I Have A Bachelor's Degree And Want To Become A Teacher

I Have A Bachelor's Degree And Want To Become A Teacher – These are some of the questions you may be asking yourself as you begin college life. In fact, it’s one of the earliest decisions you’ll ever have to make, and it can have a huge impact on your educational experience as well as your future career.

Singapore Management University (SMU) undergraduate programs are divided into “One Degree, One Major”, “One Degree, Two Majors”, “Dual Degree, One Major” or “Dual Degree, You have the option to pursue two majors.” Many students are often very confused when they have to decide which one to try.

I Have A Bachelor's Degree And Want To Become A Teacher

Not sure what to do? Read on to find out which choice is best for you.

Is College Worth It?

This is a question with many answers, most of which are explained below. But above all, the main difference revolves around qualifications.

The double degree provides in-depth knowledge and a recognized qualification (or degree) in two specialities. Of course, this comes with a higher workload.

In contrast, if you apply for a double major, you will graduate with specializations in two areas but only one major qualification. The two majors will not appear on your degree certificate, but will appear on the transcript.

That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the benefits that a dual degree can offer if you have two majors. For example, SMU has the flexibility to take a second major from another school within the university. Additionally, a second major can open the door to more career opportunities.

Qualification Standards For The Position Of Head Teachers And Principals

For example, taking a double major is usually attractive to students who have a major interest in one field and a minor interest in another field that can complement their major interest. Dual degrees are attractive to students who have a very strong interest in a particular subject or career and are willing to put in the extra time and effort to build depth and breadth in different fields.

If you are offered admission to SMU, you are guaranteed a second major choice. You don’t have to choose a second major until your sophomore year, so you have plenty of time to consider your options before making a decision. And if you decide on one or the other, you don’t have to go through any additional interviews or admissions requirements (phew!).

However, if you need a dual degree, you will need to indicate this in your application for undergraduate admission to SMU quite early on. This is because the number of places in the double degree program is limited and applicants are assessed on the basis of their academic achievements. If you have not been offered direct admission to a dual degree program, do not despair. If you meet the GPA and GPA requirements, you will have the opportunity to try again until the end of your sophomore year.

In fact, most SMU students take a second major and complete their studies within four years. This is the typical length of an undergraduate program at SMU.

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Students pursuing a dual degree can also complete the program in four years with proper planning and course exemptions. For example, some courses may double count toward both degree requirements. However, if one of your two degrees is in law, the dual degree program will take five years.

Simply put, earning a dual degree requires more minimum course units (CU) to meet graduation requirements.

To give you an idea of ​​how different it is, at the core level, students pursuing one degree in one major at SMU are usually required to complete at least 36 CUs. If a student is pursuing one degree with a second major, the minimum credits required can vary from 36 CU to a maximum of 40 CU. Now for the second degree this is raised by one degree, with requirements ranging from a minimum of 39 CU to a maximum of 55 CU. *

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the double power or second base combination. It is always best to check with your university’s school administrator to confirm the requirements for your chosen combination. See the full list of over 300 combinations offered by SMU here.

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Earning a dual degree can open up more career opportunities by giving you in-depth knowledge of two specializations. But the ethos of an SMU education — preparing students for the future through a curriculum that emphasizes interdisciplinary learning, breadth and depth of thinking, and discussion and exchange of perspectives — is what SMU students so desire. We believe the results are as follows. Then from top employers.

Bottom line: There are many variables that can lead you to different career paths, including your own priorities and your experiences at different points in your professional life.

Tuition fees are determined by the chosen undergraduate program and do not vary by degree or number of majors.

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Student debt is rising, young college graduates still face significantly higher unemployment rates, and wage growth is sluggish. However, many commentators (including this one) continue to say that a college degree is valuable.

What Are The Benefits Of A Bachelor’s Degree In Business

And it remains true that a college degree has significant advantages in both getting a job and getting paid for that job.

But if you think your degree doesn’t quite live up to its promise, you’re not crazy. A new report from labor market research firm Burning Glass says companies are “raising the bar” and requiring bachelor’s degrees for jobs that traditionally don’t require one. Taken together with other recent findings about the reasons behind the weakness in the labor market, this speaks volumes about why employers no longer value college degrees as much as they once did.

This guy looks worried. Maybe it’s because you feel like your degree won’t get you anywhere. (Getty Images)

Burning Glass studied millions of job postings and compared them to the current number of Department of Labor employees in the respective occupations. The company has found that while many jobs require a bachelor’s degree, its current workforce can handle a high school diploma. This suggests that companies are raising the bar for jobs that haven’t really changed much. Here are some of the professions with the biggest gaps.

Buy Bachelor Degree Transcripts

Currently, 65 percent of executive secretary positions require a bachelor’s degree, but only 19 percent of employees currently working in the district have a four-year degree. Likewise, handling insurance claims requires more education. Currently, 49 percent of postings seek a bachelor’s degree, compared to 25 percent of claims handlers with a bachelor’s degree.

There are several possible reasons why this happens. Although Burning Glass does not specifically compare salaries for those with a bachelor’s degree and those without a bachelor’s degree, seeing that college graduates need work, employers are offering college graduates much cheaper than in the past. They may find workers. says one expert.

“I think the problem right now is that they’re not paying more to attract college graduates,” said Peter Cappelli, a business professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. it will change,” he says. .

Cappelli has spent a lot of time thinking about how the skills of the U.S. workforce match job openings. A recent NBER report used data from Burning Glass to find that workers are overeducated.

Diploma Vs Degree: Which Is A Better Choice?

“As in most developed countries, the overall state of the U.S. labor market continues to be a skills mismatch, with the average worker and job applicant having more education than they have.”

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