How To Become A Social Worker With A Bachelor's Degree

How To Become A Social Worker With A Bachelor's Degree – Learn how to be a social worker from someone who survived and still loves.

Growing up, I had little idea what a social worker was or what it would be like to be a social worker. From what I know on TV, they all look tired and the situations are very difficult.

How To Become A Social Worker With A Bachelor's Degree

Until I watched “Judging Amy,” a TV show about a young judge and her Social Services Social Worker mother, their lives occasionally intersected. Watching episodes with kids from difficult situations or teenagers with no one filled me with anger. And I change the channel often.

How To Become A Social Worker In Australia With A Salary Guide

From a young age, I know that at some point in my life I will take care of a child without a family, and I would like to adopt or adopt them as my own. I didn’t know how or why it would happen, but I just knew it had to.

In fact, I like to tell this story often about the first time I met my husband; During our second phone call, I asked her, “What do you think about being a foster parent one day” and she quickly replied, “she would love them.” his own ».

He passed the test: He passed, not just being a foster parent (which we don’t have yet), but someone who cares for something bigger than our “own”. That’s how I thought my immediate family should survive.

Whitney M. Young, a social worker and organizer/speaker at the March on Washington, was quoted as saying, “Everyone is a brother, and we are responsible.” of each person. Poverty exists and everyone is poorer. If there is hatred, everything is rotten. In places where injustice prevails, everyone is not equal.”

How To Become An Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

When I entered college, and even years before that, the idea of ​​becoming a social worker seemed like a no-brainer to me. Work in situations that make me feel bad and sad, and move on? Don’t you see a way to help in many situations? To be unappreciated and hot?

Although these ideas seem far-fetched to me now, my desire for “heart” and “surge when I see those most in need” is what kept me from considering Social Work as a college major. Despite the fact that I joined the organizations at university founded by social workers, despite the fact that I always managed everything, I participated in the work with orphanages and helping the needy.

So in 2008 I changed my major to social work and have loved this field ever since. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Florida State University in 2010. It was all about my interests. Social work is a diverse and multifaceted field that includes everything from Child Welfare (which I personally lead) to gerontology to substance abuse. Its connections are far and wide. The Council on Social Work Education defines social work as “a profession that strives to help people do the best they can in their environment.”

Additionally, the Council on Social Work Education states, “Social workers are a diverse group of professionals who have the power to help improve the lives of individuals, communities, and society. They have many histories of advocacy for social, economic, and environmental justice. , advocate for human rights, provide services to clients in every part of the world, and provide opportunities for lifelong learning.”

Tips On Answering Social Worker Interview Questions

Becoming a social worker requires special education. Learn how long and what schooling is required to become a social worker.

It takes about six years to become a social worker. The total time it takes to become a social worker depends on the degree you choose to earn and the type of social work services you want to provide. It takes four years to earn a Bachelor of Social Work, one or two years to earn a Bachelor of Social Work. You should also consider the time it takes to pass the licensing exams required by your jurisdiction.

My journey in social work has not been a straight path. I loved working in Child Welfare when I first started and, like many welfare workers, burned out after a while. I would like to say that God bought my feelings of “hope” by watching difficult situations to grow my relationship with Him. The healing God says: Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, that I may teach you, for I am meek and lowly in heart, and you shall find rest for your souls. My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” – Matthew 11:28-30

When I left the field, I was completely lost, and God delivered most of the secondary problems and circumstances surrounding my rest from the field. Ten years after that I got my Master’s Degree in Social Work, and I was able to start working with Lifeline Children’s Services, where caring is at the forefront of the work. I do, but this is the main point of the Gospel. Our mission as Lifeline is to “equip the body of Christ to present the Gospel to vulnerable children,”; and we see ourselves as servants to sell birth families, their children and those who need the Gospel (all of us).

How To Become A Social Worker: A Detailed Guide

The main difference between clinical workers and legal social workers is what each is allowed to do. All social workers can connect clients with resources and offer guidance in difficult situations, but only clinical social workers can provide counseling treatment.

Licensed Clinical Social Workers: LCSWs must earn a master’s degree, complete supervised work experience, and pass a clinical level board exam to become licensed. Once licensed, they can work without a mental health screening. LCSWs examine patients, create treatment plans, and meet with clients to implement treatment.

Social Worker: The term “social worker” refers to professionals in appropriate social service positions. Some of these social workers have bachelor’s degrees, others have master’s degrees, but do not have clinical licenses. They work in schools, healthcare organizations or government agencies (such as the Department of Family Services).

I advise anyone who wants to become a social worker who may be turned off by the field to really dig into why. Maybe God is calling you to help the defenseless? Who needs support in a wide variety of areas: hospitals, criminal justice, child welfare, domestic violence, even at a macro level in a non-profit organization? There is room for a lot of diversity in my field of love and a strong group of people who do these necessary things every day. It is not always easy. But the Bible says: “You will have trouble in this world. But take heart! I have conquered the world.” John 16:33 NIV. Jesus came as a servant; I see my garden as part of serving God.

How To Become A Social Worker In Australia

I chose social work because I really want to support, love, support and be in a helping field. Social work, guided by Ethical Theory, values ​​the maintenance of this need and boundaries. Our ethical principles as defined by the NASW are Service, Social Justice, Human Rights and Values, Importance of Human Relations and Ethics.

This means that life must serve at a higher level than we can enjoy ourselves. Over the past thirteen years, from working the roster with families and children in the foster care system to volunteering in group homes, to now checking out of a Christian charity licensing program for my charity ministry, I have grown closer to God and I have found ways to showing a tired heart to God for hope and strength through the Holy Spirit to also lead those who are in despair there.

March is National Social Worker month, and I invite you to give someone a hug if you know them. When I think of all the different places where the social workers are, I think of these verses, “Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and every disease. And when he saw the thousands, his compassion for them increased, because they were heavy and scattered like sheep without a shepherd. He said to his disciples: The harvest is great, but the laborers are few. Matthew 9:35-37.

I am grateful and thank God for my community partners around the world who work and work for the Lord.

Bringing The Meaning In Life: Why I Want To Be A Social Worker: [essay Example], 964 Words Gradesfixer

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