How To Get A Private Pilots License

How To Get A Private Pilots License – I finally got my FAA Private Pilot Certificate or Private Pilot License (PPL)! It seems surreal, but I can fly with my family and friends. This journey took almost a year and I sacrificed a lot in terms of time, money and many other things.

With my San Diego Flying Training International (SDFTI) instructors Charles and Luke in the Cessna 172R (N2441E) I did my first lesson, solo and supervised.

How To Get A Private Pilots License

The first time I got on a plane, I was 10 years old, and I was going on vacation to Australia with my family. Since then, I’ve always wondered what it’s like to be the pilot of an airplane, not a passenger. This is what I knew I felt in my blood.

Learn To Fly At The Best Van Nuys, California Flight School In 2023

And some of the decisions I regret today, like not joining the Youth Aero Club when I was younger, I never had the opportunity to do so. Although I joined a group in the form of NCC (Air) when I was in high school. I put that idea aside and just focused on learning my way through the Singaporean education system until I got my degree in computer science.

In September 2017 my friend Joyce told me that her private pilot friend Roger was going to take to the skies in his Socata TB-10 at Senai Airport in Malaysia and I jumped! I wrote about my experience on this fun ride in this post.

That’s when I decided to pursue the big goal of getting my PPL at least at a young age. One of my colleagues once said to me, “Whatever you want to do, do it while you’re young. It’s a small task. If you wait too long, you’ll get it.” If you’re 30 or older, you may not have time.” Good advice.

I first saw them online when I was looking for flight schools. What caught my attention was that they offered a program for students to take some basic courses in Singapore to assess their flying skills and enrich us with the basics.

Private Pilot Licence » Lanseria Flight Centre

If we pass the courses, we have the opportunity to go to San Diego Flying Training International (SDFTI) for practical training and FAA PPL.

It looks like it could be used for space training so I don’t have to use a real plane to keep my skills.

More information on this topic can be found in my next blog post: Flight School Considerations for PPL – The Singaporean View.

Minimum age of 30 years for foreign model pilots. I have heard that getting a study visa is a long process

Private Pilot Licence

CAAS is very attractive because I can stay at home, but the idea of ​​spreading part-time studies over 1-2 years is too long and bad for retention. The weather in the hot weather of Singapore and Malaysia is not suitable for flight training. It’s also expensive, so consider the cost of plane rental and landing fees in Singapore.

CAAM is cheaper, but it seems like Malaysia is 30 years old for foreigners, I haven’t been there yet. Also, the weekly trips across the street for months or years, I didn’t like.

I was very excited about the idea of ​​getting a US FAA PPL license because I could fly US/N registered planes if needed.

Note that an N-reg airline can also operate a CAAS PPL (restricted or unrestricted), but only within Singapore.

How Hard Is It Getting A Pilots Licene?

“When operating an aircraft in a foreign country, a pilot’s license issued by that country may be used.” (FAR 61.3, a, v)

However, N-reg flight hours cannot be used to meet CAAS PPL annual validity requirements.

The US license also does not expire and is less expensive to maintain, as it requires a biennial flight review to maintain PIC privileges.

By the way, if you have Singapore PPL it is easy to convert to FAA PPL. However, the validity and limitations of the FAA PPL depend on the validity and limitations of the foreign license.

Dc Teen Becomes One Of The Youngest Pilots In The Nation

“A person who holds a foreign pilot license at the private pilot level or higher issued by a convention on International Civil Aviation may apply for a United States private pilot certificate with the rate applicable if the foreign pilot license meets the requirements of this section. . He is subject to restrictions on the person’s US certificate and foreign pilot’s license while exercising the privileges of that US pilot’s certificate on a US-registered aircraft operating in, or outside the United States;” (FAR 61.75)

I just missed the second batch of students so I waited till April 2018 to join the third batch of students.

The training consists of weekly sessions on the ground and in the simulator for 3 months.

From our first ground lesson, I learned by analogy that we would be moving to the area around Montgomery Field (KMYF). If we can complete this local project, our ultimate goal is to complete operational training at San Diego Flying Training International (SDFTI), where KMYF is used as an airport.

The Private Pilot License Defined And Understood

A simulator can never replace a real airplane, but it has many capabilities and is very close to many aspects of an airplane. My teacher Captain Kumeran took full advantage of these benefits.

It is an excellent tool for learning the techniques and use of tools in a cocktail in a comfortable environment. I learned to fly and control.

If we make a mistake, we can restart the simulation and do it. Emergency procedures are good to practice in the simulator, just like in the airplane, we can only call and touch the controls, but not change. In the simulator we can do things like turn off the engine.

The FAA requires that pilots undergo a medical examination by FAA-designated Aviation Medical Examiners (AME). As mentioned here, a minimum of third class is required as a private pilot. Basically, if possible, the treatment should be done here in Singapore, so if there is a problem, you won’t have to find out until your appointment is over, or worse, have to make an expensive trip to the US.

What Can You Do With A Private Pilot License

There are only a few FAA-designated medical professionals in Singapore, but the easiest way to make an appointment is with Dr. Firdos Medora at his Paya Lebar clinic. Even so, the appointment, for me, should be arranged about 1 week in advance.

Looking back, I took too long to come to the US. Fortunately, I don’t have any health problems and I can continue, but I advise people to get a medical check-up as soon as possible to find out if there is a problem. A Class 3 medical certificate is valid for 60 calendar months for those under the age of 40, so there is plenty of time.

This process will take about 1.5 months, so I have to start earlier, but there is no delay.

Singapore is part of the US Visa Waiver Program. So, if we’re going to the US for business or pleasure, we just need to apply for an ESTA and we’re good to go. However, since I am studying technology in the US, I need to apply for a visa. Flight training is considered professional education, so I need an M-1 visa.

Private Pilot Licence (ppl)

This was my first time applying for a visa, so I wasn’t sure about the process. Singaporeans are very lucky to have visa-free travel rights to many countries until this situation occurs.

FlightSchool.SG helped with my application. Basically, SDFTI had to send me an I-20 form to admit me into the school, and then I applied to the US embassy for a visa. There are many steps to follow, documents to submit, fees to be paid, and finally, the interview at the embassy.

I messed up my interview because I forgot to take my bank statement to show how much money I have to pay for my schooling. I can’t show that I’m using the phone because I have to send it to the maintenance center. If this document was not available during the interview, I was asked to come again. To avoid another trip, Devinder quickly sent me to Tanglin Mall, where I told the sales people there to print a bank statement and quickly return to the emperor. Fortunately, everything went well the second time around! It taught me an important lesson in organizing all my papers.

Reflections after 2 weeks of PPL training in the USA I became a private pilot and this is what I have to say: Part (2-2) in San DiegoA 2006 private bridge pilot certificate from the United States. Earlier editions were printed on cards, with a different design.

Different Pilot Licenses Explained

Private Pilot License (PPL)

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