How To Become An Army Ranger Medic

How To Become An Army Ranger Medic – 1/3 Show text + Hide text – Sgt. Derrick Bosley discusses the issue during the 2016 Best in Medicine Competition at Fort Sam Houston, Texas on October 27, 2016. Bosley and his fellow staff members. Noah Mitchell won the competition at the awards ceremony on October 28, 2016… (Photo Credit: USA) View Original View

3/3 Show text + Hide text – Staff Sgt. Noah Mitchell assisted Sgt. Derrick Bosley negotiates obstacles during the 2016 Best in Medicine competition at Fort Sam Houston, Texas on October 27, 2016. The two won the competition at an awards ceremony on October 28, 2016. Owner… (Photo Credit: USA) View original

How To Become An Army Ranger Medic

FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas (NEWS SERVICE) – With just a week’s notice, Sgt. Derrick Bosley knew he would be competing for 72 hours to be named the best combat medic.

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The 33-year-old Ranger worked with Staff Sgt. Directed by Noah Mitchell for the San Antonio-area Best Medicine Contest. Original partner and back-up partner Mitchell was injured before the start of the race, preventing their participation.

“I looked at him and said, ‘I think we’re going to get to this point and just go with it,'” Mitchell recalled.

As the Rangers continue to train at a high level, Mitchell, 26, said he’s not worried about his newest teammate’s performance.

“I hope and know what he can do because he’s an NCO in the Ranger Medical Regiment,” he said. “There’s no throwing the ball because we know that’s not what we’re supposed to do.”

U.s. Army Ranger Airborne Combat Medics

Essentially second in command as team members, the two won first place Friday after representing Special Operations Command in the annual competition, in which skilled combat medics from all disciplines compete against each other in several physically and mentally demanding missions.

This year, two more than 30 teams competed for the coveted statuette award, a competition dedicated to the commanding officer. Maj. Jack Clark, a former veteran leader of the Medical Command, emphasizes the critical role that medical personnel play.

After braving the sweltering heat and rough terrain of rural Texas, Mitchell and Bosley can claim the prize.

“There’s no doubt in my mind,” Bosley said. “Either we win, or we come back and win next year, it’s one of them.”

Original U.s. Wwii D Day 5th Ranger Battalion Combat Medic Named Uniform Grouping

They say the game is modeled after The Best Guardians and is no walk in the park.

“It was a lot harder than we thought,” Bosley said, adding that some parts of the race really tested their skills. “There’s a lot of tough competition, and some creative treatments.”

Sergeant Jarrod Table and Sgt. Matthew Evans of the 10th Mountain Division finished second in the race, followed by Capt. Jeremiah Beck and Sec. Seong Lee of the 2nd Infantry Division took third place.

After the command has won the honor, the commanding officer. Maj. Gerald Ecker, the veteran leader of the Medical Command, addressed all medics at Friday’s awards ceremony.

U.s. Army Sgt. Henry Lorenzen, A Flight Medic, Uses A Jaws Of Life Spreader To Pry

“The only certainty in war is that we will lose,” he said. That’s where you come in – combat medics.” “You are the front line.”

Specialist medical personnel will be more needed in the future, he said, as multidisciplinary concepts emerge and change the battlefield.

He said, “We will fight anonymously.” “Thankfully, we have skilled and dedicated medical professionals like you. “So today is a very proud day for the medical world.” Gen. Nadja West, left, Army doctor and commanding general. Army Medical Command Maj. Gerald Ecker, right, with staff members. Joseph Rangel and Staff Sgt. Richard Philbin, winner of the 2017 Army Medical Excellence Award. (Rebecca Westfold/Army)

Staff Sgt. Joseph Rangel and Staff Sgt. Richard Philbin of the 75th Guards Regiment won the 2017 Army Best of Medicine Competition held Oct. 29-Nov. 2 at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, and Camp Bullis, Texas.

With Short Notice Shakeup, Rangers Become Army’s Best Medics

During the 72-hour challenge, 56 troops competed in two teams of medical simulation tactical scenarios, according to a release from the US Army Medical Command.

The competition is open to all Soldiers who have earned the Specialist Field Medical Badge or the Combat Medical Badge. According to the release, medics were tested on pistol and rifle marks, surface navigation and direct medical duties.

“We were really surprised, after winning the marquee award I thought it was going to be our streak, I definitely didn’t expect [to win], but I know Joe and I have been pushing hard and doing well as a team,” Philbin said.

While Rangel and Philbin have never competed in the competition before, they are counterparts who have done similar endurance feats in the U.S. Army’s Best Guardsmen competition. Rangel said he gave them advice on how to proceed.

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“They have instructions for us to stretch out the intervals between each activity, make sure to stay hydrated and always make sure we don’t push ourselves to the limit,” Rangel said. “Don’t try and get first place in everything, but try and get in the top five so we have some fuel for the next event or track.”

Leading up to the race, the 75th Guards Regiment’s natural deployment period prepared the duo ideally.

“We practice our normal SOPs and protocols during training. We did it with what we had,” Rangel said.

When talking to the competitors after the event, the command. Maj. Gerald C. Ecker of the US Army Medical Command explained the importance of the event beyond bragging rights.

Wip 2010 Ranger Medic Impression, Kit List Below

“This [competition] is a test that prepares you for the ultimate test on the battlefield — to go back to your seat and share your advantage,” Ecker said.

Kyle Rempfer is an editor and reporter covering combat operations, criminal cases, foreign military aid and training events. Before entering journalism, Kyle served in the US Air Force Special Tactics. And in 2014, it was deployed in Paktika Province, Afghanistan and Baghdad, Iraq.

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US Army medics or health care specialists treat wounded soldiers. They provide emergency treatment to soldiers on the front lines, as well as health care services in hospitals and clinics. With proper training, a health care professional can progress to become the equivalent of a physician assistant or special operations medical officer.

Blanchfield, 101st Soldiers Moving Forward To Army Best Medic Competition

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Army combat medics provide emergency care to wounded soldiers on the front lines, as well as maintain health in hospitals and clinics. If you are interested in becoming one, you should meet with a local Army recruiter to discuss whether you qualify for the job. In general, Army combat medics must score at least 107 on the Army Entrance Exam, have an abbreviated ASVAB, and pass a physical exam. The ASVB test is a multiple-choice test that helps you determine which career is best for you. After enlistment, basic combat training typically lasts 10 weeks and 16 to 68 weeks. You will then be assigned to a position where you will undergo further training to become a pharmacist. study

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