This will open up many more jobs with increased responsibilities and skill requirements and translate into higher pay. It is also preferable to have at least one year of work experience in the field, so if you are not an expert, you should at least volunteer at a youth center or a probation agency.

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A juvenile probation counselor will first interview everyone involved with the child to assess the situation and make recommendations about where he or she should be placed. They will talk to the family

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