How To Become Google Partner

How To Become Google Partner – There are many reasons why a digital agency should apply to become a Google Certified Partner, but all of them will help your agency to be perceived better and more satisfactorily by your current and future customers. Learn how and why to become a Google Partner in this blog.

In 2016, more than 13,000 advertising agencies were operating in the United States alone. These many agencies are competing for the same pie. The point is that starting a digital agency is not that difficult. In fact, it is one of the easiest businesses to make and make money from because the barriers to entry and startup are very low. All these forces combine into a melting pot of increased competition and an increasing challenge to stand out from the crowd.

How To Become Google Partner

One way to stand out from your competition and build trust with potential customers is to become a Google Verified Partner and prominently display the Partner badge on your website. As we do:

Google Partners Program Resources

The Google Partner Program is designed to help digital marketing agencies, consultants, and other marketing professionals demonstrate their ability to manage Google Ads accounts. If you are certified by Google as a partner, it means that your team has passed a series of Google Ads competency tests and assessments to obtain the appropriate certifications.

As a Google Certified Partner, you get a badge that you can then display on your website. This badge is awarded based on your employee credibility, customer performance, and a pre-defined Google ad spend threshold. There is a Google Partner badge as well as a Preferred Google Partner badge based on your monthly and recurring advertising spend.

There are many reasons why a digital agency should apply to become a Google Certified Partner, but all of them will help your agency to be perceived better and more satisfactorily by your current and future customers.

The “evidence” you provide of the results achieved for your clients is a key factor in determining your credibility with potential clients. People won’t believe what you say about your organization unless you have third-party proof that it’s legitimate.

Help Customers Optimize Demanding Workloads On Intel Based Instances

When you think of evidence, the first thing that comes to mind is your customer testimonial or case study. Yes, this is strong evidence that you can use to speed up the trust building process. There are over 40 different types of testimonials that you can use to enhance your agency’s credibility. They are shown in the infographic below:

One of these 42 elements of proof is “third-party verification.” If you can get an endorsement from a reputable organization (like Google) and show that your service offering matches, it can ease the anxiety of new leads. This means the Google Verified Partner badge.

Your organization’s value proposition is largely an intangible concept. Basically, it is the trust of your customers that you will deliver on your promises and help them grow their business by using your marketing skills. Google Partner Certification improves the acceptance of your offer to potential customers by reinforcing your claims during the sales process.

For example, the Google Partner Program allows you to create company attributes that represent the entity’s identity in Google Ads. , we specialize in search ads, display ads, mobile ads, video ads and shopping ads – all listed on our partner page:

Google & Amazon Advertising

The screenshot above shows what the Google Partner page looks like. The information on these pages is somewhat basic and it is unlikely that a potential customer will accidentally land on this page. However, the main benefit of becoming a Google Certified Partner is that you will be listed on their Marketing Platform Partners page. It can be a great addition to your organization.

On this partners page, you can search for qualified marketing agencies by business specialty and geography through verified partners:

The Google Partner Program gives your employees access to exclusive training and online certifications to improve their skills through the Google Ads Academy:

As a Google Partner, you have direct customer access to the Google team via phone, chat and email. You can also participate in Google Partner Communities, which are managed by Google and supported by many community members.

Google’s Online Advertising Partners Program

The advertiser community gives you the opportunity to ask questions, learn how to improve your agency, make connections with like-minded marketers, and share experiences with your peers.

A lesser-known benefit of becoming a Google Certified Partner is that it can give your organization access to new products and beta features before anyone else. This gives them a competitive advantage over other non-partner agencies to be able to use new features for months before they are available to the general public. Of course, this is another selling point that you can discuss with your future customers.

In short, you must demonstrate Google Ads credibility and prove it by spending at least $10,000 on Google Ads within a 90-day period and delivering consistent results for your clients.

Becoming a Google Certified Partner will help your organization stand out from the noisy world of digital marketing services. This small but powerful badge can be placed on any page of your website to give your business the social proof and credibility it needs. Not to mention the exposure, training and networking opportunities that an affiliate program opens up.

Why Your Agency Should Be A Google Certified Partner?

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Let us walk you through the process of becoming a Google Partner and displaying that coveted badge on your website. By enrolling in the Google Partners program, your business can develop a closer relationship by promoting Google Partner status.

Being a partner means your company is recognized for improving client campaign results, facilitating client growth through careful campaign management, and your Google Ads expertise is demonstrated through certifications.

Google Ads Partners

As a partner, your business unlocks additional benefits, including the privilege of displaying the Google Partners badge on your website and promotional materials.

Google Partners is a marketing program for advertising agencies or third parties that manage Google advertising accounts. As a partner, organizations have access to a number of benefits, including special events and training, industry research and more.

Becoming a partner not only validates your agency’s expertise in the eyes of potential clients, but also gives you access to a number of exclusive benefits that will help your business grow.

The Google Partner badge serves as proof of an organization’s expertise in Google Ads, demonstrating a proven track record of using Google Ads (pay-per-click) advertising for PPC.

Indicio Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

This further means that the agency pays a significant monthly cost of advertising on behalf of its clients.

This accreditation is represented by a Google Partner badge that is prominently displayed on the organization’s website, along with a collection of certifications that the organization and its members have earned through Google Academy.

After meeting the requirements to obtain Google Partner status, the organization has the freedom to choose a dynamic or static badge. A static badge can be added to various marketing materials, while an animated badge is best for displaying on your website.

To become a Google Partner, an organization must first create a company profile on Google Partners. This profile allows Google to evaluate your organization’s performance and ensure that you meet the program’s requirements.

Free Advertising On Google For Beginners

Your agency must meet the 90-day ad spend requirement on your managed accounts to demonstrate that your business is healthy and that you are running campaigns for your clients.

Google will evaluate your organization’s Google Ads skills and experience by looking to see if your team members have earned Google Ads certifications from Skillshop.

The first step to becoming a Google Partner is to create a Google Ads Manager account. This account allows you to manage multiple Google Ads accounts from one place.

Then, your organization must meet the performance requirements of strong overall revenue and growth and maintaining and growing your customer base.

Become A Chrome Enterprise Partner

Your team members must pass Google Ads certification exams in areas related to agency services.

Once you become a Google Partner, you’ll receive a Google Partner badge that you can display on your website and marketing materials.

Google partners have access to Google beta features. This means you can test new features and use them before they are released to the general public.

As a Google Partner, you get additional support from Google,

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