I Want To Be Lawyer

I Want To Be Lawyer – Law professor says NEVER talk to the police: Just say “I want a lawyer” and nothing else (yes, even when you’re innocent)

I’ve written about this before and said it until I’m blue in the face, but a recent criminal case reminds me again that it just can’t be said enough. In this recent article https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/mvkgnp/law-professor-police-interrogation-law-constitution-survival a law professor writes about the many things that can go wrong when you talk to the police. The people who can talk to the police are often people who have had little contact with the police and think “Hey, what could happen” and often don’t understand the dangers. People often forget facts or give the wrong time when stating where they were at a certain time, leading the police to think you are lying, the police may lie to you, they often misremember what people said, or give a different context and meaning to your words. This article summarizes the many ways things can go wrong and is a must-read even for people who aren’t breaking the law and are probably innocent because they can really mess things up and make things difficult. for protection even when innocent.

I Want To Be Lawyer

The professor takes care to point to the United States Supreme Court case that puts your right to remain silent against you unless you specifically and properly exercise your right to remain silent. He takes a well thought out approach and offers a great plan to put your name out there and just say you want a lawyer. Saying you want a lawyer shuts down any questioning, creates a situation where you don’t have to stay quiet in the first place, and takes away the power of the police. I totally agree with this point of view and so do you. Read and empower yourself.

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