How To Get Into Car Sales With No Experience

How To Get Into Car Sales With No Experience – Most test drives in Canada do not have sales advisors on the car Is it considered a “good selling business” or a new practice due to the pandemic and current inventory shortages?

Obviously, sales consultants and customers can’t, and shouldn’t, get together in cars during a pandemic, but what about today?

How To Get Into Car Sales With No Experience

Yes, I also know that we don’t always have vehicles to show due to inventory challenges What about representative new vehicles and used vehicles?

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In my travels I am constantly told that consumers run unsafe trials, but nowhere, and I mean nowhere, can I find any research to back it up.

In addition, I work with dealers in Canada and the United States, often working at the showroom level and talking directly with customers. When I see a skilled sales consultant take a customer on a “dynamic” test drive, I rarely consider any backlash or negative experience.

Small town dealerships often tell me that they are more “relaxed” and that customers expect impromptu test drives. Is it because they’ve never felt anything so good?

Often, the source of this bad information is sales consultants who, for various reasons, don’t want to take their customers on a well-informed, visual, exciting and informative test drive.

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It needs to be there to provide the right (and safe) vehicle orientation, build value, answer questions, build relationships, trust, credibility, and drive far enough for customers to enjoy the vehicle, absorb it, and take psychological ownership.

If your dealership’s sales advisor is just throwing keys at customers and telling them to “get started” and worse, no vehicle demos, what’s the point of having a sales advisor and paying a record commission?

Many sales consultants and sales managers also accept or believe that customers should drive the car themselves as the new rule. Along with the safety of the vehicle, we need to be with the customer during the test drive

Customers who take the vehicle out without a servicer usually don’t take it long enough to get to know and enjoy it. They feel that the dealer or sales consultant is doing them a favor by letting them take the vehicle for themselves, so they take it out for too short a time to appear rude or ignorant of the privilege.

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Additionally, many customers who take the vehicle out on their own only take it for a short drive because they are concerned about how the vehicle will perform; “Where’s the temperature control?”, “How do I change the radio station?”, “Where’s the telescopic joystick?”, “How does Apple CarPlay work?” And so.

In some cases, customers who go out with the vehicle themselves use it to visit and shop at other dealerships nearby. There have even been incidents of people speeding, driving off-road or using pickup trucks to move refrigerators or furniture. And of course there’s the worry of vehicle theft

For many consumers, getting behind the wheel of a new 2022 gas, hybrid or electric vehicle is like getting behind the wheel of a Boeing 777. It can be overwhelming and nerve-racking

Technology changes so quickly; Customers can actually teach themselves how to use or understand adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, reverse braking, automatic emergency braking, park assist, safe self-start, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, wireless smartphone connectivity, teen driver technology and more. What?

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As trucks and SUVs go upmarket, are you really giving customers spending $85,000 on a pickup truck a luxury premium experience? Again, I know that with current low inventory levels, it’s a seller’s market and we don’t always have to work hard to sell a new vehicle. Does the Four Seasons Hotel provide a poor customer experience when the hotel is sold out?

In addition to showcasing the vehicle’s latest safety, performance and comfort technologies, the accompanying test drive also provides the necessary time for sales consultants to build a trusting relationship with customers and in-depth understanding of their wants and needs.

Being in the vehicle gives sales advisors the opportunity to gauge the customer’s level of interest and enthusiasm and answer questions Many high performing sales consultants also start the trial closing process towards the end of the trial run to solidify the vehicle selection and prepare the customer for the sales closing phase.

As new vehicles continue to become more technologically advanced, consider making a test drive with a sales consultant mandatory at your dealership. This greatly improves your customer’s shopping experience, even if you don’t have to

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Chris Schultis is president of Toronto-based Y Management. Y Management provides sales and management training (showroom and digital) to dealers, dealer groups, OEMs and industrial suppliers in Canada and the United States. You can contact him at or 416.908.6346. If you’re a car dealer, you probably know the value of a great car salesperson Thus, hiring a skilled worker should promise a profit

So how do you make sure your new team member is sales ready? How can you be sure they are representing your dealership in the best possible way?

Although sales are important to the automotive industry, 13% of consumers do not believe salespeople understand their needs. To stay on the right side of these statistics, induction training can make a big difference

Effective selling is nothing but a walk in the park It requires an extraordinary understanding of customer needs and the ability to read subtle patterns in their behavior.

Car Sales Dec 2022

Prospects need to feel heard and understood while salespeople guide them in the right direction

You’ve hired a new salesperson, and it’s likely these qualities came up in the interview Perhaps you have chosen them based on their general characteristics and potential

Selling can come naturally to them if they have the right energy and everyone around them feels comfortable.

Beyond these common selling points, the industry has some secrets Car dealers use certain techniques to increase sales and find a unique way.

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If these industry-specific skills are neglected during induction, car dealers may take longer to make the most of their potential.

If you hesitate to provide professional car training to new hires, you could be missing out on a potential sale. In today’s economy, retailers struggle with the wealth of information that the Internet provides

Many customers come to retailers already equipped They have researched the vehicles they are interested in and can resist the sales pitch

Old training and the ways it’s always been done can hold you back An automotive bootcamp can get your dealership out of a rut by giving your employees a new spark.

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The first few months at any new job are scary A flawed onboarding process can leave new salespeople feeling helpless and stuck in front of well-prepared customers This can turn out to be fast

Mainly, though, it means your seller may not have the confidence to sell By allowing them to attend an automotive bootcamp early, you can ensure that your new employees feel well-prepared, energized and confident.

In recent years, there has been a shift towards digitization in all industries This means that the internet plays a huge role in car sales

If your dealership has been around for a while, you may not be aware of the latest developments in the automotive industry.

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By registering your resellers with Bootcamp, you ensure they are up-to-date and ensure your reseller processes are up-to-date and relevant.

Over 90% of participants paid off their training in the first week from the sales generated at the bootcamp Your sales force can learn to sell and ship 20 units per month

Automotive bootcamps are a great way to train your new car salesperson with knowledge that your dealership may currently lack. Choose a training program that covers an essential part of the business

With 92% of customer interactions over the phone today, phone training can be an important skill for your team. With training, you can build an impressive sales team

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Car boot camps are not just for new hires Instead, general managers, general managers and sales managers of retailers can benefit significantly by participating in additional training themselves.

This allows them to take important information to their dealers where they can implement these training techniques

A boot camp can provide strategies for maximizing your dealership’s CRM as well as the tools you need to train your sales force.

The digital age has brought about many changes in customer expectations regarding car dealerships With a customer-oriented approach, a car dealer can successfully build

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