How To Get A Fake Bachelor Degree

How To Get A Fake Bachelor Degree – “We are all vulnerable.” investigation found hundreds of Canadians with fake degrees | Report has been uploaded

A market survey conducted by the world’s largest diploma mill company shows that many Canadians are willing to put their health and well-being in the hands of nurses, engineers, counselors and other professionals with fake credentials.

How To Get A Fake Bachelor Degree

Asha Tomlinson of the Marketplace confronted Gilbert Koreses about his PhD in biblical counseling from the University of Alameda, a fake school that claims to be based in Boise, Idaho. ()

Match College Diploma For Canada Diploma Press

UPDATE: After this story was published, attorney Gilbert Kores contacted Marketplace and shared his master’s degree in social work from the University of the Philippines.

The outlet also obtained a 25-page journal that Correces said he wrote for his PhD at the University of Almeda. He also said that he understood that Almeda had accepted his job and supported him.

Market research by the world’s largest diploma mill has found that many Canadians are willing to put their health and well-being in the hands of nurses, engineers, counselors and other professionals with fake credentials.

Fake diplomas are a billion-dollar industry, experts say, and Marketplace has acquired the business records of its biggest player, Pakistani IT company Axact. The team spent months studying thousands of sales pitches, analyzing personal data and social media profiles of customers.

Ways To Identify A Fake Degree Certificate

“Remember this is just one project,” said former FBI agent Allen Ezell, who has investigated the diplomatic cycle for decades. “This doesn’t give you the full picture of how much is being sold at all schools in Canada.”

Former FBI agent Allen Ezell estimates that half of the new doctorates awarded each year in the US are fake. ()

He said the impact of fake diplomas is twofold. They lower the quality of the law that people spend years and thousands of dollars getting into. Most importantly, professionals such as engineers and health workers without the appropriate skills and experience can put the public at risk.

“We all have the potential to harm any professional without the training they have,” Ezell said.

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Axact’s school website is bright, and names like Harvey University, Barkley University, and Nixon University give the US schools that claim to be in the Ivy League a reality.

There are hundreds of schools connected to Axact that offer a variety of learning opportunities, with professors ready to help 24/7. Some schools even have an admissions confirmation section for anyone who requests a transcript or proof of attendance.

But none of the schools have a physical address, faculty photos are often photographs, and even the admissions office listed on the website is fake.

One can qualify for a high school diploma, bachelor’s degree, master’s or doctorate based on “life experience” and buy them for just a few hundred dollars.

Usa College And University Diploma State Design

As Marketplace discovered, Axact customers aren’t shy about promoting their titles on their LinkedIn profiles or proudly displaying them on their company walls.

Gilbert Correses needed no prompting before showing his credentials to two undercover Marketplace reporters posing as a couple seeking advice in his Toronto office.

“Those are my credentials there,” Correses said, pointing to a doctorate in biblical counseling from Almeda University.

Correces was hired as an independent contractor by A1 Consulting. According to his A1 profile, he is a counselor, social worker and psychologist who specializes in helping people overcome substance abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder and child abuse. .

How To Buy Fake University Of Melbourne Diploma? By Concepciostate17845

“I went [to the United States] to work and study at the same time,” he said of working on his journal at the University of Alameda in Boise, Idaho.

But the PhD at Correces alma mater is a lie. The University of Almeda is associated with the Axact International Diploma Factory program and is not a graduate school with a diploma. There are no universities, only websites where customers can exchange “life experiences” and money for degrees.

“Counselor” is not a protected title in Ontario, meaning that anyone can call themselves a counselor regardless of their credentials. “Psychotherapist” and “social worker” are reserved titles that require a degree of education and local registration with relevant professionals.

Therapy and counseling is not only a good job, it can cause harm. – Dr. Alan Leschied, psychologist and professor at Western University

Msm College Washes Its Hands Of Fake Degree Row; Mulls Legal Action Against Nikhil Thomas

Correces is a registered social worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers. But this outlet can’t find his name in the University of Ontario’s Registered Psychotherapists database.

Dr Alan Lesheed, a psychologist and professor at the Western University of London, said it is absurd that people can work with incredible credentials.

“You don’t expose things that are personal, inappropriate, targeted at you… If you’re telling these stories because you’re trying to see your customers in some way… those is a gross violation. “

The camera caught it. man got counseling with a fake degree 6 years ago Duration 2:02 Featured Video Gilbert Koresses caught on camera working as a counselor with a fake degree in biblical counseling.

Can I Order Fake Western Governors University Diploma Online? By 吴文凭

To see what it would take to get a fake degree, Market Place, using the Peter Ma Luck anagram and with the help of ex-FBI agent Allen Ezell, decided to buy a doctorate in biblical counseling from the University of Alameda as that hung on the wall of Corres. . .

Eligibility for PhD is not difficult. Luck talked to University of Alameda “Professor Keith Evans” on the phone about his previous work experience and education. It is immediately qualified without ever giving a resume.

Evans tried to sell his doctorate at Luck Gatesville University, another Axact-affiliated school that said it was based in Stockton, California.

Luck insisted on a degree from the University of Alameda, so Gatesville University came back with a package. in psychology from Gatesville University and in biblical counseling from Almeida University for $3,200. After complaints about the high price, Gatesville lowered it to $2,500.

Fake College & University Diplomas And Transcripts

The package arrived in the mail a few weeks later, but there was a problem. only one degree applied, a PhD in psychology from Gatesville University.

After weeks of hounding Gatesville University about a missing student for Almeda University’s biblical counseling doctorate, the school sent Luck another degree, this time by email.

A PhD in Marketing and Biblical Counseling, similar to that hung in Gilbert Koreses office in Toronto. ()

With the help of former users, court documents and online digital methods, Marketplace can identify more than 100 fake online schools and organizations that support Axact.

Fake Diploma Samples From Usa

Yasir Jamshed, a former assurance officer at the company, said that 95 percent of education clients “are frauds themselves.”

They knew they were buying something that wasn’t true, but they still bought it. They are not innocent.”

But he said that when he sued Axact in early 2015, he refunded about $600,000 to about 20 customers he believed had been defrauded. He said that some of the clients used tens of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands. Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars.

“You can tell that in his conscience this man needs a good education,” he said. “This boy or girl or woman can’t go to school and work… and they are really the victims.”

Buy Replacement College And University Diplomas And Degrees, Usa

Pakistani authorities raided Axact after the New York Times published a story about the company, Jamshaid said. After the company was shut down, authorities seized hundreds of thousands of degrees, certificates and other documents from his office. Many leaders have been appointed. None of them were convicted.

Umair Hameed, Axact’s international assistant vice president, pleaded guilty in April in New York’s Southern District Court to conspiracy to commit wire fraud. (Elizabeth Williams)

But in December 2016, the FBI arrested Umair Hamid, Axact’s vice president for international affairs, who was trying to open a bank account in the United States. He initially pleaded not guilty, but in April pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy. fraud in the Southern District Court of New York.

Hamid was sentenced to 21 months in prison in August. He was also ordered to forfeit more than five million dollars.

Fake College Diplomas And Transcripts — Universty Sets

This is one of Axact’s offices in Islamabad, Pakistan. The marketplace obtained the company’s business records, which showed that more than 800 people in Canada had bought fake diplomas. ()

In a written response, Axact’s U.S. attorney Todd A. Holman said the company does not own or operate any educational [sic] websites or schools, and there is no evidence that Axact has or has is operating any site. website [sic] or school”.

Holman said the diploma mill was developed by Axact’s customers, and that it “does not endorse or support any illegal or fraudulent activity by its customers, which are independent businesses.”

“It’s everyone’s problem,” he said. “People should do their homework when they enroll in school.

Tampa Bay Area Police, Firefighters, Engineers Buy Fake College Diplomas

“Then it goes to their employer after they’ve been given permission to investigate. And then, if you find anything wrong, report it to law enforcement.”

Forgery is a misdemeanor that can lead to jail time, said Michael Jaski, a Toronto criminal lawyer.

“If you act on the basis of a document knowing and believing that it is not authentic, you may fall for the violation,

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