How To Become A Virtual Assistant Uk

How To Become A Virtual Assistant Uk – Wondering how to become a virtual assistant in the UK? This is an exciting opportunity if you want to continue your professional career, from the comfort of your own home.

No long commutes or smelly trains to endure, work as many or as few hours as you want, a flexible schedule to fit your kids or other commitments… and super interesting work. The list goes on. What more could you ask for?!

How To Become A Virtual Assistant Uk

At, you get these benefits, plus you join a community of other virtual assistants to keep you company, get a guaranteed salary, access to vacation coverage when you’re away, and your choice of who you want to work with from a client base full of interesting small business owners to support. Oh, and if you’re not happy with a customer you support, just let us know.

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Of course, there are also some caveats to watch out for. In this guide we will tell you how to become a virtual assistant in the UK; both how you do it on your own and touch a bit on how it compares to working as a VA on.

Well, it’s not entirely clear. The term “Virtual Assistant” is incredibly broad – someone who helps someone else,

Some VAs choose to specialize in specific areas; whether it is financial administration, payroll and accounting, or digital marketing. Still others support their customers with a wide range of tasks (take a look at our services page).

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Do. One of the main advantages of working as a virtual assistant is that you have full control over the services you offer.

However, to give you a clearer starting point, 80% of the work we do for clients is mainly executive assistant support. It can become:

Apart from the above, we then have a third and final category: virtual marketing support. Again, this reflects another area that many virtual assistants (partially or not) can usually provide their support.

So the first step is to define what services you are going to offer – whether they are very specialized or a much wider range of tasks. Again, determine your list of services based on what you feel you are good at

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Avoid the mentality that you should do something you have not previously gained experience with. It is also recommended not to prioritize money over your happiness! In the long run, spending hours of your time each week on tasks you either feel uncomfortable with or simply don’t enjoy doing is not sustainable.

Take the time to explore this: do you want to build a reputation and therefore generate more client referrals (ie more people to support with this type of work!) in this area? If so, you are onto a winning strategy. If not, you should probably leave it on your list!

If you want to find out how to become a virtual assistant in the UK (although this advice applies everywhere else in the world too!), you first need to decide exactly how to ‘package’ your business.

The option you choose will determine how you are paid by your customers, as well as a number of tax and legal considerations you need to keep in mind.

How To Become A Virtual Assistant (with No Experience)

It is very common that if someone wants to become a virtual assistant, they will work as a freelance virtual assistant.

You must start by registering as a self-employed person; tell HMRC that you intend to run your own business. It is a very simple process that can be done online in a few minutes. There are pros and cons to this approach:

When you work as a freelancer, there is no legal difference between you and your company. This means that customers pay

And, importantly, you are personally liable for any debts or legal obligations. This means that it is particularly important to have good insurance in place to cover your work as a virtual assistant.

For Aspiring Virtual Assistants

Likewise, you should ensure that your own name and address appear on any invoices you send out. You can also display a ‘trade as’ name for branding purposes, but this should not be the only name shown on the invoice.

For example, your invoices can be labeled “Magic VA Solutions” and even display their own logo. However, your invoice must show ‘Sally Smith (t/a Magic VA Solutions)’ followed by your address, and not just ‘Magic VA Solutions’ – in legal terms, Magic VA Solutions does not exist as its own legal entity.

This is the easiest way to set up, with far less paperwork than registering a limited company. It will be very easy to keep your own records and you will simply need to declare your income (minus incurred business expenses) on your annual tax return.

If you want to earn a monthly income working as a virtual assistant and have no plans to expand beyond that, working as a freelancer is probably the best option for you. You can even outsource work to other VAs (known as ‘associates’) under this business structure.

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However, if you intend to hire other team members to delegate work to and grow the business rather than working for clients yourself, it may be an idea to explore establishing a limited company – either now or in the future.

Starting a limited company is a less common approach to becoming a virtual assistant in the UK, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t the best approach either.

Registering a company online with Companies House takes a few minutes, but you may prefer to ask an accountant to do this for you and then manage your company’s finances going forward.

Running a limited company is a little different. Your company is its own legal entity – you are effectively a caretaker and employee of that company, although you may be the sole owner. This may be difficult to understand at first, but in practice it means:

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Remember that your company is its own legal entity. It makes deals, buys things, sells things… just like a person can, but it isn’t

Separating yourself and your business has a number of benefits. If you already work a constant number of hours per week, there are probably some tax benefits to be had – you should talk to your accountant about this.

It’s also much easier to scale your business, if that’s what you want to do. For example:

While some of this can be offset by tax savings (compared to being self-employed), you’ll need to hire an accountant to prepare your annual accounts and perhaps manage a monthly salary if that’s how you want to draw your income from the company.

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There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to each business structure and you should always seek professional advice. In the end, it all comes down to your goals and your target audience (see the marketing section below).

It’s also perfectly OK to keep it small and chip away at the time invested in growing a standalone company!

Take some time to think. Why YOU want to know how to become a virtual assistant today; what is your dream Where do you see your company in 5 years?

Many VAs are looking for a more practical way to enter the industry, without having to build their own business from scratch. The benefits of working for (or even any of our competitors) will include:

Virtual Assistant Resume Examples & Job Description

The bottom line is that there is a very valid third option – work as a virtual assistant at another company, either instead of or alongside your own virtual assistant business.

Do you want to know how to become a virtual assistant with ? Read more about our events. Promote your virtual assistant business

If you’re going it alone, you need to think about how to market your new business to potential customers.

It’s easy to jump right into starting a marketing campaign, but let’s rewind for a second and start by deciding exactly

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It doesn’t have to be an exact science. The idea is to form a picture in your mind of your ideal clients. Who is this person?

Now let’s help them! It is a common, but often fatal, mistake for any business owner to first decide what their business will offer,

Then decide who to target and how to market your product or service to that person. This is completely the wrong approach!

Before you decide what to sell, you need to figure out who will buy and, most importantly, what they want to buy.

Starting A Virtual Assistant Business

The best way to add value to a customer and their business is to solve a problem for them. Customers will pay you to solve their problems; they will pay more and stay longer the more important the problem you solve (and the harder they find it to go elsewhere).

Think of the end benefit to your client (“I’ll save you 5 hours every week, which you can use to play golf”)

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