I Want To Join Nigerian Army

I Want To Join Nigerian Army – How to Join the Nigerian Army: Have you ever wanted to serve in the Nigerian Army? Do you think you have what it takes to become a police officer? Then you have come to the right place as this article will guide you to the desired result. You probably have a list of questions you would like answered before enlisting in the Nigerian Army. Most of your questions, as well as many others, can be answered here. So after reading this article, you have all the information you need to decide whether or not you want to follow your dreams.

Before we go any further, it is only necessary that you have a basic understanding of the background and history of the Nigerian military. The Nigerian Army was established in 1960 with about 18,000 soldiers. With over 100,000 men and headquartered in Abuja, the Nigerian Army is the largest division of the Nigerian Armed Forces. The Nigerian Army is headed by the Chief of Staff. Let’s begin.

I Want To Join Nigerian Army

In this essay, I will be looking into the prerequisites for joining the Nigerian Army and how to apply.

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Be aware that the Nigerian Army offers various recruitment options and methods of introducing qualified people. But don’t worry, we’ll go through them all in detail and show you how to join each one. The Nigerian Army has divided the recruitment process into two parts, one for graduates and the other for SSCE holders.

When it comes to joining the Nigerian Army as a graduate, it is the same as enlisting through DSSC (Direct Short Service Combatant Commission) / SSC (Short Short Service Combatant Commission). It is a six month enterprise or training created by the Nigerian Army to attract some competent persons who have graduated from universities and polytechnics. A BSC or HND is also recommended. Before joining the military as a graduate, you must meet certain standards.

6. Have a first or second lower degree from a recognized university or an HND from a recognized polytechnic with at least a lower score.

7. Applicants who are yet to complete their military service must complete their NYSC program or submit an exemption letter.

U.s. Soldiers Train Nigerian Army Troops > U.s. Department Of Defense > Defense Department News

8. Have a valid birth certificate certified by a hospital court or the National Population Commission.

10. You must have at least two credible referees who can attest to the applicant’s reputation and integrity. Visit www.recruitment.army.mil.ng to apply for the Nigerian unit. Then select DSSC or SSC from the drop-down menu.

There are two options to get into the Nigerian Army with SSCE which I will now go through in detail. You can join the Nigerian Army or you can join the Nigerian Defense Academy. Recruitment into the Nigerian Army. Nigerian Army Recruits is for those who want to join the Nigerian Army as an NCO. Their training lasts for six months until they graduate and join the Nigerian Army as soldiers. There are various prerequisites that you must fulfill before joining the Nigerian Army Recruitment.

1. You must be a naturalized Nigerian. This means you must be a Nigerian citizen born to Nigerian parents. You cannot join the Nigerian Army if you are a citizen of another country or a Nigerian by naturalization (not by birth).

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2. You must be between 18 and 22 years old when you register. If you are under 18, you have to wait a little longer. If you are above the age of 22, you are no longer eligible to join the Nigerian Army.

3. You must be in good physical, mental and health condition. In other words, you must not have any long-term health problems or chronic conditions such as asthma. You must also be physically and mentally uninhibited.

4. You must be at least 1.65 meters tall for men and 1.56 meters tall for women. Yes, your height alone can end your ambitions to join the Nigerian Army. So look at your height right away. If you are below the mentioned parameters, your imagination will stop here.

5. You must not have any criminal convictions on your record. This means that you must never have been convicted of any crime, whether major or minor. You cannot join the Nigerian Army if you have ever been charged with a crime.

Nigeria Army Chief: Boko Haram Capabilities ‘virtually Eliminated’

6. You must attend zone examination exercises at a state authorized zone center. It is important to note that the regional screening center may not be located in your country, but in one of the neighboring countries. Only one zone screening center will be available to applicants from all states within a designated zone. So if the screening center is not in your country, be prepared to travel.

7. You must complete all forms correctly and submit them to the screening venue on the scheduled screening date.

That’s not all if you meet all the previous standards. During the hiring process, you will need the following documents:

C. In “Section F” of the completed form, the Identification Officer signed the identification letter (printed from the Nigerian Army Online Application Portal).

Nigerian Army 84rri Shortlisted Candidates 2023 Pdf

P.s. Please note that during the verification process you must present all original documents and login details as well as all tickets you have purchased.

How can you join the Nigerian Army and apply for a position? It is worth noting that this is a web application. Here’s how to get started:

Finally, there is an option to join the Nigerian Army through the Nigerian Defense Academy. Those who enlist in the Nigerian Army through the Nigerian Defense Academy spend five years at the academy learning both academically and militarily. Those who joined through Nigerian Army Recruit and Nigerian Army DSSC or SSC are better than those who joined through Nigerian Defense Academy. If you want to join the Nigerian Defense Academy, you must first ensure that you meet their standards.

Edeh Samuel Chukwuemeka ACMC is a law student and certified mediator/mediator in Nigeria. He is also a developer with knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and React Native. Samuel is committed to changing the legal profession by building web and mobile applications that will make legal research much easier. The Nigerian Army has announced that application for recruitment into the organization has opened until April 14, 2023. The Nigerian Army tweeted on Tuesday, March 14 that application is open from Monday, March 13 and is free. The Army announced that the recruitment is for 85 non-commodity regular recruits and female…

California Guard Special Forces Helping Train Nigerian Army To Counter Boko Haram > National Guard > Overseas Operations News

The Nigerian Army has announced that application for recruitment into the organization has opened until April 14, 2023.

The Nigerian Army tweeted on Tuesday, March 14 that the app has been open since Monday, March 13 and is free.

The Nigerian Army has also released how to apply on its official website: “Apply online through the recruitment portal https://recruitment.army.mil.ng. Login to the link above with your username and password.

Then print and fill in the guarantee form if necessary. Applicants must ensure that they submit copies of the application form and marriage forms to the designated State Recruitment Centres.

Nigerian Army Noticeably Absent In Town Taken From Boko Haram

The military said applicants must be single and Nigerian citizens by birth and must hold a National Identity Card/NIN or BVN.

Applicants must have a valid birth certificate/declaration of age certified by the National Population Commission, the hospital or the local council.

Candidates must not be shorter than 1.68 meters for male candidates and 1.65 meters for females.

As at 31 April 2023, the applicant must not be younger than 18 years of age or more than 22 years of age for non-professionals, while business people must not be older than 26 years of age.

Nigerian Army Recruitment 2023/2024 85rri Application Portal

All candidates must have a minimum of 4 exams in a maximum of two sittings in WASCE/GCE/NECO/NABTEB.

“In addition to the above eligibility, the person applying as a craftsman must also have a vocational test/certificate from a city guild, e.g.

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